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Suzy Shuster is an American broadcaster and Emmy Award winning sportscaster with ABC Sports.[1]


She was educated at Columbia University and graduated with a degree in History and Art History in 1994.


Shuster is married to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen and currently employed by both ABC and NBC networks as a reporter.[2][3]


She got her start in sports broadcasting as an intern at the 1994 Final Four, broadcast on CBS. Shuster occasionally contributes to the news blog, The Huffington Post. She is the Host of the USC Football Pregame Show.

Volunteer work[edit]

When not working as a reporter, Shuster is on the Executive Council for the sports environmental outreach for the NRDC where she is responsible for getting the sports community involved in the virtual rally.[1] She also supports the Amanda Foundation and the Ace of Hearts, which are two dog rescue groups out of Los Angeles, California.[3]


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