St. Xavier's Alumni Association

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St. Xavier's Alumni Association
MottoFor God And Country
TypeAlumni association
HeadquartersPatna, India
PresidentJustice Samarendra Pratap Singh
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St. Xavier's Alumni Association
MottoFor God And Country
TypeAlumni association
HeadquartersPatna, India
PresidentJustice Samarendra Pratap Singh

St. Xavier's Alumni Association (SXAA) is an alumni organization for former students of the St. Xavier's High School, Patna in Patna, India. It was founded in 1947 by the graduating class of that year and is still around today. It is India's one of the oldest alumni associations,[1] which has over 3,500 members.[2] SXAA is an active member of the Jesuit Alumni Association of India (JAAI).[3]


In 1947, Fr. Edward Niesen and Fr. J.P. Wroblewski proposd forming an Alumni Association for the outgoing students of St. Xavier's. Fr. Cleary, Fr. Watling and Fr. Wilzbacher sponsored an Annual issue of 'Alumunus', a slim publication that carried extensive articles, poems and other creative inputs from outgoing alumni. Yearly alumni reunions began.

Later, the Micheal's and Xavier's Alumni Association (MAXAA) was formed under the presidency of Ranjit Sinha. However, the two bodies separated, and the SXAA stood on its own again. After Ranjit Sinha's death the association instituted the Distinguished Xaverian Award to keep his memory alive and conferred the first award on him posthumously. Alumni moderators like Fr. Faulstich, Fr. Drinane and Fr. Chandy with extensive support from Fr. Reinboth have continued the association.

The presidents who succeeded Ranjit Sinha have been: Dr. A.K. Gupta, Prof. K.V. Srinivasan, Balram Das, Prof. S.D. Singh, Satish Anand, Rajiv Ranjan, Subhash Anand, Satyapal Dutta, Vijay Kochar, Vijay Sharma, Arun Prasad, J.K.Sinha, R.N.Sahaya and Justice Samarendra Pratap Singh.


The association enables old students remain connected and active. An annual reunion takes place just before Christmas every year.[4][5] Over 500 old boys of the school gather from across the country.

The association also organizes poolside parties for the Patna-based alumni. Besides, it also organizes the reunion of golden and silver jubilee batches every year.[6] It organizes various welfare activities for them, with career counseling by the alumni being one of them.[7] The association also organizes a blood donation camp annually. SXAA also conducts a free health check-up of the school students by doctors who are Xavier pass outs. Through such interactions, the alumni tries to convey to the younger lot the proud legacy of the school. Some of the alumni also offer sports training to the current students. The alumni association also funds various school projects.

It contributed to the development of English and Computer labs of the school. It also finances a few poor students of the school, besides giving prizes worth INR15,000 annually to toppers of various subjects.[2][8]


Postal stamp[edit]

On 24 February 2007, the Diamond Jubilee celebration of SXAA was organised in the school campus. On this day, Ramkrishnan Suryabhan Gavai, Governor of Bihar, released the special envelope designed by R.S. Gandhi, Pradip Jain and Dr. Pradip Sarkar (Xaverian). It has a postal stamp of INR5 with a photograph of St. Xavier's Building.

VIth National Congress of JAAI[edit]

VIth National Congress of JAAI (Jesuit Alumni Association of India) was hosted by SXAA and held in St. Xavier's School, Patna from 4th to 6th Feb 2011.[9][10][11][12] The theme for the Congress was "Public - Private Partnership for better Education"[10][11][13]

Office bearers[edit]


ModeratorFr. Jose Elampassery, SJ
PresidentJustice Samarendra Pratap Singh1971
SecretaryDr. Amulya K. Singh1980
Vice - PresidentDr. Sandeep Sen1974
Vice - PresidentMr. Mohit Ahluwalia1979
TreasurerDr. Anshul Sinha1990
Joint - SecretaryMr. Neel Mani Rangesh1993
Joint - SecretaryMr. Y. P. Dubey1988
Joint - SecretaryMr. Om Prakash1993
Joint - SecretaryDr. Ashutosh Kumar1985

Patna Old Boys Network[edit]

Two prominent Patna School's Alumni, St. Xavier's Alumni Association (SXAA) and St. Michael's Alumni Association (SMAA), the alumni association of St. Michael's (a sister school of St. Xavier's), together form the Patna Old Boys Network.[15]

Notable members[edit]

Notable alumni[edit]

Abhayanand, 48th D.G.P of the state of Bihar and famous educationalist

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