Sekai no Owari

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Sekai no Owari
Native name世界の終わり
Also known asセカオワ (SekaOwa)
End of the World
OriginTokyo, Japan
GenresJ-pop, indie pop, pop rock, alternative rock
Years active2007–present
LabelsLastrum (2009–2010)
Toy's Factory (2011–present)
MembersSatoshi Fukase
Saori Fujisaki
Shinichi Nakajima
DJ Love
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Sekai no Owari
Native name世界の終わり
Also known asセカオワ (SekaOwa)
End of the World
OriginTokyo, Japan
GenresJ-pop, indie pop, pop rock, alternative rock
Years active2007–present
LabelsLastrum (2009–2010)
Toy's Factory (2011–present)
MembersSatoshi Fukase
Saori Fujisaki
Shinichi Nakajima
DJ Love

Sekai no Owari (世界の終わり?, stylized as SEKAI NO OWARI and sometimes known in English-speaking countries as End of the World) is a Japanese rock band formed in Tokyo in 2007. The band consists of four members: Satoshi Fukase, Saori Fujisaki, Shinichi "Nakajin" Nakajima, and DJ Love.



Starting out as an indie band, Sekai no Owari performed their first live concert at Club Earth with 15 people attending.[1] The band self-produced their first demo, Sekai no Owari, with a limited edition of 1,000 copies. Satoshi Fukase, vocalist, named the band Sekai no Owari because "Once you've experienced the bottom (the negative side of your life), you have to find a way to go up (the positive side). So I named my band End of the World to create the strength [I needed] through the music."[1]


Sekai no Owari started to become popular in the Japanese indie rock scene in 2010. Their debut limited single, "Maboroshi no Inochi", was released in February . Their single, "Earth", was released in April. In November, their second single, "Tenshi to Akuma / Fantasy", was released and became the theme song of a Japanese network TV program.[citation needed]


Sekai no Owari signed on with one the Japanese major record label Toy's Factory, and released triple-leaded-single Inori in August. Three months after their debut, Sekai no Owari performed a solo concert at the Nippon Budokan. The tickets for this show sold out. In August, Sekai no Owari announced that they would be holding a nationwide tour called Sekai no Owari Tour 2011.[2][dead link] In November, the band released another single called Starlight Parade, which became the campaign song for the NHK national radio network.[3][dead link][4]


Sekai no Owari held a hall tour, Entertainment, starting in late-July.[5] Their first radio program, titled Sekaowalocks! started in April on Tokyo FM. In November, their album Entertainment, was awarded Best Album for the Japan Record Award.


Sekai no Owari held their first arena tour, starting in January.[6] On January 27th, they took under the name End of the World as they held their first concert overseas at the MIDEM Live Nation Night in Cannes, France. At this event, they signed with Live Nation Entertainment and started creating music under the name End Of The World[7] They also took part in many music festivals, including Kawaii!! Matsuri, Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival 2013, Join Alive 2013, and Ongaku to Higetachi 2013-Carnival. They have also announced that they will have an event in October by themselves at the Fuji-Q Highland theme park.[citation needed]

For the first time, Fukase worked outside of Sekai no Owari and participated in a collaboration with live tune(kz) for "Take Your Way."[8]


NameDate of birthPositionrelationship
Satoshi FukaseOctober 13, 1985Lead vocalist, Guitar, Former leaderTakemura Kiriko
Saori FujisakiAugust 13, 1986Piano
Shinichi "Nakajin" NakajimaOctober 22, 1985Guitar, Leader
LoveAugust 23, 1985DJ



Release dateTitleTracksPeak chart position[9]First week salesTotal sales
February 10, 2010幻の命 (Maboroshi no Inochi)1. 幻の命 (Maboroshi no Inochi)
2. インスタントラジオ (Instant Radio)
3. 白昼の夢 (Hakuchū no Yume)
November 3, 2010天使と悪魔/ファンタジー (Tenshi to Akuma/Fantasy)1. 天使と悪魔 (Tenshi to Akuma)
2. ファンタジー (Fantasy)
August 17, 2011Inori1. 花鳥風月 (Kachō Fūgetsu)
2. 不死鳥 (Fushichō)
3. Never Ending World
November 23, 2011スターライトパレード (Starlight Parade)1. スターライトパレード (Starlight Parade)
2. yume
May 30, 2012眠り姫 (Nemuri Hime)1. 眠り姫 (Nemuri Hime)
2. 生物学的幻想曲 (Seibutsu-teki Gensōkyoku)
3. インスタントラジオ – 2011.11.22 at 日本武道館 - (Instant Radio 2011.11.22 at Budokan)
April 5, 2013RPG1. RPG
2. アースチャイルド(Earth Child)
3. スターライトパレード -CAN’T SLEEP FANTASY NIGHT Version- (Starlight Parade -CAN’T SLEEP FANTASY NIGHT Version-)
4. broken bone (Hidden Track)
January 22, 2014スノーマジックファンタジー (Snow Magic Fantasy)1. スノーマジックファンタジー (Snow Magic Fantasy)
2. 銀河街の悪夢 (Gingagai no Akuma)
3. Death Disco (Instrumental)


Release dateTitleTracksAlbum detailsPeak chart position[10]First week salesTotal sales
2009Sekai no Owari1. 幻の命 (Maboroshi no Inochi)
2. 虹色の戦争 (Niji'iro no Sensō)
3 .死の魔法 (Shi no Mahō)
4. 青い太陽 (Aoi Taiyō)
April 7, 2011Earth1. 幻の命 (Maboroshi no Inochi)
2. 虹色の戦争 (Niji'iro no Sensō)
3. インスタントラジオ (Instant Radio)
4. 青い太陽 (Aoi Taiyō)
5. 死の魔法 (Shi no Mahō)
6. 世界平和 (Sekai Heiwa)
7. 白昼の夢 (Hakuchū no Yume)
July 18, 2012Entertainment1. The Entrance
2. スターライトパレード (Starlight Parade)
3. ファンタジー (Fantasy)
4. illusion
5. 不死鳥 (Fushichō)
6. 天使と悪魔 (Tenshi to Akuma)
7. Love the warz
8. Never Ending World
9. 生物学的幻想曲 (Seibutsu-teki Gensōkyoku)
11. yume
12. 花鳥風月 (Kachō Fūgetsu)
13. 炎の戦士 (Honō no Senshi)
14. Fight Music
15. 眠り姫 (Nemuri Hime)
16. 深い森 (Fukai Mori)


Release dateTitleTracksPeak chart positionTotal Sales
June 15, 20112010.12.23 Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall1. ファンタジー (Fantasy)
2. 虹色の戦争 (Niji'iro no Sensō)
3. 世界平和 (Sekai Heiwa)
4. 白昼の夢 (Hakuchū no Yume)
5. 天使と悪魔 (Tenshi to Akuma)
6. 死の魔法 (Shi no Mahō)
7. 幻の命 (Maboroshi no Inochi)
8. 青い太陽 (Aoi Taiyō)
9. インスタントラジオ+スペシャルオフショット (Instant Radio + Special Off-shot)
16 [11]
July 17, 2013Arena Tour 2013 Entertainment1. スターライトパレード
2. 虹色の戦争
3. ファンタジー
5. 死の魔法
6. 不死鳥
7. 花鳥風月
8. 生物学的幻想曲
9. illusion
11. 青い太陽
12. 世界平和
13. Love the warz
14. Never Ending World
15. 幻の命
16. 眠り姫
17. yume
18. 深い森 アンコール
19. Fight Music
20. RPG
21. インスタントラジオ



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