Saint Seiya Myth Cloth

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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth
MaterialsPlastic, Die-cast metal
Official website
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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth
MaterialsPlastic, Die-cast metal
Official website

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth (聖闘士聖衣神話 Seinto Seiya Kurosu Maisu?) is a popular toy-line from Bandai based on the Saint Seiya franchise, originated by Masami Kurumada's manga . The title of the merchandise is also known as 'Saint Myth Cloth', Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Legend, but the general consensus usually refer to the aforementioned title. It was originally intended to release 'only' the 5 Bronze Saints to commemorate the series 12th anniversary and for the anticipated Hades Arc OVA in the year 2003. (Hades — Chapter Sanctuary, 2003)

Since its introduction in 2003, the line-up has spawn to mostly all the characters in the Saint Seiya universe and has gain mostly positive reviews from old and new collectors as well as fans. Aside from normal releases, limited editions, and characters from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas(of this series have been produced, however, only two characters). The figure(s) having a vast improvement over the '80s vintage figures, introduces better articulation and is capable of posing and revoking some of the action portrayed by the characters in the animation; and the high detailed molding and sculpting produce a highly detailed resemblance of the characters seen in the animation as well. Due to all the new technology and high end approach in molding and sculpting, Saint Cloth Myth figures are costly compared to its predecessor but that does not stop its success and demand. Like most of Bandai's merchandise, the line-up is mainly targeted towards a mature and male demographic, but there are also female fans who collect them as well. Sales and demand has surpassed their predecessors and is still growing strong.

In 2007, Bandai released a 'side' line-up called Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Appendix. The line-up is focused on half size bust of the characters, characters in their casual outfits, and Pandora boxes for the cloths. Due to the higher detailed and enhanced sculpting for the specific line-up, it is intended to either display it as a half bust size figure or you can change/swap the head and cloth parts with existing Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Legend figures to enhance their aesthetics.

On May 2011 Bandai announced the expansion of a whole new line-up from the Myth Cloth series - Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX & Saint Seiya Cloth Crown. A renovation of the figures for a better mobility and articulation whilst in their cloths too! Both line-up are larger in size, with Crown having the most substantial size difference scaling 12" (30cm) tall! Special effects are included (sold separately) as well as different facial expressions of the characters. Myth Cloth figure(s) aren't just about posing anymore!

During the Tamashii Nations Summer Collection 2014 held in May, Bandai announced to further expand the Myth Cloth line by introducing a new line-up called Saint Myth Cloth Legend. It follows the Myth Cloth line up but will only be focused on characters seen in the 2014 Toei Animation CG animated Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary movie. Though the movie carnation of Sagittarius Aiolos and Pegasus Seiya was first to be revealed, the movie version of Gemini Saga is to be the first one to be release in this line.


NumberFigureRelease Date
01Pegasus Seiya (Revived Bronze Cloth)2003.12
02Dragon Shiryū (Revived Bronze Cloth)2003.12
03Cygnus Hyōga (Revived Bronze Cloth)2004.01
04Andromeda Shun (Revived Bronze Cloth)2004.02
05Phoenix Ikki (Revived Bronze Cloth)2004.03
06Gold Saint Leo Aiolia2004.04
07Gold Saint Aquarius Camus2004.06
08Gold Saint Virgo Shaka2004.08
09Gold Saint Sagittarius Aiolos2004.10
10Gold Saint Capricorn Shura2004.12
11Wyvern Rhadamanthys2005.01
12Gold Saint Libra Dohko2005.02
13Pegasus Seiya (Final Bronze Cloth)2005.03
14Gold Saint Cancer Deathmask2005.04
15Gold Saint Aries Mu2005.06
16Gold Saint Scorpion Milo2005.08
17Dragon Shiryū (Final Bronze Cloth)2005.09
18Gold Saint Taurus Aldebaran2005.10
19Bronze Saint Hydra Ichi2005.11
20Bronze Saint Unicorn Jabu2005.11
21Gold Saint Gemini Saga2005.12
22Gold Saint Pisces Aphrodite2006.02
23Cygnus Hyōga (Final Bronze Cloth)2006.03
24Bronze Saint Wolf Nachi2006.04
25Bronze Saint Lionet Ban2006.04
26Garuda Aiacos2006.05
27Silver Saint Lyra Orphée2006.06
28Andromeda Shun (Final Bronze Cloth)2006.08
29Dubhe Alpha Siegfried2006.09
30Bronze Saint Bear Geki2006.10
31Griffon Minos2006.11
32Kraken Isaac2006.12
33Sea Dragon Kanon2007.02
34Phoenix Ikki (Final Bronze Cloth)2007.03
35Aries Shion (Surplice)2007.06
36Siren Sorrento2007.08
37Mizar Zeta Syd2007.09
38Chrysaor Krishna2007.10
39Merak Beta Hägen2007.12
40Sea Horse Baian2008.01
41God of Death Thanatos2008.03
42Benetnasch Eta Mime2008.04
43Scylla Io2008.05
44Pegasus Seiya (God Cloth)2008.06
45Lyumnades Casa2008.08
46God of Sea Poseidon -Normal VER.-2008.09
47Alioth Epsilon Fenrir2008.11
48God of Death Hypnos2008.12
49Capricorn Shura (Surplice)2009.02
50Aquarius Camus (Surplice)2009.02
51Gemini Saga (Surplice)2009.03
52Megrez Delta Alberich2009.06
53Andromeda Shun (God Cloth)2009.07
54Pegasus Tenma2009.08
55Phecda Gamma Thor2009.09
56Bennu Kagaho2009.11
57Odin Robe Seiya2009.12
58Cancer Deathmask (Surplice)2010.01
59Alcor Zeta Bud2010.01
60Silver Saint Perseus Algol2010.02
61Dragon Shiryū (God Cloth)2010.03
62Silver Saint Lizard Misty2010.05
63Bronze Saint Pegasus Seiya2010.06
64Cygnus Hyōga (God Cloth)2010.07
65Bronze Saint Andromeda Shun2010.08
66Pisces Aphrodite (Surplice)2010.09
67Bronze Saint Cygnus Hyōga2010.10
68Bronze Saint Dragon Shiryū2010.11
69Phoenix Ikki (God Cloth)2010.12
70God of the Underworld Hades2011.03
71Black Saint Phoenix2011.04
72Bronze Saint Phoenix Ikki2011.06
73Ophiuchus Shaina2011.11
74Harpy Valentine2012.02
75Eagle Marin2012.05
76Mermaid Thetis2013.06
77Pegasus Seiya (God Cloth) 10th Anniversary Edition2013.09
78Dragon Shiryu (God Cloth) 10th Anniversary Edition2013.10
79Cygnus Hyoga (God Cloth) 10th Anniversary Edition2013.11
80Pegasus Koga (Revived Bronze Cloth)2013.11
81Goddess Athena Cloth2013.12
82Andromeda Shun (God Cloth) 10th Anniversary Edition2014.01
83Orion Eden (Revived Bronze Cloth)2014.01
84Phoenix Ikki (God Cloth) 10th Anniversary Edition2014.02
85Sagittarius Seiya (Omega Ver.)2014.06
86Lionet Souma (Revived Bronze Cloth)20XX.XX
87Dragon Ryuhou (Revived Bronze Cloth)20XX.XX
88Andromeda Shun (Omega Ver.)20XX.XX
89Sagitta Ptomely20XX.XX
90Balron Rune20XX.XX

Line-up Specials[edit]

NumberFigureRelease DateRemarks
015 Bronze Saints (Revived Bronze Cloth) Pack2007.12A package that includes all the 5 Bronze Saints in their revived Bronze Cloth. With the improved figure 'body' and Shiryū's cloth color changed to glossy green as seen in the animation and like the Final Bronze Cloth figure. The previous release of Shiryū's (Revived Bronze Cloth) cloth was too green and did not match the one portrayed in the animation. 5 display stands are also included in this package, and heads are changeable with the Final Bronze figures as well. (Sold Separately)
02Pegasus Seiya (Final Bronze Cloth) -24K[citation needed] Gold VER.-2008.03Due to the line-up reaching the 3 million pieces mark in sales, Bandai launched a 24K[citation needed] Gold figure of Pegasus Seiya (Only the die-cast cloth) to commemorate the overall success.
03God of Sea Poseidon ~ROYAL ORNAMENT EDITION~2008.09Two different versions were released at the same time, a normal version of Poseidon which has blue hair and cloth seen in the animation. The other called 'Royal Ornament Edition' has a lot more accessories; (e.g. throne, robe, etc.) and the major difference is the hair color which is yellow and the cloth has a different color compared to the normal pack as portrayed in the manga.
04Ophiuchus Shaina & Cassios2011.11Comes with both Shaina and Cassios (Cassios is a non-movable figure)

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Legend Exclusive Display Stands[edit]

NumberFigureRelease DateRemarks
01Exclusive Display Stand2006.07First ever release of a display stand for the figures that comes in white
02Exclusive Display Stand B2007.07Second release of the display stand in black
03Exclusive Display Stand C2009.04Third release of the display stand in transparent blue
04DX Display Stage Set2013.12To commemorate Myth Cloth's 10th Anniversary, different stands compared to previous release and can be used with Myth Cloth EX figures

Campaign Exclusive[edit]

NumberFigureRelease DateRemarks
01Grand Pope Shion2005.10
03Hades Shun2007.09
04Saori Kido2009.13
05Polaris Hilda2010.02
06Grand Pope Shion -2010 Ver.-2010.12A newer version from the 2005 release. Literally a combined version of the 2005 release and the Tamashii Nation 2008 limited version of Shion & Grand Pope package. (excluding Aries Surplus Cloth)
07Sagittarius Cloth (Galaxy Battle VER.)2011.03Comes with Ikki's face as depicted in the series
08Pegasus Seiya Bronze Cloth ~Limited Gold Pegasus~2011.11Limited release of gold Pegasus Seiya in his Bronze Cloth bundled with the PlayStation 3 game - Saint Seiya Senki.

Japanese Magazine Exclusive[edit]

NumberFigureRelease DateRemarks
01Crystal Saint2007.08From the magazine Figure Ou campaign exclusive
02Pegasus Seiya (Revived Bronze Cloth) ~Broken Version~2009.04Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Legend Chronicle Magazine Limited sales special campaign exclusive

Tamashii Nation Event & Festival Event (aka - FES) Exclusive[edit]

NumberFigureRelease DateRemarks
01Aries Shion (Surplus) & Grand Pope Pack2008.03Tamashii Nation 2008 Limited Edition. A same version was sold during the 2008 Tamashii at Asia.
02Exclusive Display Stand D2009.03Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn exclusive item. Fourth release of the display stand in transparent orange
03Pegasus Seiya (Final Bronze Cloth) ~Original Color Edition~2009.11Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn exclusive item
04Phoenix Ikki (Final Bronze Cloth) ~Original Color Edition~2010.08Tamashii Festival 2010 exclusive item
05Cygnus Hyōga (Final Bronze Cloth) ~Original Color Edition~2010.10Tamashii Nation 2010 exclusive item
06Pegasus Seiya (Revived Bronze Cloth/Broken Ver.) & Saori Kido ~Original Color Edition~2011.022011 Tamashii Feature Volume 2 exclusive item
07Andromeda Shun (Final Bronze Cloth) ~Original Color Edition~2011.022011 Tamashii Feature Volume 2 exclusive item
08Dragon Shiryu (Final Bronze Cloth) ~Original Color Edition~2011.11Tamashii Nation 2011 Limited Edition

Tamashii Japanese Web Store Exclusive[edit]

NumberFigureRelease DateRemarks
01Pegasus Seiya (God Cloth) ~Original Color Edition~2009.04
02Andromeda Shun (God Cloth) ~Original Color Edition~2010.03
03Dragon Shiryū (God Cloth) ~Original Color Edition~2010.09
04Cygnus Hyōga (God Cloth) ~Original Color Edition~2011.02
05Black Saint Pegasus & Andromeda2011.04A combo pack of the two; And two exclusive faces of both Seiya and Shun that can be used with the Saint Seiya Myth Cloth figure's
06Black Saint Dragon & Cygnus2011.06A combo pack of the two; And two exclusive faces of both Shiryū and Hyōga that can be used with the Saint Seiya Myth Cloth figure's
07Steel Saint Sky Cloth 'Toucan' Sho2011.07
08Steel Saint Marine Cloth 'Sword Fish' Ushio2011.07
08Steel Saint Land Cloth 'Fox' Daichi2011.07
09Phoenix Ikki (God Cloth) ~ Original Color Edition~2011.11
10Perseus Algol (Surplice)2012.08Silver Saint Perseus Algol in his Surplice Cloth as depicted in the Hades OVA
11Chameleon June2013.06
12Papillon Myu2013.09
13Lizard Misty (Surplice)2014.08Silver Saint Lizard Misty in his Surplice Cloth as depicted in the Hades OVA
14God of the Underworld Hades ~Original Color Edition~2014.09
15Sphinx Pharaoh2014.11
16Acheron Charon2015.02

Toei Limited Exclusive[edit]

NumberFigureRelease DateRemarks
01Pegasus Seiya (Revived Bronze Cloth ) - Power of Gold2010.05
02Dragon Shiryū (Revived Bronze Cloth) - Power of Gold2010.09
03Cygnus Hyōga (Revived Bronze Cloth) - Power of Gold2010.11
04Andromeda Shun (Revived Bronze Cloth) - Power of Gold2011.03
05Phoenix Ikki (Revived Bronze Cloth) - Power of Gold2011.07
06Display Stand - Power of Gold2011.11
07Dragon Shiryu Bronze Cloth ~Limited Gold Dragon~2012.06
08Cygnus Hyoga Bronze Cloth ~Limited Gold Cygnus~2013.02
09Andromeda Shun Bronze Cloth ~Limited Gold Andromeda~2013.05
10Phoenix Ikki Bronze Cloth ~Limited Gold Phoenix~2013.10

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