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Jump to: navigation, search, a division of NBC News, is a daily online news and opinion platform devoted to delivering stories and perspectives that reflect and affect African-American audiences. The video-centric interactive community is populated with both aggregated and original content on topics ranging from breaking news and politics to health, business, and entertainment.

TheGrio was founded in June of 2009 by NBC News and the team who created the documentary film Meeting David Wilson. News coverage and reporting from TheGrio regularly appears on other NBC News platforms such as "NBC Nightly News," "Today," Rock Center with Brian Williams," MSNBC TV and In March of 2012, TheGrio was one of the first news publications to launch reports looking into the story of Trayvon Martin (first piece published on March 8, 2012), and the site has continued to dedicate a significant amount of coverage to this topic as more details unfold. The video-heavy site has also gained attention for its coverage of the Haiti earthquake and for viral clips like, “Michael Vick wants a new dog.”





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In West African culture, a Griot (or Grio) is an oral historian. The griot delivers history as a poet, praise singer, and wandering musician.[1]

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