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Take the Floor is the name of a radio programme airing on BBC Radio Scotland. It is the longest-running radio programme in Scotland, dating back to the 1930s when it was called Scottish Dance Music and broadcast by the Scottish Home Service.[1] The programme was given its present name of Take the Floor in 1978 by Chris Worrall, a Music Producer with BBC Radio Scotland (1978-82), who introduced 'live sessions' and 'programme road shows' touring Scotland, together with player interviews, an events diary and reviews of latest record/CD releases. The original programme was presented by David Findlay until his death in 1981. In keeping with its predecessor, the current programme also features live sessions from top dance bands, individual musicians and vocalists from across the country. The host of the programme is Robbie Shepherd. The programme airs on Saturday evenings and is repeated on Sunday afternoons. Its theme music is traditional Scottish reel "Kate Dalrymple".[2]


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