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The Headless Nun is a ghost story associated with French Fort Cove in Nordin, now the City of Miramichi, New Brunswick.


According to the tale, which refers back to a very questionable source, a long-dead member of an unknown order of nuns guards a treasure, while bemoaning her lost head. This so-called legend has been adopted in order to promote tourism with an added "boo" factor. It has been questioned by the very chronicler of the tale Louise Manny herself.[1] Details of the story vary widely: in one version, a "mad trapper" cut off her head and ran into the woods with it.[1] In another, two sailors cut off her head after she refused to divulge the location of a treasure.[2] The story holds that Sister Marie's head was never found, resulting in her spirit forever roaming the area in search of it.[3] Today, "Headless Nun" tours are among the tourist attraction offerings at French Fort Cove.[4][5]

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