Saint John Harbour

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Saint John Harbour around 1898
Overview Map of Saint John Harbour, 1894.

Saint John Harbour is a large natural harbour on the Atlantic coast of New Brunswick, Canada, located in the city of Saint John, New Brunswick.

Harbour description[edit]

The harbour includes the following geographic areas:


The harbour is home to several small islands including:

A buoy off the coast of Partridge Island, in 1905


There are two large suspension bridges crossing The Narrows:

Port facilities[edit]

The harbour is managed by the Port of Saint John.


Saint John Harbour has long been polluted as a result of two centuries of direct raw sewage discharge into its waters. The harbour's deep water, tidal dispersal of surface wastes and the population of Saint John resulted in the harbour's presenting few health concerns until the late 20th century when sewage build-up caused the shut-down of all harbour beaches.



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Coordinates: 47°47′46″N 66°01′50″W / 47.7961°N 66.0306°W / 47.7961; -66.0306 (Saint John Harbour)