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Stageit Logo
Company Information
LaunchedMarch 2011
Founder/CEOEvan Lowenstein
HeadquartersHollywood, CA, USA
SloganA front row seat to a backstage experience®.
CurrencyNotes (1 Note = 10¢ USD)
Area ServedWorldwide
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Stageit Logo
Company Information
LaunchedMarch 2011
Founder/CEOEvan Lowenstein
HeadquartersHollywood, CA, USA
SloganA front row seat to a backstage experience®.
CurrencyNotes (1 Note = 10¢ USD)
Area ServedWorldwide

Stageit is a web-based platform headquartered in Hollywood, CA. The service allows musical artists to sell their live performances via webcam. Artists choose when they want to perform, for how long and how much they want to charge. Artists can receive instant feedback from their fans from both the Tip Jar feature, which allows fans to tip artists in real time, and the chat window, which permits fans viewing the performance to comment on it and make song requests. The performances are not archived or duplicated for distribution.[1]

Stageit Currency[edit]

In order to purchase tickets to Stageit performances or to tip, users must first purchase Stageit's currency, called "notes." One Stageit "note" is equivalent to ten cents.[2] The performing artist may decide how many notes a performance will cost.[3]

Live Performances[edit]

Once a user purchases a ticket to a Stageit performance, he/she can join other audience members awaiting showtime in an online chat, which continues during the performance itself. (There is also a "private chat" option if two audience members wish to communicate separately from the main chat.) Performances on Stageit last for up to thirty minutes. At the end of that time, artists are given the option to perform an additional twenty-minute encore set.[4]

Notable Artists[edit]

Notable Stageit Artists Include:

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