Stacey Tookey

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Stacey Tookey
Born(1976-07-10) July 10, 1976 (age 37)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
OccupationChoreographer and dancer
Spouse(s)Gene Gabriel (married 2005)
ParentsShelley and Wayne Tookey
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Stacey Tookey
Born(1976-07-10) July 10, 1976 (age 37)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
OccupationChoreographer and dancer
Spouse(s)Gene Gabriel (married 2005)
ParentsShelley and Wayne Tookey

Stacey Tookey is a Canadian choreographer and dancer, known for her frequent appearances as a resident choreographer and guest judge on the Canadian and American versions of the dance-competition reality-television show So You Think You Can Dance.[1]

Tookey served as director on the sold-out 2009 So You Think You Can Dance Canada Tour. She also choreographed the music video for the song "Jar of Hearts" by pop singer Christina Perri.

Early life and education[edit]

She was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta,[2]

Tookey is the eldest child to parents Shelley and Wayne Tookey. She has a younger brother, Kevin Tookey, and a younger sister, Kelci Tookey.

Her mother owns a dance studio, Shelley's Dance Company in Edmonton. Her entire family dances, and Tookey was raised in her mother's studio learning everything she could about their shared passion.

She studied ballet and contemporary dance with the Ballet British Columbia Mentor Program, Fusion Dance Company and as a member of the National Basketball Association's Grizzlies Extreme Dance Team.


Tookey has worked with musical artists including Michael Bublé, Celine Dion, Bette Midler and Justin Timberlake.

She has also performed in concerts as a member of Mia Michaels company R.A.W. and with the Parsons Dance Project in Seoul, South Korea. Other performances include appearing in Carmen with the Houston Grand Opera in Houston, Texas.

She served as assistant choreographer for the Broadway production of A Few Good Men Dancin in New York City, New York.[clarification needed]

In 2002, Tookey relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was an original cast member for the entire five-year run of Celine Dion's show A New Day... at Caesars Palace. Other performances with Dion include appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The 2004 World Music Awards, Larry King Live, CNN's New Year's Eve Countdown Live in Times Square and A&E's biography of Dion.

Tookey has been slimed on national television dancing alongside Timberlake at the 2007 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

She was nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography for So You Think You Can Dance (season 5) in 2010.[3] She was nominated again in 2011 for her work on the show's seventh season and in 2012 for her work on the show's eighth season.

Tookey represented Canada at the Genée International Ballet Competitions in London, England.[when?]

In addition to performing, Tookey teaches master classes in Mexico, Italy, Argentina and throughout North America, and has been the recipient of many choreography awards.

She is on the faculty of the Nuvo dance convention.

Choreography for So You Think You Can Dance[edit]

Season 1 (Canada)Week 1Vincent-Oliver Noiseux
Lisa Auguste
Contemporary"Slow Me Down"—Emmy Rossum
Week 7Vincent-Oliver Noiseux
Natalli Reznik
"Happy Ending"—Mika
Week 9Nico Archambault
Allie Bertram
"Permanent"—David Cook
Season 5 (US)Week 2Karla Garcia
Jonathan Platero
Contemporary"Falling Slowly"—The Frames
Week 8Kayla Radomski
Brandon Bryant
"All I Want"—Ahn Trio
Season 2 (Canada)Week 1Melanie Mah
Cody Bonnell
Contemporary"Taking Chances"—Celine Dion
Week 3Corynne Barron
Austin Di Iulio
"Never Say Never"—The Fray
Week 4Kim Gingras
Emanuel Sandhu
"To Build a Home"—The Cinematic Orchestra
Week 6Amy Gardner
Cody Bonnell
"Come Home"—OneRepublic feat. Sara Bareilles
Group Routine"Hometown Glory"—Adele
Week 8Tara-Jean Popowich
Vincent Desjardins
"It Doesn't Hurt" (Studio Version)—Katie Thompson
Week 9Jayme Rae Dailey
Vincent Desjardins
"Can't Stop Thinking About You"—Martin Sexton
Season 6 (US)Week 2Kathryn McCormick
Jonathan "Legacy" Perez
Contemporary"2 Steps Away"—Patti LaBelle
Week 3Channing Cooke
Victor Smalley
"Be Be Your Love" (Live at KRCW)—Rachael Yamagata
Season 7 (US)Week 2Melinda Sullivan
Ade Obayomi
Contemporary"Squander"—Skunk Anansie
Week 3Billy Bell
Kathryn McCormick
"Jar of Hearts"—Christina Perri
Week 7Kathryn McCormick
Robert Roldan
"Heaven is a Place on Earth"—Katie Thompson
Billy Bell
Ade Obayomi
"Mad World" (Alternate Version) —Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules
Week 9Kent Boyd
Allison Holker
"Sundrenched World" (Live Session)—Joshua Radin
Season 3 (Canada)Week 2Charlene Hart
Jeff Mortensen
Contemporary"Breathing"—Alisa Turner
Week 3Julia Harnett
Jesse Weafer
"Falling"—Florence and the Machine
Week 5Amanda Cleghorn
Sebastian Mersch
Week 6Danielle Gardner
Jeff Mortensen
"Elephant in the room"—Richard Walters
Week 7Charlene Hart
Mackenzie Green
"One Day Like This"—Elbow
Week 8Amanda Cleghorn
Jeff Mortensen
Week 9Group Routine"Undone" (With the Hagerman Quartet)—DeVotchKa
Season 8 (US)Meet the Top 20Ricky Jamie
Miranda Maleski
Sasha Mallory
Melanie Moore
Contemporary"In This Shirt"—The Irrepressibles
Week 2Caitlynn Lawson
Mitchell Kelly
"Turning Tables"—Adele
Clarice Ordaz
Jess LeProtto
"Cathedrals"—Jump, Little Children
Week 6Jess LeProtto
Kathryn McCormick
"The Lonely"—Christina Perri
Week 9Melanie Moore
Robert Roldan
"Sacrifice"—Sinéad O'Connor
Melanie Moore
Sasha Mallory
"Heart Asks Pleasure First"—Ahn Trio
Season 4 (Canada)Week 1Jordan Clark
Joey Arrigo
Contemporary"For the People"—Mark Huculak
Teya Wild
Kevin Howe
"You Lost Me"—Christina Aguilera
Week 5Geisha Chin
Joey Arrigo
"Gasoline Rainbows"—Amy Kuney
Week 8Lindsay Leuschner
Shane Simpson
"Uninvited"—Alanis Morissette
Week 9Jordan Clark
Christian Millette
"All in Love Is Fair"—Stevie Wonder
Season 9 (US)Meet the Top 20Janaya French
Matthew Kazmierczak
Dareian Kujawa
Amelia Lowe
Contemporary"Modern Drift"—Efterklang
Week 3Witney Carson
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
"I Will Always Love You"—Whitney Houston
Week 5Eliana Girard
Alex Wong
"Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)"—Nancy Sinatra
Week 8Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
Allison Holker
"Leave" from Once

Personal life[edit]

Tookey married actor Gene Gabriel on October 16, 2005, and resides in Los Angeles, California.

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