Singularity University

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Singularity University
EstablishedSeptember 2008[1]
LocationMoffett Federal Airfield, CA, U.S.
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Singularity University
EstablishedSeptember 2008[1]
LocationMoffett Federal Airfield, CA, U.S.

Singularity University is an unaccredited university[2] located in Silicon Valley whose stated aim is to "educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges."[3] It was founded in 2008 by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil in Moffett Field, CA.[3]

Singularity University's programs range from an annual ten-week summer course intended for graduate and post-graduate students to seven-day programs for senior corporate executives and senior government leaders. Other programs include Singularity University Labs, global outreach, and conferences.



The university offers 11 different academic tracks, each chaired by one or more experts in the field:[4][5] Current track chairs for 2013-2014 include:

Director of Global Grand Challenges in 2013 is (Nicholas Haan)

Other past and present faculty members, lecturers, founders, board members and advisors include: Chris Boshuizen, Tom Byers, James Canton, Vint Cerf, Marc Goodman, Aubrey de Grey, Christopher deCharms, Tim Ferriss, Linda MacDonald Glenn, Terry Grossman, Klee Irwin, Naveen Jain, Daniel Kammen, Jonathan Knowles, Patrick T. Lin, Garrett Lisi, Larry Brilliant, Bob Metcalfe, Howard L. Morgan, Kathryn Myronuk, Matt Mullenweg, Peter Norvig, David Orban, Daniel Reda, Bob Rice, David S. Rose, Ross Shott, Tina Seelig, George Skidmore, Larry Smarr, George Smoot, Sebastian Thrun, Vivek Wadhwa, Pete Worden, and Will Wright.


The university has academic programs and other initiatives:[6]

Academic programs[edit]

Graduate Studies Program[edit]

The Graduate Studies Program (GSP) is a ten-week summer program for 80 participants running once per year, June–August with a stated aim of producing projects that can positively impact a billion people in ten years by leveraging exponentially advancing technologies (Tuition US$29,500)

Executive Program[edit]

The Executive Program is a 7-day, 80-participant program running about four times per year (Tuition US$12,000)

Specialty executive programs[edit]

These programs are similar to Executive Programs but have a concentration on a particular area of interest.

Global Impact Competitions[edit]

SU launched a series of Global Impact Competitions, looking for innovative project ideas which could improve the lives of one to five million people (depending on the country) in a 3-year period with the help of technology.[7] Winners of these competitions get a full sponsorship for attending the Graduate Studies Program.[8]

The first program started in June 2009, with full tuition costing US$25,000. The inaugural 2009 class was limited to forty fellows chosen from over 1,200 applicants. Eighty students were accepted for the graduate course beginning summer 2010 from a pool of 4,300 applicants.[9]

Singularity University Labs[edit]

Singularity University Labs is an accelerator and incubator program that aims to "build and launch sustainable organizations that will positively impact one billion people within a decade."


Singularity University is overseen by a Board of Trustees.[10] Rob Nail, one of the organization's Associate Founders, was named CEO of Singularity University in October, 2011.[11] Vivek Wadhwa is the organization's Vice President for Academics and Innovation.[12]


Corporate founding partners and sponsors include Google,[13] Nokia,[14] Autodesk,[15] IDEO,[citation needed] LinkedIn,[citation needed] ePlanet Capital,[16] the X Prize Foundation, the Kauffman Foundation[17] and Genentech.[18]

Conversion from non-profit to benefit corporation[edit]

In 2012 Singularity University the non-profit began the process for conversion to a benefit corporation.[19] In 2013 new benefit corporation incorporated as Singularity Education Group and acquired the Singularity University brand as its trade name.[20]

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