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USA Savoy disc of the 1940s

Savoy Records is an American record label specializing in jazz, black gospel, soul/R&B, and blues. Starting in the mid-1940s, Savoy played an important part in popularizing the jazz subgenre of bebop.


Savoy was founded in 1942 by Herman Lubinsky. The Newark, New Jersey label issued many of the important early bebop jazz albums. With the rise of rock and roll, Lubinsky concentrated more on African-American black gospel music, recording many groups of the 1950s and cementing Savoy's preeminence in the black gospel recording industry through its association with James Cleveland and his Gospel Music Workshop of America.

Savoy's artistic directors have included Buck Ram, Teddy Reig, Ralph Bass (1948‒1952), Fred Mendelsohn (1953), and Ozzie Cadena (1954‒1962, father of punk rock musician, Dez Cadena).

After Lubinsky's death in 1974, Clive Davis (then manager of Arista Records) acquired Savoy's catalog. The current owner of its jazz and blues material is Columbia Music Entertainment of Japan which operates in the US as Savoy Label Group (SLG). In 1986, Malaco Records acquired Savoy's black gospel titles and contracts.[1]

Many of the label's African-American artists begrudged label founder, Herman Lubinsky, feeling grossly underpaid for their work. Tiny Price, a journalist for the African-American newspaper, The Newark Herald News, said of Savoy and Lubinsky:

There's no doubt everybody hated Herman Lubinsky. If he messed with you, you were messed. At the same time, some of those people ‒ many of them Newark's top singers and musicians ‒ would never have been exposed to records if he didn't do what he did. Except for Lubinsky, all the hot little numbers, like Buddy Johnson's "Cherry" would have been lost. The man may have been hated, but he saved a lot of our history for us and for future generations.

[citation needed]

In the early 1960s, Savoy recorded a number of avant-garde jazz artists, giving them important early exposure. These included Paul Bley, Ed Curran, Bill Dixon, Marc Levin, Charles Moffett, Perry Robinson, Joseph Scianni, Archie Shepp, Sun Ra, Marzette Watts, and Valdo Williams.

As of 2012, the Savoy library is primarily controlled by Nippon Columbia, a Tokyo, Japan-based public company which purchased Savoy in 1991. Nippon Columbia's wholly owned subsidiary, Savoy Jazz, handles Savoy Records distribution in the United States.


The following are 12" LPs and have the prefix MG.

12000Parker, CharlieMemorial 1
12001Parker, CharlieImmortal Charlie Parker, The
12002Garner, ErrollPenthouse Serenade
12003Garner, ErrollSerenade To Laura
12004McPartland, MarianAt Storyville/At The Hickory House
12005McPartland, MarianLullaby Of Birdland
12006Clarke, KennyStrollin' (Telefunken Blues)
12007Clarke, Kenny & Ernie WilkinsSeptet
12008Garner, Erroll/Billy TaylorBack To Back
12009Parker, CharlieMemorial 1
12010Johnson, J.J. & Kai WindingJay And Kai
12011Navarro, FatsFats, Bud, Klook, Sonny, Kinney
12012Gordon, Dexter & Wardell GrayJazz Concert - West Coast
12013Hawkins, ColemanHawk Returns, The
12014Parker, CharlieGenius Of Parker
12015Bert, EddieMusician Of The Year
12016McPartland, Marian/George ShearingGreat Britain's Marian McPartland & George Shearing
12017Clarke, KennyBohemia After Dark
12018Adderley, CannonballPresenting Cannonball Adderley
12019Bert, EddieEncore
12020Gillespie, DizzyGroovin' High
12021Adderley, NatThat's Nat
12022Wess, FrankFlutes And Reeds
12023Jones, Hank, Marshall, Wendell, Clarke, KennyTrio, The
12024McKinley, RayBorderline
12025Raeburn, BoydMan With The Horns
12026McGhee, HowardWith Milt Jackson
12027Scott, JimmyVery Truly Yours
12028Mehegan, JohnReflections
12029(Various Artists)Montage
12030Clarke & BurkeJazz Young Blood
12031Smith, LaVergneNew Orleans Nightingale
12032Byrd, DonaldByrd's Word
12033Caiola, AlDeep In A Dream
12034Russell, Pee WeeJazz At Storyville 1
12035Davison, Wild BillAt Storyville
12036Jackson, MiltOpus de Jazz
12037Jones, HankQuartet-Quintet
12038Carey, Mutt & Punch MillerNew Orleans Jazz 1
12039Roland, JoeJoltin' Joe Roland
12040Raeburn, BoydBoyd Meets Stravinsky
12041(Various Artists)Jazz At Storyville 2
12042Jackson, MiltRoll 'Em Bags
12043(Various Artists)Jazz Keyboard, The
12044Wilkins, ErnieTop Brass
12045Jazz Composers WorkshopJazz Composers Workshop
12046Modern Jazz QuartetQuartet, The
12047Gillespie, DizzyChamp, The
12048Cohn, AlCohn's Tones
12049Mehegan, John & Eddie CostaPair Of Pianos, A
12050Carey, Mutt & Punch MillerNew Orleans Jazz 2
12051Cuozzo, MikeMighty Mike
12052Costa, JohnnyAmazing, The
12053Jones, Hank, Clarke, KennyTrio With Guests, The
12054Tjader, Cal/Don ElliotVibrations
12055Davison, Wild BillRingside At Condon's
12056Urso, PhilPhilosophy Of Urso, The
12057Caiola, AlSerenade In Blue
12058VerPlanck, MarleneI Think Of You
12059Jazz Composers WorkshopJazz Composers Workshop 2
12060(Various Artists)Singin' & Swingin'
12061Jackson, MiltMeet Milt Jackson
12062Gibbs, TerrySwing, Not Spring
12063Wilder, JoeWilder And Wilder
12064Mobley, HankThe Jazz Message of Hank Mobley
12065Clarke, KennyKlook's Clique
12066Brock, HerbieSolo
12067Stewart, SlamBowin' Singin' Slam
12068Young, LesterBlue Lester
12069Brock, HerbieBrock's Tops
12070Jackson, MiltThe Jazz Skyline
12071Young, LesterThe Master's Touch
12072Wess, FrankNorth, South, East...Wess
12073Herbert, MortNight People
12074Winding, KaiLoaded
12075Ball, RonnieAll About Ronnie
12076Mehegan, JohnHow I Play Jazz Piano
12077Wayne, ChuckGuitarist
12078Foster, FrankNo 'Count
12079Parker, CharlieStory
12080Jackson, MiltJackson's Ville
12081Wallington, GeorgeTrio
12082Coates, JohnnyPortrait
12083Clarke, KennyJazzmen: Detroit
12084Jones, HankHave You Met Hank Jones
12085Clarke, KennyOpus In Swing
12086Wess, FrankTrombones & Flute
12087Jones, HankQuartet
12088Norvo, RedMove!
12089Pepper, ArtSurfride
12090Pollack, BenDixieland (Pick-a-rib Boys)
12091Morgan, Lee & Hank MobleyIntroducing Lee Morgan
12092Mobley, HankJazz Message No. 2
12093Norvo, Red/George ShearingMidnight On Cloud 69
12094Smith, PaulBy The Fireside
12095Wess, FrankJazz For Playboys
12096Wilkins, ErnieTrumpets All Out
12097McPartland, MarianLookin' For A Boy
12098Auld, Georgie/Bobby SherwoodJumpin' Bands, The [NEVER ISSUED]
12099Byrd, CharlieJazz Recital
12100(Various Artists)I Just Love Jazz Piano (Pianos: Down & Out)
12101Ver Planck, BillyDancing Jazz
12102Wess, Frank & Herbie MannFlute Suite By A.K. Salim
12103Lateef, YusefJazz Mood
12104Hodeir, AndreEssais
12105Getz, StanLestorian Mode
12106Johnson, J.J.J. J. Johnson's Jazz Quintets
12107Mann, HerbieMann Alone
12108Mann, Herbie & Phil WoodsYardbird Suite
12109Lateef, YusefJazz for the Thinker
12110Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie Story
12111Reece, Dizzy/Tubby HayesChanging The Jazz At Buckingham Palace
12112(Various Artists)Jazz We Heard Last Summer
12113Hodeir, AndreParis Scene, The
12114Getz, StanOpus De Bop
12115Salim, A.K. & Yusef LateefStablemates
12116Byrd, CharlieBlues For Night People
12117Lateef, YusefPrayer to the East
12118Salim, A.K.Pretty For The People
12119(Various Artists)In The Beginning…Bebop!
12120Lateef, YusefJazz and the Sounds of Nature
12121Ver Planck, BillyJazz For Playgirls
12122Wallington, GeorgeJazz At Hotchikiss
12123Wess, FrankJazz Is Busting Out All Over!
12124Shihab, SahibJazz Shihab
12125(Various Artists)Many Faces Of Blues, The
12126(Various Artists)Jazz Hour, The
12127Harden, WilburMainstream 1958
12128Donaldson, BobbyDixieland Jazz Party
12129(Various Artists)Jazz Carousel, A [NEVER ISSUED]
12130Gordon, DexterDexter Rides Again
12131Harden, WilburJazz Way Out
12132Salim, A.K.Blues Suite
12133Navarro, FatsNostalgia
12134Harden, WilburPlays The King And I
12135(Various Artists)Gift Of Jazz
12136Harden, WilburTanganyika Strut
12137Gryce, GigiNica's Tempo
12138(Various Artists)Bird's Night
12139Lateef, YusefDreamer
12140Lateef, YusefThe Fabric of Jazz
12141Fuller, CurtisBlues-ette
12142Wess, FrankOpus The Blues
12143Fuller, CurtisThe Curtis Fuller Jazztet
12144Fuller, CurtisImagination
12145Jordan, Duke/Hall OvertonDo-It-Yourself Jazz
12146Gryce, GigiDo-It-Yourself Jazz
12147Payne, CecilPatterns Of Jazz
12148Red RodneyFiery
12150Scott, JimmyFabulous Jimmy Scott, The
12151Fuller, Curtis[NEVER ISSUED]
12152Parker, CharlieEvening At Home, An
12153Davis, MilesMiles Ahead [NEVER ISSUED]
12154Ervin, BookerCookin'
12155Young, LesterJazz Immortal Series 2
12156Rae, JohnnyOpus De Jazz 2
12157Argo, TonyJazz Argo
12158Pizzarelli, Bucky & Vinnie BurkeMusic Minus Many Men
12160Barron, BillTenor Stylings
12161Long, BarbaraVoice Of Barbara Long, The
12162Tatum, Art[NEVER ISSUED]
12163Barron, BillModern Windows
12164Fuller, CurtisImages of Curtis Fuller
12167Baltazar, Gabe[NEVER ISSUED]
12169Sun RaThe Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra
12170Hardman, Bill'"Saying Something
12171Blakey, ArtMidnight Session
12172New York Jazz EnsembleAdams Theme
12173Mathews, MatFour French Horns Plus Rhythm
12174Charles, TeddyVibe-rant
12175New York Jazz QuartetGone Native
12176(Various Artists)Giants Of Jazz, The
12177Robinson, PerryFunk Dumpling
12178Dixon, Bill & Archie SheppArchie Shepp – Bill Dixon Quartet
12179Parker, CharlieBird Returns
12180Brokensha, JackAnd Then I Said
12181Scott, JimmyIf You Only Knew
12182Bley, PaulPaul Bley
12183Barron, BillHot Line, The
12184Shepp, ArchieBill Dixon 7-tette/Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary 5
12185Scianni, JosephNew Concepts
12186Parker, CharlieNewly Discovered Sides
12187Hill, VinsonVinson Hill Trio
12188Williams, ValdoNew Advanced Jazz
12189Pozar, Robert F.Good Golly, Miss Nancy
12190Levin, MarcDragon Suite, The
12191Curran, EdElysa
12192Jeffrey, PaulElectrifying Sounds
12193Watts, MarzetteMarzette Watts Ensemble
12194Moffett, CharlesGift, The
12195Carn, DougDoug Carn Trio
12196(Various Artists)Jazz Concert West Coast
12197Cole, CozyConcerto For Cozy
12198Cain, Jackie & Roy Kral 
12199Johnson, PetePete's Blues
12200Kennedy, Charlie/Charlie VenturaCrazy Rhythms
12201Jenkins, John & Donald ByrdJazz Eyes
12202Ventura, CharlieEast Of Suez
12203Byas, DonFree And Easy
12204Gillespie, DizzyDizzy Gillespie, Milt Jackson, Joe Carroll
12205(Various Artists)South Pacific Jazz
12206Bright, RonnellBright's Spot
12207Pollack, Ben/Wingy ManoneDixieland Strut
12208(Various Artists)We Dig Dixieland Jazz
12209Fuller, CurtisJazz ...It's Magic!
12210Bagley, DonJazz On The Rocks
12211Adams, PepperCool Sound Of Pepper Adams, The
12212Ashby, DorothyJazz Harpist
12213(Various Artists)Dixieland Mainstream
12214Davison, Wild Bill/Bill StaffordDixieland
12215Pepper, Art & Sonny RedTwo Altos
12216Williams, JoeSings
12217(Various Artists)Singin' And Swingin'
12218Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGheeDown Home Blues
12219Bailey, MildredMildred Bailey
12220(Various Artists)Girls Sing, The
12300Scott, JimmyVery Truly Yours
12301Scott, JimmyFabulous Songs Of Jimmy Scott, The
12302Scott, JimmyFabulous Voice Of Jimmy Scott, The
12303Barron, BillMotivation
12305Ferrante, RockRock 'n Rhythm
13001Salim, A. K.Blues Suite
13002Harden, WilburPlays The King And I
13003Donaldson, BobbyDixieland Jazz Party
13004Harden, WilburJazz Way Out
13005Harden, WilburTanganyika Strut
13006Fuller, CurtisBlues-ette
13007Lateef, YusefDreamer
13008Lateef, YusefFabric Of Jazz, The
13009Wess, FrankOpus De Blues
13010Fuller, CurtisJazztet Feat. Benny Golson
13011Fuller, CurtisImagination
13012Pizzarelli, BuckyMidnite Mood
14002Brown, NappySings
14003Scott, JimmyIf You Only Knew
14004Price, SammyRock
14005Big MaybelleSings
14009(Various Artists)Angry Tenors
14010Cole, CozyConcerto For Cozy
14011Big MaybelleCandy
14012Turner, JoeAnd The Blues'll Make You Happy, Too!
14016Turner, JoeCareless Love
14018(Various Artists)House Rent Party
14019Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGheeBack Country Blues
14025Brown, NappyRight Time, The
14033Ammons, GeneGolden Saxophone
14041Bascomb, Dud[NEVER ISSUED]
14471Person, HoustonGospel Soul Of Houston Person, The
16000(Various Artists)Livin' With The Blues
16002Rolle, EstherGarden Of My Mind, The
16003Scott, JimmyCan't We Begin Again


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