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tastecard is a UK- and Ireland-based restaurant discount card offering in some cases a 50% discount, in others two meals for the price of one at participating restaurants;[1] details and restrictions vary from restaurant to restaurant and are listed on the Web site.[2]

tastecard was originally set up in 2006 as tastelondon by founders Matt Turner and Jamie Milner,[3] and re-branded in 2010 to encompass the rest of the UK and Ireland. As of May 2012 tastecard reported over 6,000 participating restaurants and over 500,000 members,[1] and claimed to be "the largest dining club cooperative of our kind, anywhere in the world".[4]

Participating restaurants range from chains such as Pizza Express to Michelin stared restaurants. Annual membership costs £79.95 and is purchased through the website; shorter free trials are often available.[1] Discount membership, and tastecards offered to purchasers of some items or services, are available from time to time. Restaurants which participate in the scheme are required to offer a discount to members, but the restaurants do not receive any share of the membership fee. The Taste Card website and smartphone app allows users to search for participating restaurants near a specified location.[5]


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