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Rufus Taft Hussey (12 March 1919 – 24 February 1994) grew up in Randolph County, North Carolina. He was known as an expert marksman with a slingshot (also referred to as a beanshooter).[1] In 1972, Rufus began selling and giving away beanshooters to preserve the dying art of the beanshooter. His beanshooters were sequentially numbered by a serial number.[1]

Rufus was well known in his home county and saw his big break on the national scene when he was invited to appear on the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Rufus appeared on the episode that aired on January 23, 1986.[citation needed] Rufus was on the air for almost 10 minutes with Carson, where he talked about beanshooters, displayed his considerable skill, and even shot an object out of Johnny's hand.

Rufus Hussey has been called a "Slingshot Expert" [2] and "the World's Most Accurate Slingshot Assassin."[3]


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