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The Telemark Lodge (formally known as the Telemark Resort and Convention Center) is a resort in the lakes district of Bayfield County, Wisconsin. It is two miles east of the town of Cable, Wisconsin. It is managed by Telemark Hospitality LLC.


Telemark was founded as an alpine ski area by Tony Wise in 1947, one of the first in the United States. A massive lodge was built in 1972 but struggled financially as ski lifts and less costly airfare opened up bigger hills.[citation needed] Telemark added a large facility, the Coliseum, that provided indoor tennis and new facilities for the ski hill and the cross country ski area.[when?]

The lodge was a cross country ski destination through the 1980s, but declined along with U.S. cross country skiing. The lodge endured three bankruptcies: one in 1984, a second in 1998, and a third in 2010. The third bankruptcy resulted in a foreclosure of the property, and a closure of the resort. It closed on May 5, 2010, and re-opened again in January 2011 after a sale was made that month. The lodge then began an extensive remodeling project during 2011. On April 2, 2013, once again the storied Telemark Lodge and its property closed due to various difficulties including a fourth bankruptcy. The resort went through a foreclosure process.

In October 2013 the lodge was purchased by Newco, a private Colorado-based company.[citation needed]

American Birkebeiner[edit]

Telemark is home to the American Birkebeiner cross county ski event founded by Tony Wise in 1973. Tony got his inspiration for the event from Norway's Birkebeiner. The race alone attracts hundreds of skiers and spectators to the resort each year, and in fact is one of the biggest annual events for the resort.

Culinary history[edit]

Emeril Lagasse was at Telemark Lodge from 1978 to 1980.

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