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Logo car factory SeAZ.jpg
SZA-M (1967)
Oka (2004)

SeAZ (Serpukhovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) is a large engineering plant in Serpukhov, Russia. The company was founded on July 7, 1939 by order of the People's Commissar of General Engineering Industry and by the head of Glavmotoveloprom, concerning production of small capacity motorcycles. During 1939 to 1995 the company produced various microcars, usually powered by IZH motorcycle engines. Since the early 1980s it has produced Lada Oka microcars.

From the beginning of the 1980s the factory entered a period of development: the prototype of a new car was designed and produced, and was named "Oka". It anticipated the car produced nowadays.

In 1985 the USSR Council of Ministers issued a decree: "About the creation of new capacities for production of a new model of extra-small car at AvtoVAZ and KamAZ corporations and at Serpukhov Motor-car Factory, all belonging to the USSR Automotive Industry Ministry."

The Serpukhov factory was significantly rebuilt for the new tasks. The leading enterprises as well as foreign companies were entrusted with the equipment for production and assembling: Durr, Bollhoff and PPG. In 1989 the factory started assemblying first cars of the extra-small class. At the time the factory entered "AvtoVAZ" corporation.

In 1995 AvtoVAZ corporation fully transferred assembly of the Oka to "SMZ". The factory’s name was changed to "Serpukhov Motor-car Factory" ("Serpukhovsky Avtomobilny Zavod" – SeAZ).

In 2005 OAO "SeAZ" became a member of the Avtokom industrial group.