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The Sisters of the Holy Cross (CSC) headquartered on the same grounds as Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana, is one of three Catholic congregations of religious sisters which trace their origins to the foundation of the Congregation of Holy Cross by the Blessed Father Basil Anthony-Marie Moreau, CSC, at Le Mans, France in 1837. The other two congregations of religious women in the tradition of the Holy Cross Family are the Marianites of Holy Cross (New Orleans, Louisiana) and the Sisters of Holy Cross (Montreal, Canada).

They are distinct from the Menzingen Sisters of the Holy Cross,[1], a teaching congregation founded separately in Switzerland in 1844.


For a history of the foundation of the four congregations of Holy Cross, see the Congregation of Holy Cross.

For a history of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, see the Sisters of the Holy Cross History.


The Sisters of the Holy Cross are represented in the following countries (with their year of first arrival in parentheses):


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