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Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters house

Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation of the Most Holy Rosary of the Order of Preachers is a Catholic religious institute for women. The mother house is located in Sinsinawa, Wisconsin in the Diocese of Madison.


Sinsinawa Mound has been called the "Hill of Grace". Since 1847, more than 3,200 women have ascended its slopes to take their vows as Sinsinawa Dominicans, then departed to preach and teach the Gospel. Today, the Mound still serves as the motherhouse for more than 500 sisters and more than 240 associates.


Sinsinawa Dominican women are called to proclaim the Gospel through the ministry of preaching and teaching to participate in the building of a holy and just society.[1]

These Dominican Sisters are associated with Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois.


The Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation of the Most Holy Rosary was founded on Aug. 4, 1847, by Sisters Seraphina and Ermeline, along with Father Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli, O.P.

Ministry today[edit]

Vision 2006–11:

In a world graced by the Holy Spirit:

and yet wounded by divisions, exploitation, and oppression, we are impelled by God's tender mercy to commit ourselves in partnership with others to seek and foster right relationships among all of God's people and with the earth that sustains us.[1]

Sinsinawa Dominican sisters are dedicated to preaching and teaching the Gospel, believing that at the heart of ministry is relationship. The sisters are committed to participating with others to build a holy and just society in the United States and abroad through ministry, or service to others. They are called to a wide variety of ministries: some are teachers, counselors, and caregivers. Others are doctors, lawyers, and pastoral ministers. Currently, their missions outside the U.S. include Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, Italy, and Trinidad and Tobago.[2]


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