The Biggest Loser: Second Chances 2

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The Biggest Loser:
Second Chances 2
GenreReality TV
Created byDave Broome
Presented byAlison Sweeney
StarringBob Harper
Dolvett Quince
Jillian Michaels
Narrated byAlison Sweeney
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes15
Producer(s)Shine America
25/7 Productions
3Ball Productions
Running time60 minutes (Episodes 1 - 10, 14)
120 minutes (Episodes 11 - 15)
Original channelNBC
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original runOctober 15, 2013  – February 4, 2014
Preceded byChallenge America
Followed byGlory Days
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The Biggest Loser:
Second Chances 2
GenreReality TV
Created byDave Broome
Presented byAlison Sweeney
StarringBob Harper
Dolvett Quince
Jillian Michaels
Narrated byAlison Sweeney
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes15
Producer(s)Shine America
25/7 Productions
3Ball Productions
Running time60 minutes (Episodes 1 - 10, 14)
120 minutes (Episodes 11 - 15)
Original channelNBC
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original runOctober 15, 2013  – February 4, 2014
Preceded byChallenge America
Followed byGlory Days
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The Biggest Loser: Second Chances 2 is the fifteenth season of the NBC reality television series entitled The Biggest Loser. The contestants will compete to win a $250,000 prize, which will be awarded to the contestant with the highest percentage of weight lost. It premiered on October 15, 2013.[1] This is the first season to introduce a trainer save, in which each trainer can choose to save one contestant on their team from being sent home as a result falling below the red line.

The season was won by Rachel Frederickson weighing in at only 105 pounds. Mass-media had raised concern, wondering if that was a healthy weight loss.[2] In the same month after the finale, Fredrickson regained 20 pounds to reach her 'perfect weight', putting her at 125 pounds.[3]


NameTeamSinglesStatusTotal Votes
Fernanda Abarca, 32, Montrose, CAWhite TeamN/AEliminated Week 2[R]
Craig Arrington, 30, Wilson, NCWhite TeamN/ASaved Week 1
Eliminated Week 5
Holley Mangold, 24, Columbus, OHBlue TeamN/AEliminated Week 7[R]
Ruben Studdard, 35, Birmingham, ALRed TeamN/AEliminated Week 4
Returned Week 6
Re-Eliminated Week 8
Matt Hooper, 38, Georgetown, MABlue TeamBlueSaved Week 6
Eliminated Week 10
Hap Holmstead, 26, Pleasant Grove, UTBlue TeamYellowEliminated Week 10[R]
Tumi Oguntala, 41, Clifton Park, NYWhite TeamMaroonEliminated Week 114
Jay Sheets, 38, Farmington, MOWhite TeamBrownEliminated Week 124
Marie Pearl, 30, Springfield, MOWhite TeamOrangeEliminated Week 13[R]
Tanya Winfield, 40, Plainfield, ILRed TeamRedSaved Week 3
Eliminated Week 13
Jennifer Messer, 42, Abingdon, VARed TeamPurpleEliminated Week 14[R]
Chelsea Arthurs, 28, Raleigh, NCBlue TeamPinkEliminated Week 14[R]
Bobby Saleem, 28, Chicago, ILBlue TeamAquaEliminated Week 9
Returned Week 11
2nd Runner-up
David Brown, 43, Edmond, OKRed TeamGreyRunner-up
Rachel Frederickson, 24, Los Angeles, CARed TeamGreenThe Biggest Loser

The "Total Votes" column indicates the number of votes cast against the contestant when he/she was eliminated.
^[Q] This contestant quit the competition.
^[R] This contestant fell below the Red Line, and was eliminated without any votes.
^[E1] This contestant lost a weigh-in and was eliminated without any votes, due to having the lower percentage of weight loss on a team with just two remaining contestants.


Contestants are listed in reverse chronological order of elimination.

  • Jillian used her save with Craig, in Week 1, Dolvett used his save with Tanya, in Week 3, and Bob used his save with Matt, in Week 6.
  • During Week 4, Jillian gave some supplements to the White Team, without doctors' permission. So, in the following weigh-in, Alison revealed the last weigh-in had been invalid, and so the Blue Team would, once again, be immune, and Ruben, the contestant eliminated in Week 4, would be brought back. And also because of that fact, Jillian's team would receive a 4 pounds disadvantage (1 pound for each member of the team).
  • Week 5 was a two week weigh in, resulting in exceptionally higher numbers for this weigh in.
  • Bobby's 3.13% weight loss in week 13 was counted as -2.36% due to his weight gain the previous week so David's valid -2.63% weight loss made him the biggest loser of the week.
  • Rachel's 59.62% loss is the highest percentage lost in Biggest Loser history. Tumi's 54.86% weight loss is the highest percentage for an At-Home Winner.
  • Rachel is the first person in Biggest Loser history (Worldwide) to be underweight at the finale.
     Week's Biggest Loser (Team or Individuals)
     Week's Biggest Loser and Immunity
     Immunity (Challenge or Weigh-in)
     Results from At-Home Players
     Contestant Withdraws before Weigh-In
     Contestant was Saved by the respective Trainer
     Bob's Team
     Jillian's Team
     Dolvett's Team
     Underweight (less than 18.5 BMI)
     Normal (18.5 – 24.9 BMI)
     Overweight (25 – 29.9 BMI)
     Obese Class I (30 – 34.9 BMI)
     Obese Class II (35 – 39.9 BMI)
     Obese Class III (greater than 40 BMI)
     $250,000 Winner (among the finalists)
     $100,000 Winner (among the eliminated contestants)

Weigh-In Difference History[edit]

  • Rachel's 4 pound weight loss in week 10 was displayed as -5 due to her 1 pound advantage from the challenge.
  • Tanya's 3 pound weight loss in week 11 was displayed as -2 due to her 1 pound disadvantage from the challenge.
  • Rachel's 6 pound weight loss in week 12 was displayed as -7 due to her 1 pound advantage from the challenge.
  • Bobby's 8 pound weight loss in week 13 was displayed as -6 due to the weight he gained last week.

Weigh-In Percentage History[edit]

  • Rachel's 2.34% weight loss in week 10 was counted as 2.92% due to her 1 pound advantage from the challenge.
  • Tanya's 1.49% weight loss in week 11 was counted as 1.00% due to her 1 pound disadvantage from the challenge.
  • Rachel's 3.73% weight loss in week 12 was counted as 4.35% due to her 1 pound advantage from the challenge.
  • Bobby's 3.13% weight loss in week 13 was counted as 2.36% due to the weight he gained last week.

Elimination History[edit]

ContestantWeek #
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13Week 14Finale
EliminatedCraigFernandaTanya RubenCraigMattHolleyRubenBobbyHap,
RachelXXXXXXXXXX ?JayXXThe Biggest Loser
BobbyXXXXXXXXXE W9, R W11TumiXXX2nd Runner-Up
ChelseaXXXXXXXXXX ? ?XXEliminated Week 14
JenniferXXXXXXXXXX ?JayXXEliminated Week 14
TanyaXXSavedXXXXXXXXJayXEliminated Week 13
MarieXXXXXXXXXXTumiBobbyXEliminated Week 13
JayXXXXXXXXXXTumiXEliminated Week 12
TumiXXXXXXXXXXXEliminated Week 11
HapXXXXXXXXXXEliminated Week 10
MattXXXXXSavedXXXXEliminated Week 10
RubenXXXVOIDXXXXEliminated Week 8
HolleyXXXXXXXEliminated Week 7
CraigSavedXXXXEliminated Week 5
FernandaXXEliminated Week 2
      Valid vote cast
  X  Immunity
  Saved  Contestant saved by their respective trainer
  X  Below yellow line, unable to vote.
  X  Below red line, only player left on the losing team, or player on the losing team (of only 2 remaining contestants) with the lower percentage of weight loss, automatically eliminated
  VOID  Contestant returns due to voided elimination
  X  On the losing team, escaped the red line
  X  escaped elimination
      Eliminated or not in house
      Last person eliminated (at the finale) via public voting
  WD  Contestant quit the competition
  ?  Vote was not revealed due to a unanimous vote
  X  Below yellow line
      $250,000 winner (among the finalists)

Weekly summary[edit]

Week 1: "Second Chances"[edit]

First aired October 15, 2013
For the first time in Biggest Loser history when the trainers got to pick the contestants who would train with them on the ranch. The contestants arrive on the ranch and have the first day of training. Ruben Studdard of American Idol is among the contestants. Then the next day the trainers picked the contestants, the Red (Dolvett), White (Jillian), and Blue (Bob). When it came to the weigh in Jillian's team lost. And Craig was under the red line, automatically eliminated but Jillian used her 'Trainer Save' to keep him in the game.

Week 2: "A Game of Chance"[edit]

First aired October 22, 2013
This week each trainer must roll a die with their contestants on them whatever's face is on the top their weigh is the only one that counts at the weigh in. Meanwhile the contestants faced their first challenge of the season. It starts where each team are strapped to one another and much work together to fill up their tank with water to a certain level. Also in this challenge they had to roll a die to determine how many buckets they can carry to their tank. At the end of the challenge the Blue team won. And they got an extra die to roll to see if they want to use that contestant for the weigh in. When it came for the weigh in Fernanda was representing the White team, Tanya for the Red team and Hap for the Blue team. The White ended up losing again and Fernanda fell below the red line and was automatically eliminated.

Week 3: "The Auction"[edit]

First aired October 29, 2013
After Fernanda was eliminated, she lost 55 pounds at home, meaning she currently weighs 195 pounds. For the third week, the contestants came to the gym to find all of the equipment all been taken out. Their next challenge was auctioning off the equipment to each team. The Red Team ended up getting sacks of sugar to work with, the White team ended up getting bench press and weight ball, and the Blue team ended up getting the rest of the equipment. When it came down for the weigh-in, the Red team lost for the first time when Tanya fell below the red line without losing any weight. However, Dolvett uses his Trainer Save to save Tanya from going home, giving her another chance.

Week 4: "Trick or Treat"[edit]

First aired November 5, 2013

The challenge from this week is a Halloween-themed temptation. The winner gets immunity at the weigh in, but if any teammate gains any weight, they would lose immunity. The Blue team won their third consecutive challenge, much to the shock and dismay of the losing teams. During the workouts, Jillian worked mostly with Tumi and revealed some personal info to her about her past, which helped with her struggle during this week's workout.

The Blue team weighed in first; all of the teammates lost weight and received immunity. The White team lost 27 pounds together as a team. The Red team needed to lose 35 pounds together as a team to avoid elimination. David, Rachel and Jennifer managed to pull off big numbers; unfortunately for Tanya, she again failed to pull a big number and lost only 3 pounds. Ruben was last to weigh in, and he had to lose 11 pounds to save his team from elimination; however, Ruben failed to reach the goal with only 5 pounds lost and fell below the red line, leading to his automatic—and shocking—elimination, much to the shock and dismay to his teammates, all the other contestants and the trainers.

However, a subsequent foul committed by one of the trainers would be uncovered next week—alongside a violation of Standards and Practices; therefore, Ruben's elimination would be voided.

Week 5: "The Cook-Off"[edit]

First aired November 12, 2013

The teams took part of the cooking challenge, where each had to prepare a nutritious meal to serve. The blue team consecutively won the challenge; it was noted that part of their victory was because they convinced one of the kids, Biingo, to eat the vegetables (in which he initially took a disliking of) of their meal.

Tanya's sickness caused her to withdraw from the workout with her team, but she eventually recovered enough to workout on her own to catch up.

Moments before this week's weight-in, Alison Sweeney explained that there was a rules violation: Jillian Michaels gave her team caffeine supplements without the doctor's permission. Because of this, everything was reset—including the last weight-in—and her team got a four-pound disadvantage—one for each remaining member; therefore, the overall total weight loss doubled from both weeks. Also, the blue team regained their immunity that they won the previous week, and the eliminated player from last week, Ruben, would return to the ranch. This led to fans wondering why the show never checked back in on Ruben's progress at home since his initial axe.

Once again, every member of the blue team lost weight—87 pounds, reclaiming their immunity. The white team lost their third weigh-in, having lost 48 pounds (originally 52, albeit due to their disadvantage), opposite of red team's total of 58 pounds. Craig (the recipient of Jillian's trainer save), though he pulled an impressive number, had the lowest combined percentage of the two-week weight loss, resulting in his elimination.

Week 6: "Remember Who You Are"[edit]

First aired November 19, 2013
Since his time on the competition, Craig lost 111 pounds, and now he is 274 pounds. He plans to lose 190 pounds by the finale. Jillian and her team plan to move on after last week. The week's challenge was for each team to be the first to reach 30 points. The red team won the challenge, ending the blue team's winning streak. Danni Allen, last season's winner, returns to the ranch to give the contestants Subway lunch, in which each healthy sub has only 6-10 grams of fat. At the weigh-in, the red team kept continuing the winning streak with David losing 17 lbs. This is the first time we see the blue team struggle, as they lose their first weigh-in and Matt has the lowest percentage of weight loss. However, Bob, seeing that every member of his team needs every push, decides to use his trainer save on Matt to keep him going.

Week 7: "Thanksgiving"[edit]

First aired November 26, 2013
The blue team gained yet another victory.Hap gets to meet his newborn son for the first time. The blue team has a special thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones and Bob and they share the things that they are thankful for. Bob has a talk with one if his team members about coming out of the closet to his parents. At the weigh in, the Blue team loses the weigh in and Holley falls victim to the red line resulting in a tearful elimination. Immediately after departure, Alison tells the contestants that Holley will not be the only one leaving the ranch. This episode ends in a cliffhanger.

Week 8: "Take a Trainer Home"[edit]

First aired December 3, 2013

At home, Holley now weighs 260 lbs. and is entering the 2016 Olympics. The episode begins with Ali announcing that one contestant will be picked to go home. That contestant was eventually revealed to be Jay. At the end of the week, the Red team lost the weigh-in, and Ruben, who lost just 2 pounds, fell below the red line and was automatically eliminated for the second time.

Week 9: "Work Week"[edit]

First aired December 10, 2013
Contestants are taken to a diner for a pop challenge at the start of the show. They are asked multiple choice questions on obesity in the workplace. For every question a team answers correctly, they get a point. The team with the lowest points has to work at the diner all week. The White Team loses the challenge. Ruben reports that he has lost almost 100 pounds and is staying fit with a trainer and is selling his first album in February. Dolvett has offered to train Jennifer's daughter who suffers from childhood obesity. At the weigh in Blue loses and Bobby has the lowest percentage.

Week 10: "Singles"[edit]

First aired December 17, 2013
Bobby's transformation is shown at the beginning of episode. The contestants finally go to singles. It is announced that at the end of the season, there will be a Biggest Loser Triathlon with the winner getting an automatic place in the finale. Rachel wins an endurance challenge and earns a one pound advantage at the weigh in. In a season first, it is announced that two contestants will fall below the red line and be eliminated. At the weigh in, Rachel weighs in first, but in the end, does not need the one pound advantage to avoid elimination. Hap and Matt each lose five pounds and are eliminated for having the lowest percentage weight loss of the week. At the end of the weigh in, the trainers are dismissed and it is announced that in the spirit of the season's Second Chance theme, tonight's eliminated contestants, along with all the other eliminated contestants, will return to the Ranch to compete for a chance to get back in the game.

Week 11: "Who Gets a Second Chance Back?"[edit]

First aired January 7, 2014
Note: This marks the return of the Two Hour Format.
The episode begins with all of the eliminated contestants return and try to get a second chance back on the ranch. The person with the highest percentage of weightloss would return. The contestant ended up being Bobby. He returns to the ranch as Team Aqua. For elimination this week there will be a yellow line this week for the first time this season where two contestants with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below it and be up for elimination.
For this weeks challenge the contestants must bring up ten dumbbells and put it on a rack. The winner will get $25,000 worth of gym equipment and the loser will receive a one pound disadvantage at the weigh in. There is also a gold dumbbell, whoever finds it will equal 5 dumbbells to their score. When it came down to the challenge Jay ended up winning and received the equipment and Tanya came in last and received the one pound disadvantage.
At home, Hap now weighs 270 lbs. and is keeping in touch with Matt to help lose weight. Also at home, Matt now weighs 240 lbs. and shops for a wedding shirt and finding the perfect place for him and his fiancé to get married. During the workouts Marie had a breakthrough with Jillian. Jay had a hard time with his workouts. And all of the contestants did average workouts of their own. When it came down to the weigh in, Both Tanya (with the one pound disadvantage) and Tumi fell below the yellow line and was up for elimination. It came down to the elimination it was unanimous to vote off Tumi over Tanya.

Week 12: "Winter Olympics"[edit]

First aired January 14, 2014

At home, Tumi now weighs 180 lbs and picking out her wedding dress for her wedding.The contestants head to Park City, Utah in honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. They met 8-time Olympic champion, Apolo Ohno where he works out with the contestants in the Olympic gym. Then, they compete for $5,000 in a curling competition with Jessica Smith and Rachel won the challenge with $5,000. Meanwhile, Bob talks to Bobby about his eating and so the next day, Bob went to the store and bought food for breakfast. The final challenge is for a chance to win a 1 lb. advantage and they met bobsledding champion, Lolo Jones. The challenge was to run a 4-mile bobsled course. And in the end, Rachel won first place and won a bobsled ride around the course. Back at the gym, Jennifer was still afraid of jumping on the box and Jillian tries to help Jennifer conquer her fear. At the weigh-in, the players put up really low numbers. Jennifer puts up a 0 lb. weight loss, Jay gains 1 lb., and Bobby gains 2 lbs. and in the end, Jay and Bobby fell below the yellow line and Alison tells Jay and Bobby to state their case to help the remaining contestants vote. And Jay has the most votes and was leaving Utah.

Week 13: "Makeover Week"[edit]

First aired January 21, 2014
After coming back to home, Jay now weighs 185 lbs. and is planning on entering in a roping competition after the finale. It's one of the most eagerly-anticipated episodes of "The Biggest Loser" season—the makeover episode! The fun begins with fashion expert Tim Gunn, who works his magic helping the contestants select stylish new outfits to flatter their new slimmer selves. Then celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, whose clients have included Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Lady Ga Ga and Eva Longoria, crafts incredible new looks for each of the remaining seven contestants, leading to amazing and dramatic transformations. Then they are whisked away to enjoy a special night out and heartwarming, emotional reunions with loved ones flown in to celebrate their big day. Later, it's back to reality and the ranch, where two players fall under the red line at the weigh-in and are eliminated, revealing the final five contestants of the season. Marie and Tanya fell below the red line and were eliminated.

Week 14: "One Last Chance"[edit]

First aired January 28, 2014

During the episode, Tanya weighs 174 lbs. and is planning to open a new restaurant called "Living Soul". Also, Marie weighed 150 lbs. and is announced that she will soon be pregnant. The stakes are higher than ever when the five final players compete in a "Biggest Loser" first—a sprint triathlon, requiring them to swim - a half mile, bike 12 miles and run three miles. The triathlon winner will secure a coveted spot as a finalist, as well as a brand new Ford Fusion. Then it's an emotional trip down memory lane as the contestants watch footage of their journeys with their trainers, and see firsthand how far they've come since arriving on the ranch. Later, it's time for the last weigh-in before the finale, where two players will fall below the red line and go home, and two more will become finalists, joining the triathlon winner to compete for $250,000 and the title of "The Biggest Loser" at the season 15 finale. The two players were Jennifer and Chelsea fell below the red line and were eliminated, leaving Rachel, Bobby, and David as the three finalists.

Triathlon Results


First aired February 4, 2014[4]

All fifteen contestants reunited and weighed in for one last time in front of a live studio audience. Hap was the only contestant that gained weight since leaving the ranch, gaining six pounds. The record for the largest percentage lost by the At-Home contestants was broken by Tumi with 54.86%. Then, Ruben Studdard performed one of his songs in his new album "Unconditional Love" while the three finalists get into their weigh-in clothes. Another record was broken for the largest percentage of weight loss by any contestant in the whole series. The crowned winner, Rachel, lost 59.62% and is currently the first contestant in The Biggest Loser history (worldwide) to end the season underweight. David also won the fan favorite award this season.


U.S. Nielsen ratings[edit]

OrderEpisode TitleAirdateRating/Share
1"Second Chances"October 15, 20132.3/7[5]7.16[5]36
2"A Game of Chance"October 22, 20132.0/6[6]6.70[6]37
3"The Auction"October 29, 20131.8/5[7]6.05[7]25
4"Trick or Treat"November 5, 20132.1/6[8]6.82[8]35
5"The Cook Off"November 12, 20131.8/5[9]6.26[9]37
6"Remember Who You Are"November 19, 20131.9/5[10]6.49[10]38
7"Thanksgiving"November 26, 20132.0/6[11]6.61[11]38
8"Take A Trainer Home"December 3, 20132.1/6[12]6.76[12]13
9"Work Week"December 10, 20131.9/6[13]6.24[13]37
10"Singles"December 17, 20132.0/6[14]6.99[14]25
11"Who Gets A Second Chance Back?"January 7, 20141.7/5[15]5.46[15]35
12"Winter Olympics"January 14, 20141.7/5[16]5.56[16]36
13"Makeover Week"January 21, 20141.9/5[17]6.72[17]12
14"One Last Chance"January 28, 20141.7/5[18]6.56[18]22
15"Finale"February 4, 20142.2/67.38


Upon the finale's airing, many commentators gave worrying reactions to the substantial amount of weight Rachel lost prior to winning. In a statement to The Huffington Post, trainer Jillian Michaels admitted "I was stunned. Obviously, I thought she had lost too much weight."[19]

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