Sand Island (Hawaii)

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CoordinatesCoordinates: 21°18′30″N 157°53′00″W / 21.30833°N 157.88333°W / 21.30833; -157.88333
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CoordinatesCoordinates: 21°18′30″N 157°53′00″W / 21.30833°N 157.88333°W / 21.30833; -157.88333

Sand Island, formerly known as Quarantine Island, is a small island within the city of Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. The island lies at the entrance to Honolulu Harbor.


It was known as Quarantine Island during the nineteenth century, when it was used to quarantine ships believed to carry contagious passengers.

During World War II, Sand Island was used as an Army internment camp to house Japanese Americans as well as expatriates from Germany, Italy, and other Axis countries living in Hawaii. The camp was closed in March 1943, and most of the internees moved to the Honouliuli Internment Camp.[1]

During the 1970s, over 100 homeless native Hawaiians cleaned up the garbage that filled the island, built homes and took up residence. In the early 1980s, 180 acres of the island were reclaimed by the State of Hawaii for industrial and recreational development. Those who had taken up residence were evicted without compensation.[2]

Geography and population[edit]

According to the United States Census Bureau the island has a land area of 203.78 ha (0.7868 sq mi, or 503.55 acres), and a population of 184 persons as of the 2000 census.[3]


Sand island climate is mild year round with very little seasonal difference in temperatures, however there is a very distinct difference between the wet and dry season. Summer high temperatures range from upper 80's to low 90's °F, with winter highs range from upper 70's to mid 80's °F. Precipitation is light year round, more so in the Summer. There is approximately 3,100 hours of sunshine annually.

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