Screamin' Sirens

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Screamin' Sirens were an all-women band that combined country music, punk rock, rockabilly and a dash of funk for their own wild party music. They pre-dated what is usually referred to as alternative country, but undoubtedly influenced it. They were based in Hollywood, California. The band featured Rosie Flores, who went on to have a successful solo career in the alternative country and rockabilly scene. Original drummer and songwriter Diane Boom Boom Dixon went on to play with the Baloney Heads and the Real Dixons in Austin, Texas. Pleasant Gehman is also a successful writer and editor, and a member of the Ringling Sisters. Bassist Miiko Watanabe went on to play with American Girls. Casey Gomez, who played drums with the group for a time, had also played with the Pandoras. Screamin' Sirens were notorious for their wild live shows and party-inducing image. They also did a film called The Runnin' Kind which starred Brie Howard as well as Screamin' Sirens.



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