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SSAFA (pronounced SA-FA), formerly known as SSAFA Forces Help, is a British based charitable organization set up to help former and serving members of the United Kingdom British Armed Forces and their families or dependants. To be eligible for their assistance all that is required is one day's paid work for any of the United Kingdom's armed forces.


The Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association was founded in 1885 by James Gildea. It later, in 1919, became a charity which was called the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association (SSAFA) after the establishment of the Royal Air Force in 1918. SSAFA Forces Help was established in 1997 when two charities, the "Forces Help Society", and "SSAFA", merged. On 10 April 2013, the charity's name changed to SSAFA as part of a rebrand aimed at improving awareness of the organisation's work amongst members of the Forces community.[1]


The objects for which the Association is established and incorporated are to relieve the need, suffering and distress of the following persons:

With the money raised, SSAFA can offer a range of support services:

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