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Quinn and Rose is a conservative political talk show. It is syndicated, by Clear Channel Radio from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The show is done by Jim Quinn with "color commentary" from a woman known as Radio Rose (Rose Somma Tennent). It is broadcast from 6 A.M. to 9 A.M., while some affiliates replay the first hour from 9 to 10. Also on XM Radio channel 166 (America's talk).

The program is designed to appeal to political conservatives. Quinn exposes liberals, the IRS, big government, radical environmentalists, the bias of the mainstream media, and outspoken Hollywood actors. He promotes issues such as the right to bear arms, the FairTax, Christian values, alternative media, and the military, real estate schemes, retail gold purchases, sex enhancement pills, and personal appearances. Issues Quinn discusses from a conservative point of view include U.S. domestic politics, world affairs, science, economics, and social issues. Rose predominantly takes stances on issues concerning her spiritual faith with regards to politics, religion, family values, social problems, and education.


"Heads-Up" themes

The show has a unique format in that it is, for the most part, divided into thematic "Heads-Ups" (e.g. Liberal Heads-Up, "Euro-weenie" Heads-Up, ACLU Heads-Up), each with its own theme song:

The usual bumper music is Monster by Steppenwolf, Eminence Front by The Who, Stranglehold by Ted Nugent, Cradle Will Rock by Van Halen, La Grange by ZZ Top, Soul Shaker, Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) by Big and Rich, and Panama by Van Halen, American Radio by Carolina Rain and (on Fridays at the top of the hour) Working for the Weekend by Loverboy.


Starting in Pittsburgh, the show has been syndicated mainly through the eastern United States. At its peak the show had eighteen affiliates. Most affiliates replaced the show with local or barter syndicated programming, while other FM affiliates went to music formats. The show originates from WPGB.

CallsFreq.BrandingFormatMarket/Market Rank[1]TimeslotGroup Owner
Satellite Stations
XM158America's TalkNews/TalkUnited StatesLive 6A-9A ET
Adjust for time zone
Clear Channel Communications
Terrestrial Stations
WPGB104.7 MHzTriangle-red.svgFM NewsTalk 104.7News/TalkPittsburgh, PA / 24Live 6A-10AClear Channel Communications
WYSL1040 kHzTriangle-red.svg News Power 1040 WYSLNews/TalkAvon-Rochester, New York / 54Live 6A-9ARadio Livingston
W221CL92.1 MHz
WHLO640 kHzAkron's News Talk 640 WHLONews/TalkAkron, OH / 73Tape 9A-12PClear Channel Communications
WICO-FM92.5 MHzDelmarva's Talk StationsNews/TalkSalisbury-Ocean City, MD / 141Live 6A-9ADelmarva Broadcasting Company
WFRB560 kHzTalkCumberland, MD / NMLive 6A-9AWTBO-WKGO Corporation, L.L.C.
WNCO1450 kHzWNCO 1340 AMNews/TalkAshland/Mansfield, OH / NMLive 6A-9AClear Channel Communications

Triangle-red.svg - Show is streamed via the internet.


  1. ^ Market Rank according to Arbitron Market Rankings

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