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Swap logo in 2014
Swap logo in 2011

Swap.com, formerly SwapTree, is a consumer trading service for pre-owned items operated by Netcycler Inc., a company based in Bolingbrook, Illinois.[1]


Users list items they have and they'd like to receive. A trade, or swap, is initiated when at least two users agree to swap items they have. Swap.com charges a service fee for processing and listing items that are sent to its logistics center, as well as a sales commission. Three-way trades are created when at least one user has something to trade, but wants something other than what their trade partner has to give.[2][3]

The Swap.com Valet Service was introduced in October 2012. The Valet Service lets users trade (buy, sell or swap) kids' items like sports equipment, clothing, toys, and kids' accessories.


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