The Talking Mother Goose

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The Talking Mother Goose was an animated character toy created by Alchemy II and Worlds of Wonder in 1986. An interesting fact about this incarnation is that Mother Goose is a goose, not a human as usually portrayed.

Worlds of Wonder's Mother Goose & Hector

How Mother Goose worked[edit]

Like most Worlds of Wonder toys, such as Teddy and Mickey, Mother Goose used specially-coded cassettes and 4 "C" batteries to operate. Mother Goose moved her eyes, beak, and, unlike most of the toys, Mother Goose was able to move her head from side-to-side. Both versions moved her eyes and beak, but only the early first version was able to move her head.

Mother Goose: teller of fairy tales[edit]

Worlds of Wonder's Mother Goose has another difference between the legend and this version, in that she doesn't recite nursery rhymes. The stories she tells are fairy tales. In fact, Worlds of Wonder didn't touch nursery rhymes until a year later. Mother Goose not only tells and sings the stories, but also interacts with the characters.

Available books and tapes[edit]

There were twenty one books made for Mother Goose by herself. With the addition of Hector, two of her fairy-tale cassettes operated him as well.

Collector outfits[edit]

Worlds of Wonder made two specially-themed books and tapes that came with a bonnet and collar for Mother Goose to wear.


Although Hector had been introduced in The Ugly Duckling, he wasn't created as an animated toy until 1987. Hector used 4 "AA" batteries and a double ended patch cord to work with Mother Goose. As with Grubby in the Teddy Ruxpin line and Goofy in the Talking Mickey Mouse line, he couldn't function alone. With Hector, Worlds of Wonder finally came into the world of nursery rhymes, with Hector being the main character and Mother Goose being the supporting narrator. Seven sets were made for Hector, a first for an attachment character. They were: