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Susan Morrow (born May 25, 1931, Teaneck, New Jersey — died May 8, 1985, San Diego, California) was an American actress.[1]


Personal life

Born as Jacqueline Ann Teresa Bernadette Immoor, she was the elder sister of Judith Exner [1] and the first wife of comedian Gary Morton. They were married on December 17, 1953; the marriage was annulled on July 11, 1957.[1] In 1961, Morton became the second husband of Lucille Ball.[2]

She remarried twice more. Her second marriage was also unsuccessful, but her third, to Clarence Sheldon Attix Jr., on July 4, 1963, lasted until her death, and produced four children.[1]

She died in 1985, aged 53.


Gunsmoke: Skid Row (1957) (tv)


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