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The Bottoms is the former and derogatory name for Franklinton the oldest settlement in Central Ohio dating back to 1797 and incorporated into Columbus, Ohio in the early 1800s. It is the area is bordered to the east and north by the Scioto River to the west by the Interstate 70 overpass by Rhodes Park and Brown Road on the southern border. The neighborhood originally got its name, Franklinton, from its founder, Lucas Sullivant.

According to the Franklinton Area Commission:

In popular culture[edit]

The neighborhood appeared on the FX television show 30 Days when the series did a show on living on the minimum wage. This is likely because of the poverty suffered in The Bottoms. The neighborhood is generally working class.


Crime is very high in the Franklinton and Bottoms area, as it is in most of the west side of the city. The Bottoms is in Precincts 16 and 8 of the Columbus Division of Police.

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