The X Factor

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The X Factor
GenreReality television
Created bySimon Cowell
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Syco Entertainment
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This article is about the international television franchise. For individual countries' versions and other uses, see X Factor (disambiguation).
The X Factor
GenreReality television
Created bySimon Cowell
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Syco Entertainment

The X Factor is a television music competition franchise created by Simon Cowell. It originated in the United Kingdom, where it was devised as a replacement for Pop Idol (2001-2003). It is held in various countries. The programmes are produced by executive producer Simon Cowell and his company SYCOtv. The "X Factor" of the title refers to the undefinable "something" that makes for star quality.[1] The prize is usually a recording contract, in addition to the publicity that appearance in the later stages of the show itself generates, not only for the winner but also for other highly ranked contestants.

The similarities between The X Factor and Idols prompted Idol creator Simon Fuller, along with 19 Entertainment, to file a lawsuit against Cowell, SYCOtv, and FremantleMedia in 2004. An out-of-court settlement was reached in 2005 allowing Fuller to gain a 10% share in The X Factor format, and preventing an American version until 2010.[2][3] Fuller later filed another lawsuit in 2011, claiming that he had also been promised that he would be credited as an executive producer of The X Factor USA, but that Syco, FremantleMedia, and Fox Broadcasting Company had failed to fulfill that promise; that lawsuit is pending.[4][5][6][7]

Unlike Idol, where the judges only critique the contestants' performances, on The X Factor each judge "mentors" the finalists in a particular category, aiding them with song selection and styling, while also participating together in judging the contestants of the other categories. As well as Idol, new singing show The Voice has become a rival show to The X Factor.

The X Factor around the world[edit]

Location of different franchises of The X Factor
  Own version
  Joint version
  Regional version

There have been a total of 121 winners of The X Factor worldwide.

Country/RegionLocal titleNetworkWinnersCoachesHosts
X FactorTV Klan
Arab League Arab worldسير النجاح X
The X Factor: Essence of Success
Rotana TV
  • Joelle Rahme (1–2)
  • Season 3, 2013: Morocco Mohammad El Rifi
Shant TV
  • Season 1, 2010–11: Vrezh Kirakosyan
  • Season 2, 2012–13: Kim Grigoryan
  • Season 3, 2014: Vahé Margaryan
  • Current
  • Garik Papoyan
  • André (2–)
  • Egor Glumov (1, 3–)
  • Emmy (3–)
  • Former
  • Naira Gyurjinyan (1–2)
  • Gisane Palyan (1–2)
  • Current
  • Grisha Aghakhanyan (3–)
  • Former
  • Aram Mp3 (1–2)
 AustraliaThe X FactorNetwork Ten
Seven Network (2–)
 BelgiumX FactorVTM
 BulgariaX FactorNovaTv
  • Current
  • Maria Ignatova (2–)
  • Alexandra Raeva (2–)
  • Former
  • Deo (1)
 ChileFactor XTVN
 ChinaThe X Factor: 激情唱响
The X Factor: Passionate Singer
Liaoning TV
  • Season 1, 2011: Li Shangshang
  • Season 2, 2012: Chen Yumeng
  • Angie Chai Chih–ping
  • Aduo
  • Chen Ming
  • Chen Yufan
  • Da Zuo
  • Shao Wenjie
The X Factor: 中国最强音
The X Factor: China's Strongest Voice
HBS: Hunan TV
  • Season 1, 2013: Zeng Yiming
 ColombiaEl Factor X
The X Factor
  • Marbelle
  • José Gaviria
  • Juan Carlos Coronel
El Factor X: Batalla de las Estrellas
The X Factor: Battle of the Stars
  • Series 1, 2006: Luz Amparo Álvarez
El Factor Xs
  • Season 1, 2006: Andres Camilo Hurtado
  • Season 2, 2007: Camilo Echeverry Correa
  • Season 3, 2011: Shaira Selena Peláez
 Czech RepublicX FactorTV Nova
 Czech Republic
X FactorCzech Republic Prima family
Slovakia TV JOJ
  • Martin "Pyco" Rausch
 DenmarkX FactorDR
  • Current
  • Eva Harlou (7–)
  • Former
  • Lise Rønne (1–2, 4–5)
  • Signe Muusmann (3)
  • Signe Molde (6)
  • Emil Thorup (Xtra Factor, 6)
 FinlandX FactorMTV3
  • Heikki Paasonen
  • Jukka Rossi (Xtra Factor)
X FactorFrance M6 (2)
France W9 (1)
BelgiumWallonia RTL–TVI
 GermanyX FactorVOX
The X FactorANT1
ANT1 Cyprus
  • George Levendis
  • Giorgos Theofanous
  • Katerina Gagaki
  • Nikos Mouratidis
  • Sakis Rouvas (live shows)
  • Giorgos Lianos (auditions)
  • Maria Sinatsaki (auditions, 3)
  • Despina Kampouri (auditions, 1–2)
 HungaryX-FaktorRTL Klub
 IcelandX FactorStöð 2
 IndiaX Factor IndiaSony Entertainment TV
  • Aditya Narayan
 IndonesiaX Factor IndonesiaRCTI
  • Robby Purba
 IsraelThe X Factor ישראל
The X Factor Israel
Channel 2Reshet
 ItalyX FactorSky Uno (5–)
Rai 2 (1–4)
X Factor Okinawa JapanOkinawa TV
  • Season 1, 2013–14: Sky's the Limit
  • Kaz Utsunomiya
  • Rino Nakasone
  • Kiyoshi Matsuo
  • Jon Kabira
  • Naomi Watanabe
 KazakhstanX FactorPerviy Kanal Evraziya
  • Season 1, 2011: Dariya Gabdull
  • Season 2, 2012: Andrey Tikhonov
  • Season 3, 2013: Evgeniya Barysheva
  • Season 4, 2013: Kairat Kapanov
  • Season 5, 2014: Evgeny Vyblov
  • Current
  • Nagima Eskalieva
  • Alexander Shevchenko
  • Dilnaz Akhmadieva (4–)
  • Former
  • Ismail Igіlmanov (1–2)
  • Arnur Istybaev (2)
  • Adil Liyan (1)
  • Erlan Kokeev (3)
  • Sultana Karazhigitova (1–2)
  • Current
  • Arnur Istybaev (2–)
  • Former
  • Adil Liyan (1)
 LithuaniaX FaktoriusTV3
  • Season 1, 2012–13: Giedrė Vokietytė
  • Season 2, 2013–14: Žygimantas Gečas
 NetherlandsX FactorRTL 4
  • Current
  • Martijn Krabbe (2–)
  • Ferry Doedens (backstage, 5–)
  • Former
  • Wendy van Dijk (1–4)
  • Lieke van Lexmond (backstage, 4)
  • Nathalie Bulters (Backstage, 3)
  • Eva Treurniet (backstage, 3)
 New ZealandThe X FactorTV3
 NorwayX FactorTV 2
  • Ravi (2)
  • Guri Solberg (2)
  • Peter Moi Brubresko (Xtra Factor)
  • Katarina Flatland (Xtra Factor)
  • Charlotte Thorstvedt (1)
 PhilippinesThe X Factor PhilippinesABS–CBN
 PolandX FactorTVN
 PortugalFactor XSIC
  • Season 1, 2013–14: Berg
  • Season 2, 2014: Canada Kika Kardoso
 RomaniaX FactorAntena 1
  • Răzvan Simion
  • Dani Oțil
 RussiaСекрет Успеха
Secret of Success
  • Tutta Larsen
  • Aleksey Chumakov (1)
  • Elena Vorobey (1)
Фактор А
Faktor A
Russia 1
  • Season 1, 2011: Sergei Savin
  • Season 2, 2012: Alexey Sulima
  • Season 3, 2013: Mali
Главная сцена
The Main Stage
Russia 1
X Factor AdriaRTV Pink (1)
Prva Srpska Televizija (2-)
Sitel TV
RTL Televizija ( 2)
  • Ana Grubin (live Shows)
  • Antonija Blaće (live shows)
  • Bane Jevtić (selection process, backstage)
  • Sneže Velkov (selection process, backstage)
  • Una Senić (X Star, judges' houses)
 SloveniaX FaktorPOP TV
  • Season 1, 2012: Demetra Malalan
  • Damjan Damjanovič
  • Jadranka Juras
  • Aleš Uranjek
 South AfricaThe X FactorSABC 1
  • Season 1, 2014: Upcoming series
  • Andile Ncube
 SpainFactor XCuatro[8]
  • Nuria Roca (1–2)
 SwedenX FactorTV4
  • Season 1, 2012: Awa Santesson–Sey
  • David Hellenius
 TurkeyX Factor: Star IsigiKanal D
  • Season 1, 2014: Halil Polat
  • Season 2, 2015: Discontinued
  • Current
  • Bülent Şakrak (1–)
  • Former
  • Kadir Doğulu (1)
 UkraineThe X FactorSTB
  • Season 1, 2010–11: Olexiy Kuznetsov
  • Season 2, 2011–12: Victor Romanchenko
  • Season 3, 2012–13: Aida Nikolaychuk
  • Season 4, 2013–14: Alexander Poryadinsky
  • Season 5, 2014–15: Dmitry Babak
  • Oksana Marchenko
 United Kingdom1The X FactorITV
The X Factor: Battle of the Stars
 United StatesThe X FactorFox
El Factor X
The X Factor
  • Season 1, 2013: Los Tres Charritos
 VietnamThe X Factor Vietnam
Nhân tố bí ẩn
  • Season 1, 2014: Giang Hồng Ngọc
  • Nguyên Khang
  • Thu Thủy
  1. ^ Also shown in Republic of Ireland and in series 3, 4 and 7, auditions were held in Dublin, and viewers in Ireland were allowed to vote.
  2. ^ Auditions were held in Czech Republic. Czech Republic also broadcast and co–work with Slovakia.

Disputes and controversies[edit]

Since it was first broadcast in 2004, The X Factor has been the subject of much controversy and criticism in the United Kingdom and many other countries where it was broadcast.

Legal dispute[edit]

Simon Fuller, the creator of Pop Idol, claimed that the format of The X Factor was copied from his own show. Through his company 19 TV, Fuller filed a lawsuit against The X Factor producers FremantleMedia, The X Factor creator Simon Cowell, and Cowell's companies Simco and Syco.[9] A High Court hearing began in London in November 2005, and the outcome was awaited with interest by media lawyers for its potential effect on the legal situation regarding the copyrighting of formats. However, the hearing was quickly adjourned[9] and an out-of-court settlement was reached at the end of the month.[10]


The Danish version has been criticised by Danish music contract expert and consultant for The Danish Musicians' Association (Dansk Musiker Forbund) Mikael Højris. According to Højris, the contracts for participation in the show are unfair for participants and almost amount to serfdom to DR1 (the channel airing the show) stating that clauses in the contracts forbid the participants — whether they pass the first round or not — from performing or participating in any other musical event for three months. He also criticises that participants are obliged to travel at their own expense.[11]

United Kingdom[edit]

Celebrity versions[edit]

From 29 May – 5 June 2006, ITV broadcast a celebrity version of The X Factor in the UK called The X Factor: Battle of the Stars. It was hosted by Kate Thornton and judged by Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh. It was won by actress Lucy Benjamin. There has also been a celebrity version in Colombia, El Factor X: Batalla de las Estrellas, also broadcast in 2006.

International versions[edit]

On 24 August 2013, a 24th anniversary television special was broadcast by RCTI in Indonesia called the X Factor Around the World. It featured winners and runners-up from versions of The X Factor in Indonesia, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. The judging panel comprised Paula Abdul, Anggun, Daniel Bedingfield, Ahmad Dhani and Louis Walsh. The show was purely a music showcase and no winner was announced.[12][13][14]

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