The 50 Greatest Cartoons

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The 50 Greatest Cartoons: As Selected by 1,000 Animation Professionals is a 1994 book by animation historian Jerry Beck. It consists of articles about 50 highly regarded animated short films made in North America and other notable cartoons, which are ranked according to a poll of 1,000 people working in the animation industry.

Each cartoon is under 30 minutes long and cel animated (with the exception of Gertie the Dinosaur). Seventeen of the selected films were produced for Warner Bros.'s Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series, ten of which were directed by Chuck Jones. All of the selected cartoons were created and released prior to 1960, except for the 1985 short The Big Snit (#25), the 1988 short The Cat Came Back (#32), the 1969 short Bambi Meets Godzilla (#38), the 1987 short The Man Who Planted Trees (#44), and the 1975 short Quasi at the Quackadero (#46).

Top 50 Best Cartoons[edit]

1What's Opera, Doc?Warner Bros.1957Chuck Jones
2Duck AmuckWarner Bros.1953Chuck Jones
3The Band ConcertDisney1935Wilfred Jackson
4Duck Dodgers in the 24½th CenturyWarner Bros.1953Chuck Jones
5One Froggy EveningWarner Bros.1955Chuck Jones
6Gertie the DinosaurWinsor McCay1914Winsor McCay
7Red Hot Riding HoodMGM1943Tex Avery
8Porky in WackylandWarner Bros.1938Bob Clampett
9Gerald McBoing-BoingUPA1950Robert Cannon
10King-Size CanaryMGM1947Tex Avery
11Three Little PigsDisney1933Burt Gillett
12Rabbit of SevilleWarner Bros.1950Chuck Jones
13Steamboat WillieDisney1928Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks
14The Old MillDisney1937Wilfred Jackson
15Bad Luck BlackieMGM1949Tex Avery
16The Great Piggy Bank RobberyWarner Bros.1946Bob Clampett
17Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the SailorFleischer1936Dave Fleischer
18The Skeleton DanceDisney1929Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks
19Snow WhiteFleischer1933Dave Fleischer
20Minnie the MoocherFleischer1932Dave Fleischer
21Coal Black and de Sebben DwarfsWarner Bros.1943Bob Clampett
22Der Fuehrer's FaceDisney1943Jack Kinney
23Little Rural Riding HoodMGM1949Tex Avery
24The Tell-Tale HeartUPA1953Ted Parmelee
25The Big SnitNFB1985Richard Condie
26Brave Little TailorDisney1938Bill Roberts
27Clock CleanersDisney1937Ben Sharpsteen
28Northwest Hounded PoliceMGM1946Tex Avery
29Toot, Whistle, Plunk and BoomDisney1953Ward Kimball and Charles A. Nichols
30Rabbit SeasoningWarner Bros.1952Chuck Jones
31The Scarlet PumpernickelWarner Bros.1950Chuck Jones
32The Cat Came BackNFB1988Cordell Barker
33SupermanFleischer1941Dave Fleischer
34You Ought to Be in PicturesWarner Bros.1940Friz Freleng
35Ali Baba BunnyWarner Bros.1957Chuck Jones
36Feed the KittyWarner Bros.1952Chuck Jones
37Bimbo's InitiationFleischer1931Dave Fleischer
38Bambi Meets GodzillaIndependent1969Marv Newland
39Little Red Riding RabbitWarner Bros.1944Friz Freleng
40Peace on EarthMGM1939Hugh Harman
41Rooty Toot TootUPA1951John Hubley
42The Cat ConcertoMGM1946William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
43The Barber of SevilleLantz1944James Culhane
44The Man Who Planted TreesFrédéric Back1987Frédéric Back
45Book RevueWarner Bros.1946Bob Clampett
46Quasi at the QuackaderoIndependent1975Sally Cruikshank
47A Corny ConcertoWarner Bros.1943Bob Clampett
48The Unicorn in the GardenUPA1953William T. Hurtz
49The Dover BoysWarner Bros.1942Chuck Jones
50Felix in HollywoodPat Sullivan1923Otto Messmer

Other Great Cartoons[edit]

In addition to the main list, the book also recommends other cartoons that were nominated for the main list. They are placed in alphabetical order.

AllegrettoIndependent1936Oskar Fischinger
Balloon LandCelebrity Pictures1935Ub Iwerks
Baseball BugsWarner Bros.1946Friz Freleng
The Big SnoozeWarner Bros.1946Bob Clampett
Blitz WolfMGM1942Tex Avery
The BoxIndependent1967Fred Wolf
Bugs Bunny and the Three BearsWarner Bros.1944Chuck Jones
Bugs Bunny Gets the BoidWarner Bros.1942Bob Clampett
CracIndependent1981Frédéric Back
The Crunch BirdIndependent1971Ted Petok
Education for DeathDisney1943Clyde Geronimi
ErsatzZagreb Film1961Dušan Vukotić
Fast and Furry-ousWarner Bros.1949Chuck Jones
Ferdinand the BullDisney1938Dick Richard
FlebusTerrytoons1957Ernest Pintoff and Gene Deitch
Flowers and TreesDisney1932Burt Gillet
Frank FilmIndependent1973Frank Mouris
FuriesIndependent1978Sara Petty
Gorilla My DreamsWarner Bros.1948Robert McKimson
Hair-Raising HareWarner Bros.1946Chuck Jones
I Love to SingaWarner Bros.1936Tex Avery
Kitty KorneredWarner Bros.1946Bob Clampett
Ko-Ko's Earth ControlFleischer1928Dave Fleischer
Little NemoWinsor McCay1911Winsor McCay
Lonesome GhostsDisney1937Burt Gillet
Lupo the ButcherRocketship Ltd,1987Danny Antonucci
The Mechanical MonstersFleischer1941Dave Fleischer
Mickey's Service StationDisney1935Ben Sharpensteen
Mickey's TrailerDisney1938Ben Sharpensteen
MoonbirdIndependent1959John Hubley and Faith Hubley
Mother Goose Goes HollywoodDisney1938Wilfred Jackson
Mouse CleaningMGM1948William Hanna and Joeseph Barbera
Moving DayDisney1936Ben Sharpensteen
Music LandDisney1935Wilfred Jackson
The Old Grey HareWarner Bros.1944Bob Clampett
Old Man of the MountainFleischer1933Dave Fleischer
Plane CrazyDisney1928Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks
The PointerDisney1939Clyde Geronimi
Poor CinderellaFleischer1934Dave Fleischer
Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty ThievesFleischer1937Dave Fleischer
Rabbit HoodWarner Bros.1949Chuck Jones
Rhapsody in RivetsWarner Bros.1941Friz Freleng
Rhapsody RabbitWarner Bros.1946Friz Freleng
Scaredy CatWarner Bros.1948Chuck Jones
Screwball SquirrelMGM1944Tex Avery
Señor DroopyMGM1949Tex Avery
The StreetNFB1976Caroline Leaf
The Sunshine MakersVan Beuren1935Ted Eshbaugh
Swing Shift CinderellaMGM1945Tex Avery
A Tale of Two KittiesWarner Bros.1942Bob Clampett
Thru the MirrorDisney1936David Hand
Tweetie PieWarner Bros.1947Friz Freleng
When Magoo FlewUPA1955Peter Burness
Who Killed Cock Robin?Disney1935David Hand
A Wild HareWarner Bros.1940Tex Avery
Woody WoodpeckerLantz1941Walter Lantz
Your FaceIndependent1987Bill Plympton

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