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A TIP31 is a standard type of NPN bipolar junction transistor used for medium power applications. A TIP31 is complementary to a TIP32 PNP bipolar transistor. TIP31 transistors are designated as TIP31A, TIP31B, TIP31 to indicate increasing collector-base and collector-emitter breakdown voltage ratings. The TIP31 is packaged in a TO-220 case. TIP stands for Texas Instruments (Plastic) Power [1][2] transistor. 31 is an arbitrary identifier. The series was listed in a December 1968 data sheet from Texas Instruments [3]


These ratings are for the Fairchild TIP31 series. Other manufacturers may have other ratings for this part. These are absolute maximum ratings and should not be exceeded.

ModelVcbVceIcePower (Tc = 25°C)

These characteristics apply to all types of TIP31 transistors (A, B, C). The characteristics are very similar between models, however differences may apply depending on temperature and/or manufacturing process.

Fairchild [4]Samsung Semi.[5]Micro Electronics [6]
Vce saturation1.2V1.2V1.2V
Vbe saturation1.8V1.8V1.8V
Small signal DC current gain (Hfe)252520
Hfe bandwidth product3.0 MHz3.0 MHz3.0 MHz


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