Salaries of members of the United States Congress

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Historical information on the salaries that United States Congressmen have been paid:[1]

YearSalaryper diem/annumPercent


1789$6per diem
1795$6per diem only Representatives
$7per diem only Senators
1796$6per diem
1815$1,500per annum
1817$6per diem only Representatives
$7per diem only Senators
1818$8per diem
1855$3,000per annum
1865$5,000per annum
1871$7,500per annum
1874$5,000per annum
1907$7,500per annum
1925$10,000per annum
1932$9,000per annum
1933$8,500per annum
1934 (2/1)$9,000per annum
1934 (7/1)$9,500per annum
1935$10,000per annum
1947$12,500per annum
1955$22,500per annum
1965$30,000per annum
1969$42,500per annum
1975$44,600per annum
1977$57,500per annum
1979$60,662.50per annum
1982$69,800per annum only Representatives
1983$69,800per annum only Senators
1984$72,600per annum
1985$75,100per annum
1987 (1/1)$77,400per annum
1987 (2/4)$89,500per annum
1990 (2/1)$96,600per annum only Representatives
1990 (2/1)$98,400per annum only Senators
1991 (1/1)$125,100per annum only Representatives
1991 (1/1)$101,900per annum only Senators
1991 (8/14)$125,100per annum only Senators
1992$129,500per annum3.5%
1993$133,600per annum3.2%
1998$136,700per annum2.3%
2000$141,300per annum3.4%
2001$145,100per annum2.7%
2002$150,000per annum3.4%
2003$154,700per annum3.1%
2004$158,100per annum2.2%
2005$162,100per annum2.5%
2006$165,200per annum1.9%
2008$169,300per annum2.5%
2009-2014$174,000per annum2.8%

Additional pay schedule for Senate and House positions:


Vice President$233,000
Delegates to the House of Representatives$174,000
Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico$174,000
President pro tempore of the Senate$193,400
Majority leader and minority leader of the Senate$193,400
Majority leader and minority leader of the House of Representatives$193,400
Speaker of the House of Representatives$223,500

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