Space Canine Patrol Agents

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For the schools whose acronyms are also SCPA, see the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts or the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts.
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The Space Canine Patrol Agents, or SCPA (not to be confused with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), is a group of fictional anthropomorphic extraterrestrial canine superheroes that appeared in stories published by DC Comics.



The SCPA first appeared in Superboy (volume 1) # 131. Several of the dogs were given alliterative names which also described their powers: i.e. Paws Pooch was able to increase its number of limbs, Prophetic Pup could predict the future using his "crystal ball cranium", Tail Terrier had an elastic tail, etc.

The team was something of a parody of the Legion of Super-Heroes, with enemies such as the "Phanty Cats".

Their battle cry and sacred oath, with which they began all meetings, was

Big dog, big dog, bow, wow, wow!
We'll stop evil, now, now, now!

The first line parodies the Yale chorus: "Bulldog, bulldog, bow-wow-wow".

They are presumed to have been wiped out of existence after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. They have appeared once in a superhero limbo in Grant Morrison's Animal Man "Deus Ex Machina", where characters that have been written out of continuity reside. While visiting here, Merryman of Inferior Five stated to Animal Man that even if some of these characters may be brought back, times have changed where the Space Canine Patrol Agents (as some of the other animals) will not likely return.[1]

However, with Krypto's status as the El family dog from Krypton restored, it remains to be seen if they'll ever be reintroduced into the mainstream continuity or even alluded Krypto ever joined them.


It was never confirmed which of them is the leader.

In other media

A version of the team appears in the 2000s Krypto the Superdog animated series under the name the Dog Star Patrol. Their battle cry resembles the Space Canine Patrol Agents, but goes:

Dog Stars, Dog Stars, bow, wow, wow!
Bark for justice, now, now, now!

This version includes:

Note: The original seven Dog Stars (Brainy Barker, Tail Terrier, Mammoth Mutt, Hot Dog, Tusky Huskey, Bull Dog, and Paw Pooch) are never seen as a group of seven on the show. Instead the Dog Stars seem to be on a rotation, usually Brainy Barker and five or less of the other dogs.