Semper paratus

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Semper Paratus (Latin: "Always Ready") is the motto of a number of different organizations:


United States


United Kingdom


Hong Kong

South Africa

1 South African Infantry Battalion Georgia Department of Corrections Tactical Squads South African Emergency Services Institute



Canterbury Primary School VIC

Royal Australian Navy

Australian Army

New Zealand


The motto of the Young Pioneers was Всегда готов! [vsyegdá gotóv] which means the same thing. See Solemn Promise, Motto and Rules of Young Pioneers.

Fictional Usage

Gilmore Girls

A similar phrase ("In omnia paratus") was used in the TV show Gilmore Girls as the motto of Yale secret society, The Life and Death Brigade.

Prison Break

This phrase has also been used in the popular TV series Prison Break. As Johnathan Krantz (also known as The General or Pad Man) is waiting in the electric chair, a priest whispers to him "Are you ready, my son?", and Krantz replies with "Semper paratus".