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Skeld, (Old Norse: Skjolðr, Shield or shelter) is a village on the south side of the West Shetland Mainland. The main village is also referred to as Easter Skeld, while the western end of the settlement, about a mile away, is known as Wester Skeld. The council housing estate in Skeld is called also has a school on a hill

The great 20th-century poet Vagaland's father was from Skeld, and he was born Thomas Alexander Robertson at nearby Westerwick. Vagaland retained a love for and a sense of belonging to this part of Shetland, though he moved to Walls as a small child.


Coordinates: 60°11′18″N 1°26′24″W / 60.18833°N 1.44000°W / 60.18833; -1.44000