Sutton Walls Hill Fort

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A tree covered hill of the horizon
Western end of Sutton Walls

Sutton Walls Hillfort is an elongated ovoid Iron Age Hill fort located four miles north of the city of Hereford, England. It has been quarried for gravel, leaving behind a quarry that was used as a dump for toxic waste during the 1960s and 70s. It was added to the Sites and Monuments Record in 1988.[1]


The Sutton Walls hillfort dates back to the Iron Age, at which time it did not have any defences. As time went on, defences began to be added, and by 100BC, the fort had a V shaped ditch and an internal bank, which was revetted with timber and stone. Huts were then constructed later on. The defences were then strengthened around AD25, however archaeological digs have revealed that around AD 48, 24 people were killed in the fort (probably by Romans) and thrown into the ditch. The skeletons show the wounds received, and some were decapitated. This did not end occupation, however, and the fort remained in use until around the 3rd century.[1][2]

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Coordinates: 52°06′47″N 2°41′38″W / 52.113°N 2.694°W / 52.113; -2.694