The Granite Club

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The sign for the Granite Club

The Granite Club is an invitation-only athletic country club in Toronto. Founded in 1875, it has a long history of sports competition. It is located on Bayview Avenue north of downtown Toronto.


The Granite Club was founded in 1875 on St. Mary's Street in downtown Toronto. It was initially a curling club. It provided a curling rink and a skating rink as facilities. In 1880, the club moved to Church Street, where it added lawn bowling and tennis. Later in the 1880s, the club's members formed and sponsored an ice hockey, considered the first or one of the first organized ice hockey teams in Toronto. The Toronto Granites ice hockey club would last into the 1900s and produce Canadian amateur champion and Olympic champion teams.

In the 1920s, the club organized competitive figure skating at the club. Over time, singles champions such as Kurt Browning, Patrick Chan and Barbara Ann Scott, have trained at the club. The pairs champions of Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini also trained at the club.[1]

The club moved again to St. Clair Avenue, then moved to its present address on Bayview in 1972.


The Granite Club has facilities for:


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