Stevie Joe

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Stevie Joe
Birth nameSteve Joel Moffett Jr.
BornOakland, California
GenresHip hop, west coast hip hop, hyphy
Years active2007 - present
LabelsSMC Recordings, Town Thizzness, Thizz Nation, Livewire Records, Fresh in the Flesh Music
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Stevie Joe
Birth nameSteve Joel Moffett Jr.
BornOakland, California
GenresHip hop, west coast hip hop, hyphy
Years active2007 - present
LabelsSMC Recordings, Town Thizzness, Thizz Nation, Livewire Records, Fresh in the Flesh Music

Steve Joel Moffett Jr., better known by his stage name Stevie Joe[1] or Thuggy Fresh, is an American rapper from Oakland. He is a member of the group Livewire and is signed to Town Thizzness and Thizz Nation, both subdivisions of the late Mac Dre's Thizz Entertainment. He has been featured on many Bay Area hip hop albums, most notably E-40's 2011 album Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift, on a song called "Don't Try This at Home", with frequent collaborator Philthy Rich, also from Oakland. He also appears in the soundtrack to the 2008 film Ghostride the Whip.


Studio albums[edit]



with DJ Ambitekstress[edit]

with Livewire[edit]

with Philthy Rich[edit]

with Thizz Nation[edit]

Guest appearances[edit]

2007"1000$ Fit"Kaz KyzahThe Grofessional 2
2008"Lil Weed Lil Xtc"J. Stalin, Kaz KyzahGas Nation
"Block Show"J-Diggs Geezy, BavgateGhostride the Whip OST
"She Choose'n"Philthy Rich, DJ Fresh, Eddi Projex, NephewMy Block: Welcome to Sem City
2009"Here We Go Again"Philthy Rich, A.G. CubanoFree Philthy Rich
"Talk"Philthy Rich
"Top Hat"Philthy Rich, Lil Rue
"Still Ain't Learnin'"J. Stalin, Hawk ManLivewire Radio 2
"Cause I Had To"Philthy Rich
"Gettin' It"G-Stack, Allen J, Curicinado, Eddie P, the Heem Team, Yung StackDr. Purp Thumb
"Reppin' My Name"Livin' Proof, Beeda Weeda, Philthy Rich, MosesSlap House Thizz Mix - EP
"Betty Crocker"Philthy Rich, J. Stalin
"Follow the Money"Philthy Rich, Kaz KyzahTown Bizz All Stars
"Dope"Kaz Kyzah, Clyde Carson
"Must've Been a Hit"Philthy Rich, Jamoine
"N****s Like Me"Philthy Rich
"Blowin' Money"Philthy Rich, Kaz Kyzah
"Hustla"Philthy Rich, Acktup
"Bass Rock"Philthy RichFunk Or Die
"On Paper Work"Philthy Rich, Yukmouth, Chop Black
"Got the Line"Philthy Rich, BuenoFunk Season
"Teeth 2 Feet"Philthy Rich, Keak da Sneak
"U Know What It Is"Philthy Rich, J. Stalin
"Straight from Oakland"Philthy Rich, Ros, J. Stalin, Kaz Kyzah, Shady Nate, Lil Blood, Eddi Projex, Beeda Weeda, Keak da Sneak, Mistah F.A.B., Too ShortQuit Hatin' On the Bay
"Started Out Hustlin'"Philthy Rich, Husalah
"Where I'm From"Kilo Curt, Scoot of Dem Hoodstarz, D-Lo, Sleepy D, The Jacka, Young Naz, Guce, Yowda, Vital1000 Grams
"How You Feel"Kilo Curt, Messy Marv, Eddi Projex, The Jacka
"Push'n Straight Cream"Philthy Rich, Eddi PorjexFunk or Die - The Leak
"My Turn"Philthy Rich, Shady Nate
"Who Else"Philthy RichLoyalty B4 Royalty
"Murda4hire, Pt. 2"Philthy Rich, J. Stalin, Shady Nate
"Face Down Up"Philthy Rich, Miz Dre
"More Than Music"Philthy Rich, Berner
"Neighborhood Supastar"Philthy Rich, Lil BloodNeighborhood Supastar, Pt. 1
"Extortion Music"Philthy Rich, Lil Blood, Lil Rue, Shady Nate, HD, Jay Jonah, J. Stalin, Mayback
"House on the Hill"Philthy Rich, Mistah F.A.B., Jarmoine
"Ain't Nobody Funkin' Wit Me"Philthy Rich, Lil RueFlyest N***a on 2 Feet
"Hunnid Round Drums"Guce, J. StalinGiants & Elephants
"Hustle"Philthy Rich, Lil BloodTrip'N 4 Life: The Leak
"Doe N***a"Philthy Rich
"Like I Do"Philthy Rich, Freddie B, Lil Rue
2010"Money Don't Stop"Shady Nate, Mistah F.A.B.The Shady Bunch, Vol. 2
"Chillin'"Shady Nate, Turf TalkThe Do-Fessional
"All My Life"Philthy RichFunk Season 2
"Wrong"Philthy Rich, Lil Blood, Shawnny Boo
"Look'n 4 Me"Philthy Rich
"I Represent It' (Livewrie Remix)Philthy Rich, Lil Blood, J. Stalin
"When the Club Over"J. StalinPrenuptial Agreement
"This Is How I Ride"Alias Alias, MokiUntold Story
"Until I'm Ballin'"Guce, Matt BlaqueA Gangsta & a Gentleman
"I'm Ill"Shady Nate, KryptoThe Shady Bunch, Vol. 3
"Local N***a"Philthy Rich, MaybackEarly Morning Shift, Vol. 3
"Dope Game Gravy"Philthy Rich, Jay Jonah
"California Soul"Philthy Rich, San Quinn
"Hubba Rocks"Yukmouth, Philthy Rich & Lee MajorsFree at Last
"Teknology"Prince Lefty, Beeda WeedaThe Active Tape
"I Put It Down"Philthy Rich, J. Stalin, Freddie BLoyalty B4 Royalty, Vol. 2
"Ready 2 Ride"Philthy Rich, D-Lo, Dolla Bill
"Bang'n"Philthy Rich, Lil Blood
"I Need You"J. Stalin, Lil KevWomen & Money
"On The Wire"Philthy Rich, Lil' Blood, Mayback, Ronald Mack, Shady NateNeighborhood Supastar, Vol. 2
"We Ain't Playin' Ova Here"Shad Gee, Killa KeiseSnowing In Summer
"True Hustla"Philthy Rich, MoeJoeStreets on Lock - EP
"Look at Me Now"V-White, The Politician, Kaz KyzahStreets Can Vouch
"We Ain't Playn No Games"Philthy Rich, Shad GeeMy Block: Welcome To Sem City 2
"Dead Presidents"J. StalinThe Real World, Vol. 3
2011"So Much Pain"Philthy Rich, Rydah J. Klyde, Matt Blaque, 2PacTrip'n 4 Life
"Run It"LockdownMarlon Amedee - One Man
"Don't Try This at Home"E-40, Philthy RichRevenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift
"So Much"Berner, Philthy Rich, AmpichinoThe White Album
"Live from the Ghetto"Lil BloodFunk Season 3
"Money, Cars & H**s"Hawk Man, Philthy Rich
"In the Hood"Smigg Dirtee, Hollow UpCocaine Cowboys
"Beast Mode"Philthy Rich, HusalahGoon Vitamins, Vol. 1
"Out the Way"Philthy Rich, Messy Marv, Magnolia ChopNeighborhood Supastar 3
"Hustling Nonstop"Al Husky, Ruffian, AllyBo, Lee MajorsAl Husky
"Can I"V-White, The Politician, J. Stalin, Philthy RichThe Gas Station
"Thuggy Fresh"Dem HoodstarzHoodStarz Radio
"Imma Love You"Yung Lott, J. StalinCupcakes & Cartier
"Turn The Lights Off"Philthy Rich, BalanceLoyalty B4 Royalty 3: Just for the Snitches
"Right"Philthy RichLoyalty B4 Royalty 3: Just for the N****s
"How Can I Get Rich"Cousin Fik, Beeda WeedaNo Gravity
"Definition of a Blockstar"Young SkeamThe Definition of a Blockstar
"Mob"Killa Keise, The JackaI'm Wit tha S***, Vol. 1
"Don't Trust Nobody"Killa Keise, Nipsey Hussle
"Shop Open"Haji Agent 8, Mayback, DeltriceUnrestricted: Free Agent, Vol. 2
"Pass the Racks"Shoboat, Young Doe, Judge da Boss, Bueno, Dem HoodstarzHunid Racks
"What Could I Do"J. StalinI'm Selling Dope
"2Nite" (Remix)Philthy Rich, J. Stalin, Fleetwood LowHood Rich 3
2012"Married to the Money"Philthy Rich, Dem Hoodstarz, Boo Banga, J GoudaThe Conspiracy
"They Watchin'"Philthy Rich, Dem Hoodstarz, Stone
"Say What U Was Sayin'"Joe Blow, Dubb 20Real Recognize Real
"They Need That Mob S**t"The Jacka, CellskiThe Verdict
"Da Bomb"Sav Da Money Maker, Kaz Kyzah800% Turfboy
"Mandatory"Jay Pound, Philthy RichNot Jus a Photographer
"Miss My Lil Cuddy"Philthy Rich, Dubb 20, Joe BlowTrue Religion Shawty
"Live Long"AC, Yung SwoolahRedrum
"Plug Me In"Shady Nate, 4rAxThe Droessional
"Get High, Get Money"Lil Raider, Young LocGhetto Graduate 2
"I Vow to Keep It Real"Lil Raider, Berner
"What You Smoken On"Justo, Aftah SumS.O.B.: Son of a Biker
"Blue Dream"Blanco, Nipsey HussleRaw
"Where U From"Yukmouth, Dru Down, Rah Mean, Clyde Carson, Philthy RichHalf Baked
"24"Danked Out, Philthy RichReloaded
"Play It H* I Plan It"Livewire, Shady Nate, Jay JonahMafia
"Up Early In da Mornin"Livewire, Armani DePaul
"Need a Lifeguard"Philthy Rich, Lil RueKill Zone: The Leak
"Fab 5"Philthy Rich, J. Stalin, Lil Blood, Shady Nate
"King Size" (Remix)Philthy Rich, Lil Goofy, Bobby V
"Million Dolla Spot"Shigady da Playboy, K-Loc of Gorilla Pitz, Remy Red of Thizz DragonsBabby Backwoodz & Bo
"Top Shottas"Messy Marv, Philthy RichCake & Ice Cream, Vol. 3
"It's Pimpin'"Pooh Hefner, Philthy Rich, Lil' Hyfe#NOBFE
"Gas"Big Lou, LiloStack or Starve
"Message Thru a Telegram"Dr. Zues, Young Cazzy, Lil Raider, J-SlappzThe Red Carpet treatment
"Go Get It"J. StalinThe Body Snatchers
"Whoppers"Blaco, Yukmouth, The JackaCookies n' Cream
"Cannabis Club" (Remix)J. Stalin, The Jacka, Berner, Yukmouth, Richie Rich, Young Doe & OnionzMemoirs of a Curb Server
"He Never Seen It Coming"Chris Lockett, Philthy Rich11-5900
"N da Mix"Slaughter, Young GullyWarning Before Destruction (The Wake Up)
"The Flyest"Pablo Fetti, Eddi Projex, Ali ShayeThe Big Payback
"High Maintenance"Work Dirty, Beeda WeedaC.A.S.H. (Cash Allows Power & Opportunity)
"Hustle Is Strong"JenROStreet Light
"Cakes"Macs-a-Million, Philthy RichMoney Hungry (Hunger Pains)
"Tuffer Den"Macs-a-Million
"Ride for You"The Jacka, Lady IleThe Tonite Show with The Jacka
"Looking for Us"Bueno, Dubb 20Maloof Money, Vol. 3 (Executive Decisions)
2013"Go Getta"San Quinn, Seasessy, BuenoDJ Loot Presents: Cali Fire, Pt. 3 of 4
"Up the Block"Lee MajorsG Slaps Radio Vol 4: Turkey Bags In My Louis Duffle
"Turnt Up"Young Tweez, Air MarleySame N*gga, Different Age
"Stay In Your Lane"San Quinn, Extreme HwdRed Cups & Poker Chips
"Pray for Me"Lil TaeNew Age Order
"Time to Move On"Point 5, Purp ReynoldsRunning Out of Options
"All I Know"Hongry, Nio da GiftCutthoat Republic
"Never Been the Same"Philthy Rich, J. StalinN.E.R.N.L. 2
"Now They Don't Know Me"Philthy Rich, Hell Rell
"Ain't Solid"Philthy Rich#teamPhilthy
"Dirty Game"FA, Big Scoob, Young FateWhat's Understood Don't Gotta Be Explained
"One Day"Joe Blow, SleezCheck a Real N***a Out Tho
"N***a Like Me"Guce, Philthy RichBullys Wit Fullys
"Unfaithful"C.A.P.O ClickC.A.P.O. Click
"Cookie N Syrup"6Hunnid BJ, HennsippaCold Way of Livin;, Vol. 1: Free James
"Street Levels"Flyboy Stewie, Kr MackBack to the Muzik
2014"Walk In My Shoes"Stu Husalah, Lil JuuLillie Street Is the Street
"Cold Sweat"OverdoseKkilill Switch


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