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Stephen Herbert Perrin, born January 22, 1946 and simply known as Steve Perrin,[1] is a game designer and technical writer/editor.

Perrin is probably best known for creating the role-playing game RuneQuest for Chaosium. While at Chaosium he also created Stormbringer, Worlds of Wonder, Elfquest, and Superworld, and contributed to Thieves' World and Call of Cthulhu. One of his first contributions to the world of RPGs was "The Perrin Conventions", a set of house rules for Dungeons & Dragons, which led to his work on RuneQuest.[2]

He wrote the 1987 Champions role playing game supplement The Voice of Doom and the Hero System rulebook "Robot Warriors".

He worked at Interplay Productions, Maxis, and Spectrum Holobyte, doing game design, playtesting, and writing manuals for such computer games as Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, SimCity 2000, and Flight of the Intruder to name but a few. He has also worked freelance for many of the major players in the games industry including TSR, FASA, Hero Games, West End Games, and Iron Crown Enterprises.

Steve Perrin's Quest Rules (SPQR) is the latest Steve Perrin role-playing game, which he sells independently through Chaos Limited. In 2004 he collaborated with Taldren on Black 9 Ops as a paper and pencil accompaniment to the company's Black9 PC and XBoxgame, which fell afoul of developer-publisher friction and now looks to be unlikely to be published. Perrin decided to make Black 9 Ops available for free.

In 2010 Perrin began creating PDF adventures for the games "Icons" and "Mutants and Masterminds". He has completed several scenarios for Vigilance Press and Fainting Goat Press.

Perrin earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from San Francisco State University.

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