The Miracle of Kathy Miller

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The Miracle of Kathy Miller is a 1981 television movie which is based on the real-life story of a Scottsdale, Arizona teenager who was critically injured in a 1977 car accident. Helen Hunt, in an early starring role, plays the title part; Frank Converse and Sharon Gless are cast as Kathy's parents. Kathy, a high school track and field athlete, overcame the severe mental and physical injury to compete in and finish a long-distance race (shown at the climax of the film). The distributor was Universal TV.

Main crew[edit]

Primary cast[edit]


Helen Hunt has cited this film as a personal favorite. She met the real Kathy Miller during production.

She changed her name to Kat Weil and lives in New Mexico and is an avid diver. You can google Kat Weil to find out more.