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Shaina NC
Shaina NC in March 2011
Born(1972-12-01) 1 December 1972 (age 41)[a]
Mumbai, India
EducationB.A in Political Science, Associate from FIT, New York
OccupationFashion designer, politician
Years active1991–present
Political party
Bharatiya Janata Party
Spouse(s)Manish Munot
ChildrenShanaya, Ayaan
ParentsNana Chudasama, Munira Chudasama
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Shaina NC
Shaina NC in March 2011
Born(1972-12-01) 1 December 1972 (age 41)[a]
Mumbai, India
EducationB.A in Political Science, Associate from FIT, New York
OccupationFashion designer, politician
Years active1991–present
Political party
Bharatiya Janata Party
Spouse(s)Manish Munot
ChildrenShanaya, Ayaan
ParentsNana Chudasama, Munira Chudasama

Shaina Nana Chudasama (born 1 December 1972),[a] better known by her abbreviated name Shaina NC, is an Indian fashion designer, politician and a social worker. A daughter of the former Sheriff of Mumbai, Shaina is known in the Indian fashion industry for designing and draping sarees in innovative ways. Shaina holds a record in Guinness book of world records for fastest saree drape. She is called the 'Queen of Drapes' for draping saree in 54 innovative ways. She entered in politics in 2004 and joined Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). She holds the positions of National Spokesperson of the BJP, member of the National Executive Council of BJP and a treasurer of the BJP's Maharashtra unit. Shaina is also involved in social work through her charity fashion shows and two NGOs, 'I Love Mumbai' and 'Giants International'. As a woman politician, she is often projected as young, urbane and women-friendly face of the BJP in television debates.

Personal life[edit]

Shaina NC with father Nana Chudasama and mother Munira Chudasama in 2009
Shaina NC with husband Manish Munot and children, Shanaya and Ayaan, at Salman Khan's house for Ganesh Chaturthi celebration in Sept 2013

Shaina was born to Nana Chudasama and Munira Chudasama in Malabar Hill, Mumbai on 1 December 1972.[1][2][a] She has one brother, Akshay and one sister, Brinda.[3] She completed I.C.S.E from Queen Mary School, Mumbai in 1989[4] and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai in 1993.[4] She wanted to be a lawyer when she was in college, but she felt more inclined to fashion designing.[5] After graduation, she took Associate's degree in fashion designing from Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.[6] Shaina's father, Nana Chudasama, is a former Sheriff of Mumbai. She is brought up in cosmopolitan, multi-religion family in Mumbai. Her father is a Hindu Rajput from Saurashtra, mother is Dawoodi Bohra Muslim, her sister is married to a Muslim while she is married to a Marwari Jain. Being a mult-religious family, her family celebrates all religious festivals like Diwali, Eid and Christmas.[7][8] Shaina is married to Manish Munot. She first met him in school when she was 13 and married to him at the age of 23 after 6 years of dating.[5][9] Shaina says she is able to manage her profession, politics and social work because of unstinting support from her husband. "I was born into my parents' house but it's my husband who let me bloom and groom. He is not your typical male chauvinist Indian man," says Shaina about husband Manish Munot.[10] She lives in Mumbai with her family and two children, Shanaya and Ayaan.[11] Shaina is often seen with Bollywood actors due to professional reasons or social work. Her friends includes actors Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.[10]


Shaina is pursuing her career in fashion designing as well as in politics. She says that fashion designing is her profession while politics is her passion.[12]

Fashion designer[edit]

Shaina NC, Sakshi Tanwar, Sadhana, Poonam Dhillon and Divya Khosla Kumar at Shaina NC's fashion show in May 2014
Shaina NC in one of her innovative saree draping style

Saree is a timeless creation. The mercurial changes in the world of fashion have no effect whatsoever on it. They are exquisite and will be that way whatever the trends in fashion are, be it now or years later.[13]

—Shaina NC

Shaina's mother, Munira Chudasama, has been in fashion designing industry since last many decades. Shaina took to fashion designing at the age of 18 when her mother was unwell. Collection of outfits designed by her was a success and she entered in fashion designing industry.[14] She has taken formal training of fashion designing in Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Shaina runs Golden Thimble Boutique in upmarket Kala Ghoda area of Mumbai, which was set up by her mother. It is one of the oldest boutique of Mumbai city.[1][13] She does not like to design for Bollywood films and prefers designing for individuals. Her clients includes celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, Juhi Chawla and Mahima Chaudhry.[6] Shaina's main fashion designing interest is in sarees. She specialises in traditional sarees which includes Chanderis, Paithanis, Chiffons, Silks and Cottons.[15] "It is ours, it belongs to us. It is the most flattering garment where a thin person can look voluptuous and a bulky person can camouflage all the unseemly bulges. The younger generation need to be introduced to the garment.", says Shaina. She holds a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest draping of a saree.[16] Shaina is often referred to as Queen of Drapes because of her 54 innovative ways of draping a saree. Indian women traditionally wear saree over petticoat, but in one of her 54 innovative draping styles, Shaina wears saree over trousers. She says there are no set rules regarding how to wear saree. Women can wear saree over jeans, chudidar or tapered skirt in combination with choli. One other of her innovative way is to wear two sarees at a time.[17][18]

For younger and modern Indian women, who may find it cumbersome to wear six-yard saree, she has designed ready-to-wear sarees.[15] Shaina do not use swarovski style on her sarees. She often ornate her sarees with embroidery, sequins and kundans to match them with blouses of different styles ranging from halterneck to spaghetti strap, choli and long choli. Her family has skilled craftsmen since last many decades who works on sarees designed by her.[1]


Shaina was a student of Political Science. She says that she was interested in politics ever since she was a kid.[12] On 14 September 2004, Shaina joined Bharatiya Janata Party in the presence of BJP leader Gopinath Munde. She was made president of the newly created 'Health and Cultural Cell' of the BJP. Her father, Nana Chudasama, was well known critic of BJP and its leader Narendra Modi for their handling of post-Godhra riots.[19] When asked why she chose BJP, Shaina told The Economic Times, "Why not the BJP? It is the most progressive party and also secular in accepting me – daughter of a Muslim mother, Hindu father and married to a Marwari Jain."[8] Shaina contested Maharashtra State Assembly election, 2004 against Baba Siddique of Indian National Congress for the seat of Bandra assembly constituency, but lost.[20] She was appointed BJP's spokesperson for the Mumbai city in February 2007.[21] In 2008, she became BJP's spokesperson for the Maharashtra state.[22] In Maharashtra State Assembly election, 2009, Shaina hoped to get ticket from Malabar Hill constituency, but the BJP leadership preferred three-time sitting MLA Mangal Lodha.[23] In March 2010, she became member of the National Executive Council of the BJP.[24] In April 2013, she became national spokesperson of the BJP and was included in the panel of spokespersons to participate in television debates on behalf of the party.[25] In May 2013, Shaina was appointed as a treasurer of the BJP's Maharashtra unit.[26] In Feb 2014, Shaina was in contention for the Rajya Sabha MP seat, but considering incoming General Election and Dalit votes NDA leadership chose Ramdas Athawale of Republican Party of India.[27] Shaina was asked to contest against Priya Dutt of Indian National Congress from Mumbai North Central constituency for Lok Sabha election, 2014. But she refused apprehending that the fight will be "too tough" for her in minority dominated constituency.[28]

Social work[edit]

Waheeda Rehman, Shaina NC and Juhi Chawla in Shaina NC's fashion show to raise funds for cancer patients
Farhan Akhtar and Shaina NC at tree planting event arranged by Shaina's NGO 'I Love Mumbai' in Jan 2012

Since 2002, Shaina and Cancer Patients' Aid Association (CPAA) are arranging fashion shows every year to raise funds for the treatment of cancer patients and cancer awareness programmes. Many Bollywood celebrities, from yesteryears actresses like Waheeda Rehman to young actors like Ranbir Kapoor, have participated in Shaina's fashion shows for this noble cause. Part of the proceeds from the sale of outfits designed by Shaina goes to CPAA. She has also organised many charity shows to raise funds for the welfare of physically disabled children.[15][29][30] She is the trustee of NGO 'I Love Mumbai' which was founded by her father Nana Chudasama in 1989. The NGO's mission is 'Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai' and it works towards beautification and cleanliness of the Mumbai city. The NGO distribute 50,000 free saplings every year to plant them in Mumbai city.[31] In Dec 2008, Shaina's NGO 'I Love Mumbai' financially helped Suneeta Yadav and her young daughter Sheetal Yadav, who survived hand grenade attack in 2008 Mumbai attacks. Suneeta's husband had died in this attack and later she was robbed of govt compensation by her brother-in-law.[32] Three months later, in Feb 2009, Shaina's NGO collected INR7 million and donated it to the heroes and victims of 2008 Mumbai attacks.[33] In Nov 2010, Shaina's 'I Love Mumbai' NGO joined Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in INR5.2 million project to clean up 3 km long Arabian sea shoreline between Cuffe Parade and Haji Ali of South Mumbai.[34] She is the Executive World Chairperson of the NGO 'Giants International'. The NGO honours personalities from different walks of life for their outstanding contribution and service to the society.[35] The NGO also organises healthcare, family planning and AIDs awareness programmes. Shaina has received awards for her contribution to the society from many organisations like Jaycees International, Indo-American Society, Lions and Rotary.[15] As of June 2014, Shaina is supporting the cause of Campa Cola Society residents who are facing eviction and demolition of their illegal flats.[36]

As a woman in politics[edit]

Traditionally, Indian politics is dominated by men. There are very few women in Indian politics. Shaina says that being a woman she faces tremendous pressures and challenges in political life. She encourage more and more women to participate in the decision-making political process, not in superficial political process. Being a first woman treasurer of BJP's Maharashtra unit, she actively participate in the decision-making process of BJP.[10] Shaina is staunch supporter of Women's Reservation Bill which proposes 33% reserved seats for women in lower house of the Parliament of India and all state legislative assemblies. Women like Sonia Gandhi and Pratibha Patil have held important posts in politics, but Shaina says it is not enough and it is sheer tokenism. Once more women are in power in government, they will prove their ability and potential.[37] Shaina advocates to ensure education to all women regarding their basic rights, health issues like cancer and right to live dignified life in the society. Women face gender based harassment in India and she says that it is due to over legislation but under administration. If laws are implemented in their spirit and culprits are punished swiftly, crime against women in India will decrease, she exhorts.[38]

Some section of the society view BJP as conservative in approach with regards to women's rights and minority rights, but Shaina believes that the BJP is a progressive party. She is not afraid to protest to her own party when she believes that her party has deviated from its progressive approach. In Feb 2010, BJP's ally Shiv Sena threatened to ban release of Shah Rukh Khan's film My Name Is Khan. When BJP leadership was hesitant to take firm stand on this issue, she organised premiere of this film in New Delhi in support of her friend Shah Rukh Khan and also to make a point to the BJP leadership that she won't compromise on progressive principles of the party. "For me, being an MP and MLA is not the be-all and end-all. If I reach a dead-end in the BJP, I will call it a day," said Shaina.[39] In April 2013, with the aim of projecting young, urbane and women-friendly image of the BJP, party president Rajnath Singh included Shaina in the panel of seven women spokesperson to participate in television debates.[40] With the aim of focusing on well-being of women workers in Bollywood film industry, Shaina became president of the newly formed BJP Kamgaar Morcha's BJP Chitrapat Union in July 2014.[41]


  1. ^ a b c In youtube video, Shaina's birth date is declared to be '1 December' in the presence of Shaina and other BJP leaders.[42] As per affidavit filed by Shaina to Election Commission of India on 22 September 2004, her age was 31.[43][44] Her age can be 31 on 22 Sep 2004 only if she is born on 1 December 1972.


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