Schäffer the Darklord

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Schaffer the Darklord
Bloody Schaffer.jpg
Schaffer the Darklord
Background information
Birth nameMark Schaffer
Also known asSTD
BornNovember 14, 1974
GenresHip hop, nerdcore, horrorcore
Occupation(s)Rapper, songwriter
LabelsDB Productions,
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Schaffer the Darklord
Bloody Schaffer.jpg
Schaffer the Darklord
Background information
Birth nameMark Schaffer
Also known asSTD
BornNovember 14, 1974
GenresHip hop, nerdcore, horrorcore
Occupation(s)Rapper, songwriter
LabelsDB Productions,

Mark Shaffer (born November 14, 1974)[citation needed], better known by his stage name Schaffer the Darklord (STD), is in American nerdcore hip hop artist from New York City.[1] He combines dark metal themes with hip hop music to create a unique, and often comedic, style of music. His influences range from the Beastie Boys, to Price musician, to Slayer.[2]


In 2001, Schaffer collaborated with Katastrophe and Strict Chem to form the rap group The End of the World. One of their songs, Candyass, was featured in the film Sugar High Glitter City, directed by Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano; the soundtrack was nominated for a 2002 AVN Award but lost to Snoop Dogg's Doggy Style.[3] He later branched out on his own, although he and Katastrophe have maintained both a personal and professional friendship.

In 2003, while living in San Francisco, Schaffer was a member of the bands Burmese and Bottledog.[4]

Schaffer the Darklord's songs include "Tin Man", a macabre retelling of The Wizard of Oz with the titled character as the heartless villain, "Cat People" a fun, nerdy romp about cats, people who love cats, were-cats, and other cat related phenomena, "The Other Devil", which hilariously depicts two devils arguing on Popeye's shoulder, which is now performed live with the notorious Schaffer the Puppet starring as the Other Devil, as well as many songs featuring the Darklord's unique combination of self-deprecation and narcissism such as "A Very Bad Man", "Thunder Thief", "Scorpio", and "The Heckler". Schaffer has performed and collaborated with many of Nerdcore's biggest names such as MC Frontalot,[5] MC Lars,[6] and many others around the country.[7]

When not rapping, Schaffer hosts & performs in nerdy burlesque shows all over New York City, such as Hotsy Totsy, Kitty Nights, Original Cyn, Starshine Burlesque, Sweet & Nasty, The Pink Room, and Vaudeville Nouveau. Up until recently, Schaffer had also co-produced many shows with Nelson Lugo for Epic Win Burlesque[8][9][10] although he recently took a step back from the production end of things to focus on his rap career.

Schaffer has starred music videos for his songs "The Rappist",[11] "The Bender",[12] "Afraid of Everything",[13] and "Boys".[14] He appeared in Nerdcore Rising,[15] a documentary about the world of nerdcore hip-hop, through the eyes of MC Frontalot. He has also been photographed and interviewed by Blender Magazine.[16] Recently, he has started a podcast with longtime friend and collaborator Nelson Lugo called Epic Piecast, for[17]

Schaffer has performed at Nerdapalooza, the largest nerdcore hip hop event in the world, every year since 2008.[18] Schaffer has also performed at a benefit for the victims and families affected by the Dark Knight Rises shooting in Denver, Colorado.


2004Meet My Maker
2007Mark of the Beast
2012Junk Drawer
2013Sick Passenger

Singles and Small Projects[edit]

YearSong(s)AlbumArtistFeatured Guests
2007Robot ApocalypseRhyme Torrents Vol. 6Schaffer the DarklordDrown Radio & Lord Illingworth
2013Da Doo/Dentist!/SuddenlyEpic Win Burlesque: The Musical - Original Cast Recording SoundtrackSchaffer the DarklordBB Heart, Boo Bess, Francine the "Lucid Dream", and Nelson Lugo
2014Rawr/Don'tRawr - SingleSchaffer the Darklord

Featured Appearances[edit]

YearSongAlbumArtistFeatured Guests
2008Do the Bruce CampbellDigital Gangster LPMC Lars & YT CrackerSchaffer the Darklord & Zealous1
2008Rapper of the CornRhyme Torrents Vol 8, CD 1MC LokiSchaffer the Darklord
2009Drug of Choice1Epic-1Schaffer the Darklord, 1080IP & YTCracker
2009Magnificent 7Next LevelDual CoreSchaffer the Darklord, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Beefy, Random, & YT Cracker
2009Internet AddictionPuzzle PiecesTYTSchaffer the Darklord
2010The HoneyThe HoneyCoolzeySchaffer the Darklord & The Rhombus
2010DisasterZero DayMC FrontalotSchaffer the Darklord & Beefy
2010Smiles TimesWith SprinklesBeefySchaffer the Darklord & Epic-1
2010For the GamersForever FamicomMega Ran & K-MurdockSchaffer the Darklord & Int 80
2010Sick SkillsCool Whip RecipesMC Cool WhipSchaffer the Darklord
2010We're All Gonna DieThe Fump, Vol. 23Insane IanSchaffer the Darklord, Kiki Canon, & Devo Spice
2010Fire & IceStalking to MyselfCasethejointSchaffer the Darklord
2011mc chris is BackRace Warsmc chrisSchaffer the Darklord & Jesse Dangerously
2011My Baby Left Me (For Skyrim)VPC 2011 CompilationKabuto the Python & BeakerSchaffer the Darklord
2011Here, You Can Have This BackTuesdayBenjamin BearSchaffer the Darklord & Betty Rebel
2011Publishing RightsUltimate Songs From the PitShael Riley & the Double Ice BackfireSchaffer the Darklord
2012Fire BlossumNerdapalooza 2012 MixtapeDJ Roborob & FriendsSchaffer the Darklord & My Parents Favorite Music
2012OppenheimerCity BeautifulAdam WarrockSchaffer the Darklord & Tribe One
2013GlassesHit FactoryCoolzeySchaffer the Darklord
2013Now HiringBlank PagesDr. AwkwardSchaffer the Darklord
2013The Kicked Ones, Pt. 2AlmightyKabuto the PythonSchaffer the Darklord
2013Guest ListAlmightyKabuto the PythonSchaffer the Darklord, Adam Warrock, Int80, Sayhi, Da Silky Slimz, Old Snake the CQC MC, Beefy, Whoremoans, The Scrub Club All-Stars, Navi, Mikal kHill, Sulfur, The Ranger, Billy the Fridge, Random, Jesse Dangerously, Wordburglar, & MC Frontalot
2013It's Raining DicksMan Dies Defecating a Drinking GameAfterbirth MonkeySchaffer the Darklord
2013Men BionicMen Bionic - SingleHopsSchaffer the Darklord
2013How You Die (On the Internet)Middle of NowhereAdam WarrockSchaffer the Darklord & int80
2013Mark & EugeneFree Tunes from Adamwarrock.comAdam WarrockSchaffer the Darklord
2014RequiemFriends & FandomsVince VandalSchaffer the Darklord
2014Sinking ShipThe Snuggle is REALMikal kHillSchaffer the Darklord
2014My GraveThe ValleyDemo DemonSchaffer the Darklord

Film & Television Credits[edit]

2008Nerdcore RisingHimself
2012Oddities (TV series)Himself"A Gurney for Grandpa" - Season 3 Episode 17 - Air Date: March 10
2013Oddities (TV series)Himself"Mutant Mascot" - Season 4 Episode 2 - Air Date: February 16