Sarcopenic obesity

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Sarcopenic obesity is a medical condition which is actually a mix of two different ailments. It is a situation wherein a person shows an increase in fat mass and a reduction in lean mass.

Etymology[edit source | edit]

The term is a mix of two different words- Sarcopenia and Obesity. "Sarcopenia" meaning loss of muscle and "Obesity" which is the increase in fat percentage.

Causes[edit source | edit]

The disease is caused due to a variety of reasons:

Symptoms[edit source | edit]

The symptoms are basically the same as that of sarcopenia and obesity. The individual may show a BMI that is appropriate and healthy to his or her age but will look fat in appearance.

Problem of Diagnosis[edit source | edit]

The problem of diagnosing a person with the condition is hard as there is no reference value for the appropriate lean mass. This is because healthy people tend to show variations in their composition due to their body types.

Cure[edit source | edit]

An appropriate weight training and weight loss program can help to improve the patient's condition.

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