Savage Mondo Blitzers

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Savage Mondo Blitzers were a line of miniature collectible toy figures on skateboards produced by Kenner in 1991 and sold in the United States, Italy, and Greece. They were about an inch tall. They came in sets of four skaters per pack, each set had a different gang, and each skater his own personality. There were 9 gangs released in the USA including a deluxe pack:

Although pictures of the following gangs appeared on the back of the packaging, they were never released in the USA:

These figures are very rare and can only be found in the Italian and Greek versions of the toys.

Foreign Versions

In Italy the toys were renamed 'Gli Skatenati.' In Greece; 'Skateboard Mania.' They were blind packaged with one in a pack as opposed to the four-packs seen in the USA. The unreleased figures seen in the 'Brains Not Included' and 'Puke Shooters Gang' packs were available only in these foreign lines.

Although having the same figure molds as the USA line, many of them were painted different colors than their USA counterparts. Gangs and characters were renamed to make more sense within the Greek or Italian language.

Sometimes when discussed on message boards and such, these figures are confused with Skateboard Smack-Ups figures from 1986.

One of the Savage Mondo Blitzers toys, Chow Hound, can be seen briefly in The Adventures of Pete & Pete episode "Nightcrawlers".