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George Carlin, the first person to host Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live (abbreviated as SNL) is a late-night sketch comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels. It premiered on NBC, a terrestrial television network, on October 11, 1975 under the title NBC's Saturday Night. The show often satirizes contemporary American popular culture and politics. Saturday Night Live features a two-tiered cast: the repertory members, also known as the "Not Ready for Prime-Time Players", and newer cast members, known as "Featured Players."

A typical episode of SNL will feature a single host, who delivers the opening monologue and performs in sketches with the cast, and a single musical guest, who will perform two or occasionally three musical numbers. George Carlin was first to host the show; Candice Bergen was the first female to host the show a few weeks later and again hosted only six weeks after that. Guests that have hosted five or more times are sometimes referred to as belonging to the Five-Timers Club, a term that originated on a sketch performed on Tom Hanks' fifth episode. Every so often a host or musical guest will fill both roles, such as was the case with Britney Spears in 2000 and 2002 and, most recently, Drake on January 18, 2014. With the exception of season seven and several other rare cases, the show has begun with a cold open that ends with someone breaking character and proclaiming "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!". The show frequently features a celebrity cameo.

List of Saturday Night Live hosts[edit]

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Saturday Night Live has featured a wide array of guests who have served as hosts and musical guests. George Carlin served as the show's first host in October 1975,[1] three episodes later, Candice Bergen became the first female host[2] and the first to host more than once.[3] As of September 24, 2011, actor Alec Baldwin holds the record for most times hosting, having performed the duty on sixteen different occasions since 1990; Baldwin took the record from actor Steve Martin who had hosted fifteen times since 1976.[4]

Several former cast members have returned to take on hosting duties. Original cast member Chevy Chase has hosted the most times, eight in total before being banned from hosting the show (for inappropriate and offensive behind-the-scenes comments and behavior) after his last appearance on February 15, 1997. Bill Murray follows behind, having hosted four times by February 20, 1999. On December 11, 1982, Eddie Murphy became the only person to host while still a member of the cast, filling the role at the last minute when the scheduled host (his 48 Hours co-star Nick Nolte) became ill.[5][6]

Musical guests can be solo acts or a bands, who perform two to three musical numbers. Occasionally, the musical guest has also simultaneously served as the host. Paul Simon was the first example, hosting and performing on the second episode on October 18, 1975. As of May 19, 2012, Dave Grohl is the most frequent musical guest, performing on eleven shows since 1992.[7]

In 1982, at age 7, Drew Barrymore became the youngest person to host the show. Actress Betty White is the oldest person to host, having done so at 88 years of age on May 8, 2010. [8] Concerned about White's age and possible fatigue, her episode had Tina Fey, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler on stand by to replace her; White went on to appear in every sketch.[9] In 2000, Singer Britney Spears became the youngest person to both host and simultaneously serve as the show's musical guest, at 18 years and 163 days old.[10]

Five-Timers Club[edit]

Alec Baldwin is both a member of the "Five Timers" club and has hosted the show the most times, 16 in total.

The Five-Timers Club is the group of performers who have hosted SNL at least five times. The club was first mentioned on the show on December 8, 1990.[11]

Tom Hanks was making his fifth appearance as host, and the milestone became the subject of a sketch:[12]

Believe it or not, this is the fifth Saturday Night Live I have been lucky enough to host. Now, the first time you do the show, you can't believe you're here. You just can't believe it. Your head buzzes with excitement. The second time you do the show, it means you were funny enough to be asked back - and you're pushing a movie. The third time you do the show, the second time didn't go so well, and you have something to prove to yourself. The fourth time you do the show, you're just blatantly pushing a movie. But the fifth time you do the show is the most special time of all, because you get this [holds up a card] ...a membership card in the Five-Timers Club. Come with me... [walks off the stage] I'm gonna give you a chance to look in on one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

After Hanks gave his monologue, the show segued to a sketch featuring Hanks, Steve Martin, Elliott Gould and Paul Simon in the richly appointed club. Martin and Gould were both five-time hosts; Simon had only appeared as a host of SNL three times, but counting his multiple appearances as a musical guest, was said to be a member of the club. Conan O'Brien, who at that time was a writer on SNL and not a well-known public figure, was the doorman of the Five-Timers Club in the original skit. Jon Lovitz cameos as a waiter; Ralph Nader appears as a former host trying to get into the Club.

The Five-Timers Club has been mentioned again after the mark was reached by hosts Danny DeVito (in 1993), Alec Baldwin (1994), John Goodman (1994), Christopher Walken (2001), Drew Barrymore (2007), Justin Timberlake (2013) and Ben Affleck (2013). Justin Timberlake's monologue from March 9, 2013 featured the reappearance of the Club. The sketch featured Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, and Candice Bergen. Cast members Dan Aykroyd (1975–1979) and Martin Short (1984–1985) also appeared as a bartender and a waiter, respectively. Future cast member Mike O'Brien made an appearance as the doorman. A similar sketch was part of Alec Baldwin's November 11, 2006 show. The sketch, featuring Baldwin and Steve Martin, took place in the "Platinum Lounge," which allowed only 12-time hosts, and forbade working cast members from entry. Short appeared as a waiter. Steve Martin was the fastest to join the Five-Timers club, hosting five times in only 546 days. Buck Henry is the only other member to join in less than four years, hosting five times in 671 days.

The following people are members of the Five-Timers Club.[13][14]

NameTotal appearances
as host
First appearanceFifth appearanceTime to reach clubMost recent appearance
Affleck, BenBen Affleck5February 19, 2000May 18, 201313 years, 88 daysMay 18, 2013
Baldwin, AlecAlec Baldwin16April 21, 1990December 10, 19944 years, 233 daysSeptember 24, 2011
Barrymore, DrewDrew Barrymore6November 20, 1982February 3, 200724 years, 75 daysOctober 10, 2009
Bergen, CandiceCandice Bergen5November 8, 1975May 19, 199014 years, 192 daysMay 19, 1990
Chase, ChevyChevy Chase8February 18, 1978December 6, 19868 years, 291 daysFebruary 15, 1997
DeVito, DannyDanny DeVito6May 15, 1982January 9, 199310 years, 239 daysDecember 10, 1999
Goodman, JohnJohn Goodman[15]13December 2, 1989May 7, 19944 years, 156 daysDecember 14, 2013
Gould, ElliottElliott Gould6January 10, 1976February 16, 19804 years, 37 daysNovember 15, 1980
Hanks, TomTom Hanks[16]8December 14, 1985December 8, 19904 years, 359 daysMay 6, 2006
Henry, BuckBuck Henry10January 17, 1976November 19, 19771 year, 306 daysMay 24, 1980
Martin, SteveSteve Martin[17]15October 23, 1976April 22, 19781 year, 181 daysJanuary 31, 2009
Murray, BillBill Murray5March 7, 1981February 20, 199917 years, 350 daysFebruary 20, 1999
Simon, PaulPaul Simon4[a][b]October 18, 1975May 10, 198610 years, 204 daysMay 14, 2011
Timberlake, JustinJustin Timberlake5[c]October 11, 2003March 9, 20139 years, 149 daysDecember 21, 2013
Walken, ChristopherChristopher Walken[18]7January 20, 1990May 19, 200111 years, 119 daysApril 5, 2008

a Simon has only guest-hosted four times but has been included in both Five-Timers Club sketches. His fifth appearance on the show was as a musical guest appearance.

b Out of his four appearances as host, Simon acted as both host and musical guest during one episode.

c Out of his five appearances as host, Timberlake acted as both host and musical guest during three episodes. During his most recent appearance on December 21, 2013, he was the musical guest while Jimmy Fallon hosted.

The Five-Timers Club has been referenced in other media since its creation in 1990. The entertainment channel E! placed it #22 on its list of SNL top moments.[19] The club was also referenced by Fox Sports as the basis behind the creation of the "Favre Backup Club" which seeks to be the "NFL's equivalent" to the Five-Timers Club.[20]

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