The Braillettes

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The Braillettes, on the cover of their album Our Hearts Keep Singing.

The Braillettes were a vocal group from Alameda, California, United States. The group consisted of three women (Maggie Liebnitz, Jackie Overalls, and Kay Smith), two of whom (Overalls and Smith) were blind. They released one album, titled Our Hearts Keep Singing, in 1968. The album is now out of print.

The album cover for Our Hearts Keep Singing is often credited as one of the worst album covers of all time.[1][2][3][4]

The cover photograph was taken by their high school classmate, John Skoglund, who later married Maggie Liebnitz.

Our Hearts Keep Singing

Track listing:

  1. "His Smile"
  2. "The Innkeeper"
  3. "How Rich I Am"
  4. "Tenderly He Calls"
  5. "This Is My Prayer"
  6. "He'll Never Let You Fall"
  7. "All Day Long My Heart Keeps Singing"
  8. "The First Thing I Do Every Morning"
  9. "That's What He Did For Me"
  10. "Will He Know Me"
  11. "Soon It Is Over"