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Sun Bowl
Hyundai Sun Bowl
Hyundai sun bowl 2010 logo.png
2010 Sun Bowl Logo
StadiumSun Bowl stadium
LocationEl Paso, Texas
Previous stadiumsJones Stadium (1935–1937)
Kidd Field (1938–1962)
OperatedJanuary 1, 1935 – present
Conference tie-insPac-12, ACC
Previous conference tie-insBig Ten (1995–2005)
PayoutUS$4,100,000 combined (As of 2010)
John Hancock (1986–1993)
Norwest (1996–1998)
Wells Fargo (1999–2003)
Helen of Troy Limited (2004-2009; through its Vitalis and Brut brands)
Hyundai (2010–present)
Former names
Sun Bowl (1935–1985)
John Hancock Sun Bowl (1986–1988)
John Hancock Bowl (1989–1993)
Sun Bowl (1994–1995)
Norwest Sun Bowl (1996–1998)
Wells Fargo Sun Bowl (1999–2003)
Vitalis Sun Bowl (2004–2005)
Brut Sun Bowl (2006–2009)
2013 matchup
UCLA vs. Virginia Tech (UCLA 42-12)
2014 matchup
Pac-12 #5 vs. ACC #4 (TBD)
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Sun Bowl
Hyundai Sun Bowl
Hyundai sun bowl 2010 logo.png
2010 Sun Bowl Logo
StadiumSun Bowl stadium
LocationEl Paso, Texas
Previous stadiumsJones Stadium (1935–1937)
Kidd Field (1938–1962)
OperatedJanuary 1, 1935 – present
Conference tie-insPac-12, ACC
Previous conference tie-insBig Ten (1995–2005)
PayoutUS$4,100,000 combined (As of 2010)
John Hancock (1986–1993)
Norwest (1996–1998)
Wells Fargo (1999–2003)
Helen of Troy Limited (2004-2009; through its Vitalis and Brut brands)
Hyundai (2010–present)
Former names
Sun Bowl (1935–1985)
John Hancock Sun Bowl (1986–1988)
John Hancock Bowl (1989–1993)
Sun Bowl (1994–1995)
Norwest Sun Bowl (1996–1998)
Wells Fargo Sun Bowl (1999–2003)
Vitalis Sun Bowl (2004–2005)
Brut Sun Bowl (2006–2009)
2013 matchup
UCLA vs. Virginia Tech (UCLA 42-12)
2014 matchup
Pac-12 #5 vs. ACC #4 (TBD)

The Sun Bowl is an annual U.S. college football bowl game that is usually played at the end of December in El Paso, Texas. The Sun Bowl, along with the Sugar Bowl and the Orange Bowl are the second-oldest bowl games in the country, behind the Rose Bowl (first played 1902, played annually since 1916). In most of its early history, the game pitted the champion of the Border Conference against an at-large opponent. Games are now played at Sun Bowl stadium on the campus of the University of Texas at El Paso. The first three were played at El Paso High School stadium (1935–1937), then switched to Kidd Field until the present stadium was ready in 1963. For its first 24 years of existence the game was played on January 1 (New Year's Day) or January 2; since then, with the exception of a January 2 game in 1977, the game has been played in December with the last 15 games played on or near December 31.

The game's current full title is the Hyundai Sun Bowl, which became the name after Hyundai Motor Company's American subsidiary bought naming rights to the bowl from Helen of Troy Limited on June 24, 2010. Hyundai becomes the fourth title sponsor of the Sun Bowl, after Helen of Troy (through its Vitalis and Brut brands), Norwest/Wells Fargo, and John Hancock Insurance; the bowl was known as the John Hancock Bowl for the last five years of the firm's contract with the bowl. Hyundai signed a four-year contract with the Sun Bowl committee, which runs through the 2013 game.

Beginning in 2013, the Sun Bowl matches the Pac-12 Conference against the ACC. The Sun Bowl will have the fourth selection after the BCS from the Pac-12 and either the ACC Championship Game runner-up or the third pick after the BCS from the ACC. With the most recent agreement with the Sun Bowl the ACC keeps its Sun Bowl ties for at least four more years; the most recent prior Sun Bowl agreement was done in conjunction with the Gator Bowl, where the ACC, Big East, and Big XII conferences (as well as Notre Dame) had a rotating arrangement with the two bowls.

Its contract with CBS Sports is the longest continuous relationship with one network, spanning since 1968. It is one of only two college football games on CBS that does not involve the Southeastern Conference (the other being the Army–Navy Game) and one of only two bowl games that is not aired on one of the ESPN family of networks (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and ABC all air bowls; the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic, which airs on Fox, is the other). In January 2010, the Sun Bowl Association extended its agreement with CBS through the 2013 Hyundai Sun Bowl. The game traditionally kicks off at "High Noon" MST, or 2 p.m. EST. Helen of Troy has also sponsored the halftime show, which has recently featured such artists as Los Lonely Boys, The Village People, Baby Bash, David Archuleta, Rihanna, and Diamond Rio.

The 1992 game was the final head coaching appearance of College Football Hall of Famer (and future AFCA Executive Director) Grant Teaff of Baylor. Teaff's Bears won over Arizona.

The 1940 Sun Bowl set the record for fewest points scored, when the Arizona State Sun Devils played the Catholic University Cardinals to a 0–0 tie.

Game results[edit]

Sun Bowl logo used prior to corporate sponsorship, until 1986.
Date playedWinning teamLosing teamNotes
January 1, 1935El Paso All-Stars25Ranger (Texas)21notes
January 1, 1936Hardin-Simmons14New Mexico State14notes
January 1, 1937Hardin-Simmons34UTEP6notes
January 1, 1938West Virginia7Texas Tech6notes
January 2, 1939Utah26New Mexico0notes
January 1, 1940Arizona State0Catholic0notes
January 1, 1941Western Reserve26Arizona State13notes
January 1, 1942Tulsa6Texas Tech0notes
January 1, 1943Second Air Force13Hardin-Simmons7notes
January 1, 1944Southwestern7New Mexico0notes
January 1, 1945Southwestern35UNAM0notes
January 1, 1946New Mexico34Denver24notes
January 1, 1947Cincinnati18Virginia Tech6notes
January 1, 1948Miami (Ohio)13Texas Tech12notes
January 1, 1949West Virginia21UTEP12notes
January 2, 1950UTEP33Georgetown20notes
January 1, 1951West Texas State14Cincinnati13notes
January 1, 1952Texas Tech25Pacific14notes
January 1, 1953Pacific26Southern Miss7notes
January 1, 1954UTEP37Southern Miss14notes
January 1, 1955UTEP47Florida State20notes
January 2, 1956Wyoming21Texas Tech14notes
January 1, 1957George Washington13UTEP0notes
January 1, 1958Louisville34Drake20notes
December 31, 1958Wyoming14Hardin-Simmons6notes
December 31, 1959New Mexico State28North Texas8notes
December 31, 1960New Mexico State20Utah State13notes
December 30, 1961Villanova17Wichita State9notes
December 31, 1962West Texas State15Ohio14notes
December 31, 1963Oregon21SMU14notes
December 26, 1964Georgia7Texas Tech0notes
December 31, 1965UTEP13TCU12notes
December 24, 1966Wyoming28Florida State20notes
December 30, 1967UTEP14Mississippi7notes
December 28, 1968Auburn34Arizona10notes
December 20, 1969Nebraska45Georgia6notes
December 19, 1970Georgia Tech17Texas Tech9notes
December 18, 1971LSU33Iowa State15notes
December 30, 1972North Carolina32Texas Tech28notes
December 29, 1973Missouri34Auburn17notes
December 28, 1974Mississippi State26North Carolina24notes
December 26, 1975Pittsburgh33Kansas19notes
January 2, 1977Texas A&M37Florida14notes
December 31, 1977Stanford24LSU14notes
December 23, 1978Texas42Maryland0notes
December 22, 1979Washington14Texas7notes
December 27, 1980Nebraska31Mississippi State17notes
December 26, 1981Oklahoma40Houston14notes
December 25, 1982North Carolina26Texas10notes
December 24, 1983Alabama28SMU7notes
December 22, 1984Maryland28Tennessee27notes
December 28, 1985Arizona13Georgia13notes
December 25, 1986Alabama28Washington6notes
December 25, 1987Oklahoma State35West Virginia33notes
December 24, 1988Alabama29Army28notes
December 30, 1989Pittsburgh31Texas A&M28notes
December 31, 1990Michigan State17USC16notes
December 31, 1991UCLA6Illinois3notes
December 31, 1992Baylor20Arizona15notes
December 24, 1993Oklahoma41Texas Tech10notes
December 30, 1994Texas35North Carolina31notes
December 29, 1995Iowa38Washington18notes
December 31, 1996Stanford38Michigan State0notes
December 31, 1997Arizona State17Iowa7notes
December 31, 1998TCU28USC19notes
December 31, 1999Oregon24Minnesota20notes
December 29, 2000Wisconsin21UCLA20notes
December 31, 2001Washington State33Purdue27notes
December 31, 2002Purdue34Washington24notes
December 31, 2003Minnesota31Oregon30notes
December 31, 2004Arizona State27Purdue23notes
December 30, 2005UCLA50Northwestern38notes
December 29, 2006Oregon State39Missouri38notes
December 31, 2007Oregon56South Florida21notes
December 31, 2008Oregon State3Pittsburgh0notes
December 31, 2009Oklahoma31Stanford27notes
December 31, 2010Notre Dame33Miami (Florida)17notes
December 31, 2011Utah30Georgia Tech27 (OT)notes
December 31, 2012Georgia Tech21USC7notes
December 31, 2013UCLA42Virginia Tech12notes

C.M. Hendricks Most Valuable Player Trophy[edit]

Year playedMVP(s)TeamPosition
1950Harvey GabrelUTEPHB
1951Bill CrossWest Texas StateE
1952Junior ArteburnTexas TechQB
1953Tom McCormickPacific (Cal.)HB
1954Dick ShinautUTEPQB
1955Jesse WhittentonUTEPQB
1956Jim CrawfordWyomingHB
1957Claude AustinGeorge WashingtonRB
1958Ken PorcoLouisvilleRB
1958Leonard KucewskiWyomingG
1959Charley JohnsonNew Mexico StateQB
1960Charley JohnsonNew Mexico StateQB
1961Billy JoeVillanovaFB
1962Jerry LoganWest Texas StateHB
1963Bob BerryOregonQB
1964Preston RidlehuberGeorgiaQB
1965Billy StevensUTEPQB
1966Jim KiickWyomingTB
1967Billy StevensUTEPQB
1968Buddy McClintonAuburnQB
1969Paul RogersNebraskaHB
1970Rock PerdoniGeorgia TechDT
Year playedMVP(s)TeamPosition
1971Bert JonesLSUQB
1972George SmithTexas TechHB
1973Ray BybeeMissouriFB
1974Terry VitranoMississippi StateFB
1975Robert HaygoodPittsburghQB
1976Tony FranklinTexas A&MK
1977Charles AlexanderLSUTB
1978Johnny "Lam" JonesTexasRB
1979Paul SkansiWashingtonWR
1980Jeff QuinnNebraskaQB
1981Darrell ShepardOklahomaQB
1982Ethan HortonNorth CarolinaTB
1983Walter LewisAlabamaQB
1984Rick BadanjekMarylandFB
1985Max ZendejasArizonaK
1986Cornelius BennettAlabamaDE
1987Thurman ThomasOklahoma StateRB
1988David SmithAlabamaQB
1989Alex Van PeltPittsburghQB
1990Courtney HawkinsMichigan StateWR
1991Arnold AleUCLALB
1992Melvin BonnerBaylorWR
Year playedMVP(s)TeamPosition
1993Jerald MooreOklahomaRB
1994Priest HolmesTexasRB
1995Sedrick ShawIowaRB
1996Chad HutchinsonStanfordQB
1997Mike MartinArizona StateRB
1998Basil MitchellTCUTB
1999Billy CockerhamMinnesotaQB
2000Freddie MitchellUCLAWR
2001Lamont ThompsonWashington StateS
2002Kyle OrtonPurdueQB
2003Samie ParkerOregonWR
2004Sam KellerArizona StateQB
2005Kahlil BellUCLARB
Chris MarkeyUCLARB
2006Matt MooreOregon StateQB
2007Jonathan StewartOregonRB
2008Victor ButlerOregon StateDE
2009Ryan BroylesOklahomaWR
2010Michael FloydNotre DameWR
2011John White IVUtahRB
2012Rod SweetingGeorgia TechCB
2013Brett HundleyUCLAQB
Jordan ZumwaltUCLALB

Jimmy Rogers, Jr. Most Valuable Lineman Trophy[edit]

Year playedMVP(s)TeamPosition
1961Rich RossVillanovaG
1962Don HoovlerOhioG
1963Dun HughesSMUG
1964Jim WilsonGeorgiaT
1965Ronny NixonTCUT
1966Jerry DurlingWyomingMG
1967Fred CarrUTEPLB
1968David CampbellAuburnT
1969Jerry MurtaughNebraskaLB
1970Bill FlowersGeorgia TechLB
1971Matt BlairIowa StateLB
1972Ecomet BurleyTexas TechDT
1973John KelseyMissouriTE
1974Jimmy WebbMississippi StateDT
1975Al RomanoPittsburghMG
1977Edgar FieldsTexas A&MDT
1977Gordon CeresinoStanfordLB
1978Dwight JeffersonTexasDT
1979Doug MartinWashingtonDT
1980Jimmy WilliamsNebraskaDE
1981Rick BryanOklahomaDT
1982Ronnie MullinsTexasDB
1983Wes NeighborsAlabamaC
1984Carl ZanderTennesseeLB
1985Peter AndersonGeorgiaC
1986Steve AlvordWashingtonMG
1987Darren WarrenWest VirginiaLB
1988Derrick ThomasAlabamaLB
1989Anthony WilliamsTexas A&MLB
1990Craig HartsuykerUSCLB
Year playedMVP(s)TeamPosition
1991Mike PloskeyIllinoisDT
1992Rob WaldropArizonaNT
1993Shawn JacksonTexas TechDE
1994Blake BrockermeyerTexasOT
1995Jared DeVriesIowaDL
1996Kailee WongStanfordDE
1997Jeremy StaatArizona StateDT
1998London DunlapTCUDE
1999Dyron RussMinnesotaDT
2000Oscar CabreraUCLAOG
2001Akin AyodelePurdueDE
2002Shaun PhillipsPurdueDE
2003Junior SiavaiiOregonDT
2004Brandon VillarealPurdueDT
2005Kevin MimsNorthwesternDT
2006Xzavie JacksonMissouriDE
2007Fenuki TupouOregonOT
2008Greg RomeusPittsburghDE
2009Gerald McCoyOklahomaDE
2010Zach MartinNotre DameOT
2011Star LotuleleiUtahDT
2012Jay FinchGeorgia TechC
2013Kenny ClarkUCLADT

John Folmer Most Valuable Special Teams Player Trophy[edit]

Year playedMVP(s)TeamPosition
1994Marcus WallNorth CarolinaWR
1995Brion HurleyIowaPK
1996Troy WaltersStanfordPR
1997Jason BakerIowaP
1998Adam AbramsUSCPK
1999Ryan RindelsMinnesotaPK
2000Michael BennettWisconsinRB/KR
2001Drew DunningWashington StatePK
2002Anthony ChambersPurduePR/KR
2003Jared SiegelOregonPK
2004Dave BrytusPurdueP
2005Brandon BraezellUCLAKR/WR
2006Jeff WolfertMissouriPK
2007Matt EvensenOregonPK
2008Johnny HekkerOregon StateP
2009Ryan BroylesOklahomaWR
2010David RufferNotre DameK
2011DeVonte ChristopherUtahWR
2012Jamal GoldenGeorgia TechKR/DB
2013Kaim FairbairnUCLAK

Most appearances[edit]

1Texas Tech91–8
T3Arizona State42–1–1
T3North Carolina42–2
T10New Mexico State32–0–1
T10Georgia Tech32–1
T10West Virginia32–1
T10New Mexico31–2

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