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The Sacramento Theatre Company.
Main Stage.

The Sacramento Theatre Company is a Regional Professional Theatre in the Northern California city of Sacramento.


The theater was originally formed as the Sacramento Civic Repertory Theatre in 1942, an ad hoc troupe formed to entertain locally stationed troops during World War II.Realizing success on a tour of local military bases, the Sacramento Civic Repertory Theatre aspired to a theater of its own and on October 18, 1949 it achieved that goal with the opening of the Eaglet Theatre, named in honor of the Eagle, a Gold Rush-era theater, built largely of canvas, that had stood on the city's riverfront in the 1850s. As a "little theater," as community theaters of the time were often called, the SCRT's home was considered a little Eagle. The theater benefited from the patronage of newspaper executive and heiress Eleanor McClatchy, an enthusiastic theater supporter. It was also, briefly, the creative home of aspiring actor Tom Hanks.

The Eaglet became the Mainstage of the nonprofit Sacramento Theatre Company, which evolved from community theater to professional troupe in the 1980s. Now staging plays in two performances spaces, it is the oldest professional theater in Sacramento. STC, as it is known, has been instrumental in the careers of such regional theater professionals as playwright Richard Hellesen and director Tim Ocel.

STC-2 is the Young Professionals Conservatory founded in 2003 for actors ages 12–20. Saffron Henke, and associate artist of STC, directed the company for the first four years and directed several plays including A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tale.


After decades of use the old Sacramento Theatre Company Main Stage was renovated in the H Street Theatre Project. New features included expanded and modernized lobby and a cabaret area for special performances. The Main Stage received a make over with expanded new dressing rooms and new larger laundry facility.


Sacramento Theater can accommodate 300 patrons in the proscenium auditorium of its Mainstage Theater, while the Polik Theatre offers a more intimate experience with only 85 seats in a black box theatre. Both provide good acoustics and sightlines. This Equity-based theatre presents 6-7 full productions per season with a reputation for excellent stage adaptations of classic literature (To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice And Men and A Little Princess).


The Sacramento Theatre Company complex consists of four theaters and one rehearsal space.

Mainstage: Approximately 300 seats. Six shows are performed in this theatre per year.

Pollock Theater: 85 seat blackbox theatre used by the Sacramento Theatre Company. Five shows are performed here per year.

Cabaret Stage: A platform stage located in the Mainstage lobby which is used about three times per year for professional performances.

Wells Fargo Pavilion: Sacramento Theatre Company does not use this space. This space is used by Music Circus during summer.

Sacramento Theatre Company does have a loft space which is used for rehearsal purposes. (The Mainstage and Pollock lobbies are also used as rehearsal spaces.)

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