The Ruff and Reddy Show

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The Ruff and Reddy Show
Ruff and Reddy.jpg
The show's title card.
FormatCartoon series
Written byJoseph Barbera
Charles Shows
Directed byWilliam Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Bob Hultgren (NBC sequences)
Presented byJimmy Blaine (original run)
Robert Cottle (reruns)
Voices ofDaws Butler
Don Messick
Narrated byDon Messick
Theme music composerHoyt Curtin
Opening theme"Here Come's Ruff and Reddy"
Composer(s)Hoyt Curtin
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes156
Producer(s)William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)Hanna-Barbera Productions
Screen Gems
Original channelNBC
Picture formatColor
Original runDecember 14, 1957 (1957-12-14) – April 2, 1960 (1960-04-02)
Followed byThe Huckleberry Hound Show (1958-1962)
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The Ruff and Reddy Show
Ruff and Reddy.jpg
The show's title card.
FormatCartoon series
Written byJoseph Barbera
Charles Shows
Directed byWilliam Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Bob Hultgren (NBC sequences)
Presented byJimmy Blaine (original run)
Robert Cottle (reruns)
Voices ofDaws Butler
Don Messick
Narrated byDon Messick
Theme music composerHoyt Curtin
Opening theme"Here Come's Ruff and Reddy"
Composer(s)Hoyt Curtin
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes156
Producer(s)William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)Hanna-Barbera Productions
Screen Gems
Original channelNBC
Picture formatColor
Original runDecember 14, 1957 (1957-12-14) – April 2, 1960 (1960-04-02)
Followed byThe Huckleberry Hound Show (1958-1962)

The Ruff and Reddy Show is a Hanna-Barbera animated series starring Ruff, a straight and smart cat voiced by Don Messick, and Reddy, a brave, but stupid dog voiced by Daws Butler. First broadcast in December 1957 on NBC, it was the first television show produced by Hanna-Barbera and presented by Screen Gems, the television arm of Columbia Pictures (now Sony Pictures Television).


Season 1[edit]

#TitleAir Date
1.1"Planet Pirates"1957-12-14
Ruff and Reddy are abducted by some space creatures in a UFO.
1.2"Night Flight Fright"1957-12-14
On board the flying saucer, Ruff and Reddy avoid the space creatures and commandeer the control room.
1.3"The "Whama Bama Gamma" Gun"1957-12-14
Reddy gets hold of the space creatures' gun and ejects them into space but are approaching a planet.
1.4"The Mastermind of Muni-Mula"1957-12-21
On planet Muni-Mula, Ruff and Reddy are taken to the Mastermind who wants them duplicated as robots. The Mastermind has a spherical metal head with two faces, one with the voice and personality of Phil Silvers's Sgt. Bilko, the other domineering.
1.5"The Mad Monster of Muni-Mula"1957-12-21
Reddy tries to stop the mass production of robots but gets brainwashed by a machine.
1.6"Hocus Pocus Focus"1957-12-21
As Ruff tries to rescue Reddy, the Mastermind orders Reddy to capture him.
1.7"Muni Mula Mix-Up"1957-12-28
Reddy's brainwash wears off. The Hocus Pocus Focus takes Ruff and Reddy to the Mastermind.
1.8"Creepy Creature Feature"1957-12-28
The Mastermind turns out to be Dr. Gizmo imprisoned by the mechanical brain, so Reddy destroys it.
1.9"The Creepy Creature"1957-12-28
Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo are chased by the Creepy Creature until Reddy deals with it.
1.10"Surprise in the Skies"1958-01-04
With the Muni-Mula army on their tail, Ruff and Dr. Gizmo escape the planet without Reddy.
1.11"Crowds in the Clouds"1958-01-04
As Dr. Gizmo and Ruff go back to help Reddy and cover their advance, Reddy gets hold of a flying helmet.
1.12"Reddy's Rocket Rescue"1958-01-04
Dr. Gizmo rescues Reddy and blows up the Muni-Mula force.
1.13"Rocket Ranger Danger"1958-01-11
Dr. Gizmo's ship is hit by a mammoth meteor and the ship crash lands on a mountain back on Earth.
1.14"Pinky the Pint Sized Pachyderm"1958-01-11
A baby elephant escapes from a circus and requests Ruff and Reddy to take him home in Africa.
1.15"Last Trip of a Ghost Ship"1958-01-11
Ruff, Reddy and Pinky board the Voo Doo Queen ghost ship. After meeting a parrot, the ship is in motion.
1.16"The Irate Pirate"1958-01-18
Captain Crossbones Jones forces Ruff, Reddy and Pinky to be his crew, but they start to escape.
1.17"Dynamite Fright"1958-01-18
Ruff, Reddy and Pinky get stranded at sea trying to escape and then they start to sink.
1.18"Marooned in Typhoon Lagoon"1958-01-18
Ruff, Reddy and Pinky cruise to an island. Ruff gets captured whilst exploring.
1.19"Scarey Harry Safari"1958-01-25
A hunter Harry Scary uses Ruff as bait to lure a lion, but the lion and Ruff take off.
1.20"Jungle Jitters"1958-01-25
Ruff rescues the lion and Harry Scary reveals himself as an elephant hunter.
1.21"Bungle in the Jungle"1958-01-25
Before Harry Scary can shoot Reddy, the lion comes to his rescue and all three run for it.
1.22"Miles of Crocodiles"1958-02-01
Harry Scary pursues Ruff, Reddy and Pinky. Then Pinky and Ruff are surrounded by crocodiles.
1.23"A Creep in the Deep"1958-02-01
Reddy gets trapped with the crocodiles after saving Ruff and Pinky and Harry Scary comes round.
1.24"Hot Shot's Plot"1958-02-01
Ruff and Reddy follow Harry Scary who took Pinky away. Harry Scary makes Pinky lure his mother into a trap.
1.25"The Gloom of Doom"1958-02-08
Harry Scary gets all Ruff, Reddy, the lion, Pinky and his mother exactly where he wants.
1.26"The Trapped Trap the Trapper"1958-02-08
The tables turn because of Harry Scary's empty rifle. Ruff and Reddy stowaway back home.
1.27"Westward Ho Ho Ho"1958-02-08
Ruff and Reddy win a trailer and a free vacation to the wild west, but enter the ghost town of Gruesome Gulch.
1.28"A Slight Fright on a Moonlight Night"1958-02-15
A couple of mobsters drive Ruff and Reddy out of Gruesome Gulch into the desert.
1.29"Asleep While a Creep Steals Sheep"1958-02-15
Ruff and Reddy are met by Woolly sheepdog. Reddy dresses as a sheep to catch some rustlers.
1.30"Copped by a Copter"1958-02-15
Reddy is taken away by helicopter driving rustlers to their hideout in Gruesome Gulch.
1.31"The Two Terrible Twins from Texas"1958-02-22
Reddy is discovered and captured by the Texan Twins Killer and Diller.
1.32"Killer and Diller in a Chiller of a Thriller"1958-02-22
The Texan twins dump Reddy in a speeding railway mine cart.
1.33"A Friend to the End"1958-02-22
Ruff and Woolly rescue Reddy and proceed to find the sheep back in Gruesome Gulch.
1.34"Heels on Wheels"1958-03-01
As Ruff, Reddy and Woolly pursue the Texan twins, they get flat tires and take the helicopter for transport.
1.35"The Whirly-Bird Catches the Worms"1958-03-01
Ruff, Reddy and Woolly fly after the Texan twins in their helicopter.
1.36"The Boss of Double-Cross"1958-03-01
Ruff, Reddy and Woolly lose sight of the Texan twins, but the stolen sheep summon the helicopter.
1.37"Ship-Shape Sheep"1958-03-08
The sheep save Ruff, Reddy and Woolly from a nasty fall and the Texan twins capture Reddy and Woolly.
1.38"Rootin' Tootin' Shootin'"1958-03-08
After Killer catches Ruff, Reddy is challenged to duel him.
1.39"Hot Lead for a Hot-Head"1958-03-08
Using a trick, Ruff and Reddy defeat the Texan twins. Ruff and Reddy then conclude their vacation.
1.40"The Treasure of Doubloon"1958-03-15
Ruff and Reddy visit an aquarium and a seal follows them out to their house.
1.41"Blunder Down Under"1958-03-15
Ruff and Reddy pursue the seal for reward money. Then they retrieve a submarine from the sea bed.
1.42"The Metal Monster Mystery"1958-03-15
Ruff and Reddy are met by Dr. Gizmo, who seeks treasure located in the Blue Lagoon.
1.43"The Late, Late Pieces of Eight"1958-03-22
Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo dive for the treasure, whilst an enemy submarine lingers.
1.44"The Goon of Doubloon Lagoon"1958-03-22
The enemy sub catches Dr. Gizmo's sub and takes Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo to a secret grotto.
1.45"Two Dubs in a Sub"1958-03-22
Captain Greedy and Saltwater Daffy imprison Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo. Then the seal arrives to help them.
1.46"Big Deal with a Small Seal"1958-03-29
The seal releases Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo from their cell and takes care of Greedy and Saltwater.
1.47"A Real Keen Submarine"1958-03-29
Greedy and Saltwater surround Ruff, Reddy, Dr. Gizmo and the seal, but the slippery seal makes a distraction.
1.48"No Hope for a Dope on a Periscope"1958-03-29
The seal saves Reddy from drowning but Saltwater catches him.
1.49"Rescue in the Deep Blue"1958-04-05
The seal and Reddy manage to get away from Saltwater but are tailed by a shark.
1.50"A Whale of a Tale of a Tail of a Whale"1958-04-05
Reddy and the seal lose the shark as they ride on a whale. When they get close to Doubloon Lagoon, Greedy fires.
1.51"Welcome Guest in a Treasure Chest"1958-04-05
The seal boards Dr. Gizmo's sub with Ruff inside it and prepares a surprise for Greedy.
1.52"Pot Shot Puts Hot Shot on a Hot Spot"1958-04-05
Saltwater and Greedy have the ship with gold but all that weight sinks the ship. Ruff, Reddy, Dr. Gizmo and the seal then head home.

Season 2[edit]

#TitleAir Date
2.1"Egg Yeggs"1958-12-13
Ruff and Reddy help Dr. Gizmo to protect his valuable Chickasaurus egg from some thieves.
2.2"The Dummy Mummy"1958-12-13

Killer and Diller in mummy guises swipe the Chickasaurus egg, but in their getaway they drop the egg.

Notes: There's an odd continuity at the beginning of the episode. It appears as if to save time, what should've been at least the first half (i.e. Ruff and Reddy being wrapped up by Killer and Diller who then make their getaway with the egg) has been condensed to be seamlessly made a part of the recap of the previous episode.
2.3"The Chickasaurus Crack-Up"1958-12-20
The Chickasaurus falls down a cliff and cracks. When Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo reach the egg, it begins to hatch.
2.4"The Slick Chickasaurus Chick Trick"1958-12-20
The Chickasaurus has only managed to partially hatch from the egg. When it does hatch Killer and Diller arrive.
2.5"The Chicken-Hearted Chickasaurus"1958-12-20
As Killer and Diller try to take the Chickasaurus away, but Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo get tangled with the running Chickasaurus.
2.6"Chickasaurus Choo Choo!"1958-12-27
As the Chickasaurus becomes airborne, Killer and Diller follow by helicopter all the way to a secret prehistoric jungle.
2.7"Rumble In The Jungle"1958-12-27
After a Brontosaurus blows Killer and Diller away, Ruff and Reddy try to flee from the jungle but they run towards a T-Rex.
2.8"The Sorehead Tyrranosaurus[sic]"1958-12-27
Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo take shelter in a cave from a T-Rex. In the darkness they see a pair of eyes.
2.9"Two Eyes Spy On The Guys"1959-01-03
Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo are met by a cave boy called Ubble-Ubble, who knocks out the T-Rex. Killer and Diller kidnap Ubble-Ubble.
2.10"Double-Trouble with Ubble-Ubble"1959-01-03
Ubble-Ubble bats Killer and Diller but they recapture him and Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo are confronted by a sabre-toothed tiger.
2.11"A Chick In Need Is A Chick Indeed"1959-01-03
Ubble-Ubble lands in the chickasaurus nest where the chickasaurus is nursing a pair of eggs.
2.12"Quick Trick Saves A Slick Chick"1959-01-03
Killer and Diller try to steal the chickasaurus eggs but are flattened by Reddy. Ubble-Ubble joins the team back home (where Gizmo has presumably adopted him) and becomes a little league baseball sensation.
2.13"Scary Tale On A Canyon Trail"1959-01-10
At the Grand Canyon, Ruff and Reddy hear of rumors of a pint-sized pony and as to the validity of their existence. Scarey Harry Safari hears of the rumors as well.
2.14"Borrowed Burro In A Burrow"1959-01-10
Harry Safari sends Reddy on his out-of-control donkey Poco Loco, who disappears in a burrow.
2.15"Pint Size Surprise For The Guys"1959-01-10
Ruff and Reddy make their way through the burrow where they see Poco Loco has made friends with a pony no bigger than Reddy's hand.
2.16"Reddy And Me And Pee-Wee Makes Three"1959-01-17
Scarey Harry Safari tracks the Pee-Wee Pony's hoofprints, and Pee-Wee leads Harry on a chase.
2.17"Hoss Thief Grief"1959-01-17
Harry lassos Pee-Wee but the pint-sized pony refuses to give-up.
2.18"Tricked And Trapped By A Tricky Trapper"1959-01-17
Pee-Wee escapes Harry's clutches and hides out in Reddy's hat. Poco Loco gives it to Harry "in the end."
2.19"Harry Safari And The Phoney Pony"1959-01-24
Safari tries to hold our heroes at gunpoint in exchange for Pee-Wee, but Poco Loco steals Harry's gun. As Pee-Wee heads back home, Harry lies in wait for him.
2.20"Frantic Antics Of Poco Loco"1959-01-24
Harry Safari captures Pee-Wee in a sack. Pee-Wee's mother runs to alert Poco Loco, Ruff and Reddy.
2.21"Nag In A Bag"1959-01-24
Harry Safari escapes with Pee-Wee in a motorboat, pursued closely by Ruff and Reddy.
2.22"Bungled Bundle Of Boodle"1959-01-31
Harry takes Pee-Wee to his carnival, where he plans to get rich off using the pint-size pony as an attraction.
2.23"Chump's Jumps Bring Bumps And Lumps"1959-01-31
As our heroes head for Harry Safari's carnival, Pee-Wee goes through indignities as a performer in Harry's show.
Pee-Wee is locked in a strongbox as Ruff, Reddy and Poco Loco infiltrate the carnival.
2.25"These Three Set Pee-Wee Free"1959-02-07
Disguised as clowns, Ruff and Reddy rescue Pee-Wee, while Poco-Loco sends Harry Safari into orbit with a good donkey kick.
2.26"Fantastic Phantom"1959-02-07
Thinking they've subdued a burglar in the house, Ruff and Reddy discover a strange little man.
2.27"Long Gone Leprechaun"1959-02-07
The visitor is a leprechaun, who filches Reddy's gold watch. How can he and Ruff explain this to the police?
2.28"The Goon Of Glocca Morra"1959-02-14
The leprechaun tells our heroes of the Goon of Glocca Morra, a greedy being who has taken their princess for ransom and just keeps all the gold.
2.29"Bungle In Banshee Castle"1959-02-14
The leprechaun takes Ruff and Reddy to Ireland where the princess is being held captive at Banshee Castle.
2.30"Afloat In A Moat With No Boat"1959-02-14
Reddy's climb to the castle ends in a moat, leaving our heroes to alternate means of entering.
2.31"Too Soon The Goon"1959-02-21
Ruff is slingshot into the castle where he goes missing. The leprechaun shrinks Reddy to his size as the pair venture to the castle
2.32"Smitten By A Kitten"1959-02-21
The leprechaun and Reddy go across the moat and into the castle where Reddy is chased by the Goon's cat.
2.33"Mr. Small Meets Mr. Tall In The Hall -- That Is All"1959-02-21
Reddy finds Ruff locked in a cell, then has to get by the cat in order to get to the cell key, held by the Goon.
2.34"Going-Going Goon"1959-02-21
Reddy sets eyes on the Goon of Glocca Morra as he makes a bid for the cell key.
2.35"A Scarey[sic] Chase Thu[sic] A Spooky Place With Goony-Face"1959-02-28
Reddy frees Ruff from his cell and together they flee from the Goon.
2.36"Bing Bang Boom In A Real Small Room"1959-02-28
Ruff hides in a turret, and the Goon plans to blast him out with a cannon in which Reddy is hiding.
2.37"Gold Room Doom"1959-03-07
Ruff and Reddy search the Goon's treasure room for the princess.
2.38"Three See The Wee Princess Free"1959-03-07
Reddy clobbers the Goon with a gold piece and with Ruff discovers the princess had been imprisoned in the Goon's hat. Reddy is returned to normal size while the Goon is shrunk and made a playtoy for his own cat.
2.39"Missile Fizzle"1959-03-07
Wirh help from Ruff and Reddy, Professor Gizmo plans to launch a rocket to the moon. However, things go wrong when Reddy launches it prematurely.
2.40"Missing Missile Mystery"1959-03-14
As the rocket's third stage engages its parachute, it falls to earth and is blown by upper level winds off course.
2.41"Never Land In Never-Neverland"1959-03-14
The capsule lands in a frozen diorama. Meanwhile, Captain Greedy and Salt Water Daffy track the capsule, full of valuable instruments, in their submarine.
2.42"Polar Bear Scare"1959-03-14
Reddy's ire is aroused when he sees a Viking boy being chased by a polar bear. But the slick ice surface isn't conducive to head-to-head battle.
2.43"A Liking For A Striking Viking"1959-03-21
Ruff, Reddy, Gizmo and the Viking child, Olaf, make it to the capsule, but Olaf wants to go back out and fight the bear.
2.44"Bear Hunting Is For The Birds"1959-03-21
Olaf summons his pet falcon to ward off the bear, who turns tail and runs away.
2.45"Beep-Beep From The Deep-Deep"1959-03-21
While Ruff, Gizmo and Olaf search for food, Captain Greedy and Salt Water Daffy surface.
2.46"Two Fiends In A Submarine"1959-03-28
Olaf calls upon his falcon again when Captain Greedy and Salt Water Daffy hold Ruff and Professor Gizmo hostage.
2.47"Muscle Man Meets Missile Man"1959-03-28
Captain Greedy forces Gizmo to take him to the capsule, in which Reddy is sound asleep.
2.48"Bull Fight Fright"1959-03-28
Olaf launches an offensive on Greedy and Daffy while Olaf's falcon alerts Reddy.
2.49"Reddy Clobbers Robbers"1959-04-04
Reddy clobbers Salt Water Daffy, but Greedy, smelling something rotten in Denmark, sends Gizmo in to get clobbered as well.
2.50"Machine Gun Fun"1959-04-04
Olaf gets hold of Captain Greedy's gun, and it goes haywire. Once it becomes loose, a battle for it ensues, ending with Greedy holding Reddy at gunpoint.
2.51"Bad Guys Meet The Good Guys"1959-04-04
Greedy confiscates Gizmo's capsule equipment, but Olaf gets the drop on him with a horde of Vikings.

Season 3[edit]

#TitleAir Date
3.1"Dizzy Deputies"1959-12-19
A swamp pirate, Jean La Fitt, runs amok and spoils Ruff and Reddy's fishing trip.
3.2"Later Later, Alligator"1959-12-19
Deputized by Sheriff Cotton E. Pickens, the boys and Pickens are pursued by an alligator.
3.3"Gator Caper"1959-12-19
The alligator, knocked out by La Fitt, makes friends with Ruff after he revives him.
3.4"Chip Off The Old Chopper"1959-12-26
Ruff names the alligator Chopper, and adds him to the pirate posse.
3.5"La Fitt To Be Tied"1959-12-26
La Fitt is cornered but makes an escape.
3.6"Hide And Go Seek On Okeechonokee Creek"1959-12-26
Ruff, Reddy and Sheriff Pickens try to find La Fitt's hideout.
3.7"Boom Boom Doom"1960-01-02
La Fitt turns his cannons on our heroes.
3.8"Spellbound Fool In A Round Whirlpool"1960-01-02
LaFitt creates a whirlpool to stop Pickens, Ruff and Reddy.
3.9"Fast Chase Through A Spooky Place"1960-01-02
Our heroes look for LaFitt's hideout.
3.10"Looks Like The End For A Cotton Picking Friend"1960-01-09
Cotton Pickens nearly meets his doom.
3.11"No Laff On Half Of A Raft"1960-01-09
Chopper nearly destroys the raft our heroes are using.
3.12"Gator Thrills And Whooshmobiles"1960-01-09
Ruff turns Chopper into a makeshift whooshmobile.
3.13"Trapped And Snapped Sap"1960-01-09
Chopper helps with the final corralling of LaFitt.
3.14"Spooky Meeting At Spooky Rock"1960-01-16
Ruff and Reddy are trainbound for Spooky Rock where a rendezvous with Professor Gismo is to take place.
3.15"Dig The Bigger Digger"1960-01-16
Gismo presents his invention, a mobile borer with which he plans to gather substrata data in the mountains. The outlaws, Killer and Diller follow our heroes.
3.16"The Secret Bizz Of Professor Gizz"1960-01-16
Killer and Diller watch in amazement as Gismo tests out his borer.
3.17"Test Hop Flip Flop"1960-01-23
Satisfied with the borer's success, Killer and Diller plan to hijack it with the plan of finding the Lost Dutchman mine.
3.18"Sticks And Stones And Aching Bones"1960-01-23
Killer and Diller show up and force Gismo to drive the borer to the Lost Dutchman mine.
3.19"Gun, Gun, Who's Got The Gun?"1960-01-23
After a lights-out fight, Ruff gets the drop on Killer and Diller. Reddy ties them up and transports them away to the nearest jail.
3.20"Big Papoose On The Loose"1960-01-30
A bump in the road causes Killer and Diller to bump off Reddy's car. The outlaws make a getaway with Reddy in pursuit.
3.21"Mine, Mine, All Mine Gold Mine"1960-01-30
Jumping off a railroad bridge, Killer and Diller land in a river. Reddy returns to the borer.
3.22"Gold Data In The Substrata"1960-01-30
Gismo, Ruff and Reddy discover an illuminated mine. Killer and Diller discover a secret entrance back to the mine.
3.23"The Ghost With The Most"1960-02-06
Our heroes meet Schultz, the ghost of the Lost Dutchman. Killer and Diller pursue him in a merry chase.
3.24"In The Soup With A Supernatural Snoop"1960-02-06
Killer and Diller force Ruff, Reddy and Gismo into piling the borer with bags of gold.
3.25"Sneaky Knaves In The Caves"1960-02-06
Schultz secretly leads our heroes to a safe place while having fun at Killer and Diller's expense.
3.26"Tailspin Twins"1960-02-06
Schultz lets Killer and Diller leave with all the gold they can carry. But there's a catch--the gold disappears once the two are outside, and their entrance is sealed off.
3.27"Sky High Fly Guys"1960-02-13
After running afoul of a carnival policeman, Ruff and Reddy hide out in a hot-air balloon which slips its moorings.
3.28"A Tisket, A Tasket, Who Lost Their Basket?"1960-02-13
Ruff and Reddy find themselves in midair.
3.29"Three's A Crowd In A Cloud"1960-02-13
Ruff and Reddy try to ward off a giant vulture which is attacking their balloon.
3.30"Fine Feathered Birds Of A Feather"1960-02-20
Ruff and Reddy land near an island and hear a voice repeatedly calling "Help! Murder! Police!"
3.31"A Bird In Hand Is A Handy Bird"1960-02-20
Our heroes find a Swedish sailor, Skipper Kipper, and his parrot Squawky Talky, held prisoner by Captain Greedy and Salt Water Daffy. The two yeggs want a map to a treasure from Kipper.
3.32"No Laffy Daffy"1960-02-20
Guarding the shack where Kipper and Squawky Talky are imprisoned, Daffy hears Ruff and Reddy's voices.
3.33"Tiff On A Skiff"1960-02-27
Ruff and Reddy help Kipper and Squawky escape, much to Captain Greedy's irritation.
3.34"Sub A Dub Dub"1960-02-27
Our heroes and Skipper and Kipper commandeer Captain Greedy's sub.
3.35"Squawky No Talky"1960-02-27
Having returned to power of their ship, Greedy threatens bodily harm to Squawky Talky if Kipper doesn't reveal the map.
3.36"Big Beak Tweaks Big Sneak"1960-03-05
Squawky Talky turns the tables on Salt Water Daffy.
3.37"Off On A Toot With The Loot To Boot"1960-03-05
Captain Greedy and Salt Water Daffy leave the island under the pretense of giving up the search. Skipper Kipper reveals the map to Ruff and Reddy.
3.38"Thanks A Lot For X Marks The Spot"1960-03-05
Once the treasure's location is exposed, Greedy and Daffy return.
3.39"Tail Of A Sail In A Whale"1960-03-05
Greedy and Daffy obtain the treasure, which winds up getting swallowed by a whale.
3.40"Misguided Missile"1960-03-12
Ruff and Reddy answer an ad for the promise of travel and adventure. A wily professor tricks them into taking off in a rocket ship.
3.41"Triple Trouble Trip"1960-03-12
The professor instructs Ruff and Reddy to gather information on the moon as they orbit around it.
3.42"Around The Moon In Eighty Ways"1960-03-12
An errant button press sends the rocket off course.
3.43"Button, Button, Who Pushed The Button?"1960-03-19
The rocket heads for a mysterious planet.
3.44"No Traces Of Aces Of Spaces"1960-03-19
The boys are held captive by a race of tiny aliens, the Lilipunis.
3.45"Lilipunies Meet Mooney Goonies"1960-03-19
Bound by the Lilipunies, Ruff and Reddy plead their case.
3.46"Little Guys Are A Big Surprise"1960-03-26
Ruff and Reddy, along with the Lilipunies, are menaced by a creature called the Blop.
3.47"Two Is Company — A Million Is A Little Crowded"1960-03-26
Reddy's dander is raised when he sees the Blop picking on the Lilipunies.
3.48"Big Bop For A Big Flop"1960-03-26
Reddy fights back against the Blop, who takes Ruff captive.
3.49"Things Get Tough For Ruff — Sure 'Nuff"1960-04-02
Reddy searches the Blop's cave for Ruff.
3.50"Whap — Caught In A Trap By A Sap"1960-04-02
The Lilipunies help Reddy construct a spider web with which the catch the Blop.
3.51"Spin, Spin A Web To Catch A Blop In"1960-04-02
The boys beat a hasty retreat to their rocket.
3.52"Have Blop, Will Travel"1960-04-02
After the Blop gets away in the boys' rocket, the Lilipunies come up with a mode of transportation for Ruff and Reddy to return to earth.

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The first episode of the show, "Planet Pirates", was listed on the press release for the The Best of Warner Bros.: Hanna Barbera 25 Cartoon Collection DVD set to be released on May 21, 2013. However due to an inaccuracy on that press announcement the episode is among several that weren't on the actual DVD set. [1]

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