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The Roly Mo Show is a CBeebies children's television series featuring a cast of puppets; it is a spin-off from the Fimbles show and was created by Novel Entertainment. There are 100 episodes of 15 minutes in length.

The show first started on 13 June 2004 and ended on 8 April 2005. The protagonist is Roly Mo, voiced by Wayne Forester, a green and purple striped mole who lives underground and likes to read books. Roly Mo was a regular storyteller character in the better known Fimbles show, and The Roly Mo Show draws heavily on this. The show is noted for its particularly gentle and pleasant characters and plots.

The show displays similar characteristics to Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House.


Each episode follows a general format.

Other characters[edit]



The first half of series One first started on 13 June 2004 to 16 July 2004 it had a seven week break and resumed on 6 September 2004- 8 October 2004 with another 25 episodes.

Series 2 started on 10 January 2005- 11 February 2005 with 25 episodes, it resumed on 7 March 2005 with another 25 episodes up until 8 April 2005 where the series ended.

References in other media[edit]

Roly Mo has been referred to 3 times in Horrid Henry.

The Weakest Link[edit]

on 28 December 2007, Roly Mo appeared in a special puppet edition of The Weakest Link. presented by Anne Robinson at 1800GMT on BBC1, However he was voted off in the fifth round. Prior to the fourth round, at Anne's and the audience's request, he led the other puppets in a rendition of his "Inside a Book" song.

Award nominations[edit]

  • Nominated for Best Early Years Programme[1]
  • Nominated for Best Schools Programme - 0-5 Years (for the episode Imagine)[2]

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