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The Harptones are an American doo-wop group, which formed in Manhattan in 1953.

The group never had a top forty pop hit, or a record on the US Billboard R&B chart, yet they are still considered an influential doo-wop group,[by whom?] both for their lead singer, Willie Winfield and their pianist/arranger, Raoul Cita. The Harptones recorded for various labels, including Coed Records. The Harptones may have been the first doo-wop group to number a full-time arranger among their members, and Cita knew how to work to Winfield's strengths. Their best-known recordings include "Sunday Kind of Love" (1953), "Why Should I Love You?" (1954), "Life is But a Dream" (1955), and "The Shrine of St. Cecilia" (1956).

In 1956, they recorded some songs for the film Rockin' the Blues: "Mambo Boogie", "Ou Wee Baby",[1] and "High Flying Baby".[2]

The song "Life is But a Dream" was featured in the 1990 film GoodFellas, and can be found on the film's soundtrack.



Early 1955[edit]

Dicey Galloway was drafted in November 1954.

Late 1955[edit]

Early 1956[edit]

1956 movie Rockin' The Blues[edit]

Early 1957[edit]

Billy Brown died of a drug overdose in spring 1957.

Late 1958[edit]

Dicey Galloway left in October and was replaced for Milton Love of The Solitares for a short time, before splitting.


Nicky Clark left after a few months, to be replaced by Wilbur "Yonkie" Paul, who was in turn replaced by Hank "Pompi" Jernigan.

Early 1964[edit]

Late 1964[edit]



Mid 1990s-1999[edit]

This line-up appeared on Doo Wop 50. Linda Champion left due to health problems around 2000.[3]



Marlowe Murray died of cancer in 2008.

Raoul J. Cita died on December 13, 2014, from liver and stomach cancer, aged 86.[4]

Awards and recognition[edit]

The Harptones were inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2002.


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